7 MAY 1831, Page 17


Tuts lady's concert, yesterday morning, was attended by a very crowded audience. Her-performance of anew concerto by klumum., in A b, was excellent, and much applauded ; though the piece did not strike us as being nearly equal to some of the author's other compositions of the Same kind: She also played one of the brilliant inanities of HERZ, in such a way as to make us regret the talent wasted on so trifling a sub- ject. Miss INYERARITY sang the famous scena in the Freisckiitz, " Be- fore my eyes beheld him," with much splendour of voice and execution. This young lady promises to be as great in the concert-room as she is already on the stage. The Cantata by M. NEUKOMM entitled " Napo- leon's Midnight Review," which had been performed at Mr. Mos- CIIEI.Es's concert, and was now repeated with increased effect, is one of that class of compositions which we may at once rank among the highest efforts of genius. The very first bar, changing from the common chord of I) minor to that of F major, at once elevates the mind to a heigi it from which, during the entire movement, it never for a moment feels inclined to stoop. We cannot now offer any analysis of this noble composition ; but we would notice two or three effects which appeared very striking and original. The first was the descriptive passage at the words "And at the midnight hour the Chieftain leaves his grave." Then the march constructed upon the vocal melody beginning with " The ranks salute their silent lord," succeeded by the appalling energy of the line, " France, 'tis their watchword." And lastly, the return to the original subject towards the conclusion, the effect of which is indescribably solemn and affecting. The instrumentation was such as we might expect from a pupil of HAYDN, who has lived in the time of WEBER and SPOHM. Mr. PARRY'S performance of this ex- tremely difficult composition is deserving of high commendation.: he did not merely get through the notes, but attempted to express the author's meaning, and in many respects was very successful : where he did fail, as in passages demanding uncommon energy and decision, the failure must be imputed only to physical deficiency. Madame STOCKHAUSEN charmed the audience with one of her beautiful Swiss airs ; and on its being encored, sang another, in a different style —a somewhat Irish, but very agreeable way of obeying an encore.