7 MAY 1831, Page 9

FIRE.—The vicarage-house of Sutton was burnt to the ground on

Sunday the 24th ult. The fire spread so rapidly that a small part only .of the valuable furniture, plate, and linen could be saved. The-loss can- net- be less than 2,0001.- The whole of the property was insured.— Ipswich Journal.

SERIOUS COACH ACCIDENT.—The Bristol mail was upset on Saturday morning, as it was leaving Cardiff for Bristol : three passengers, the coachman, and guard, were seriously injured. One gentleman, time Rev. John Newton Coffin,ilies in a most precarious state, at the house of Mr. T. Guest, from a compound fracture of the thigh, and other injuries. Another gentleman had his shoulder dislocated, the guard was very much hurt ; the back of his head was laid bare, and there were severe contu- sions about his body.—The Cambrian.

THUNDER:At Turweston, Bucks, a young man who had sought shelter under a tree, on Sunday last, during a thunder-storm, was struck by the lightning, and killed on the spot. DREADFUL DEATH.—At Soundwell colliery, Mangotsfield, on 'Thurs- day last, an unhappy man fell headlong down a pit of one hundred and thirty-four fathoms, and was literally cut in two.