7 NOVEMBER 1958, Page 19

CLEAR DUPLICATING-letters, bound book- lets, designed covers, etc. - Enquiries,

Seven Levels, North Place, Cheltenham, Glos.

LITERARY TYPING, 2s. 6d, 1,000. Carbon 6d. Accuracy assured. Min. charge 4d, - E. R. Jennings, 55 Brockman Road, Folkestone.

MSS. TYPED. 2s, per thousand words, 6d. carbon.-Jarman, 59 Dalmeny Rd., Wallington, Surrey.

TYPING MSS., 2s. 1,000 words.-Nancy McFar- lane, 96 Marine Parade, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.


CELLULAR BLANKETS - 100% Pure Wool, Mothproofed in popular pastel shades. All sizes from 27 x 36 at 155. Free Samples. - Kerr & Grahame, 5 Tevlot Road, Howie's. Scotland.

SCENTED VIOLETS, Anemones - selected blooms. Mixed or either, UM. or £1 boxes Posted. -Poltesco Flowers, Roan Minor, Helston, Cornwall.


CHRISTMAS CARDS from The Cocklands Press, Burford, Oxford Wood Engravings, Colourprints etc. Appro, post free. Prices from 3d. Overprinting a speciality.

CRYSTALLISED FRUITS. All Finest French New Seasons, Assorted Apricots, Figs, Green. gages and Pears 14 lb., 16s. 6d. 3 lb. Presen- tation, 30s. Apricots only, 14 lb. 28s. Straw- berries, 14 oz., 185. Matrons Giaces, 14 oz., 16s. All Post Paid. - SHILLING COFFEE CO. LTD., 16 Philpot Lane, London, E.C.3.