9 JANUARY 1841, Page 20


'The George aud Mary. Golightly, from Calcutta to London, was wrecked at Anda- man's Bay on the 5th Aug.-crew and passengers saved.

Arrived-At Gravesend. Jan. 4th. Queen Victoria, Connor. from Bombay; 6th. Gle- 'mtg. Skelton. from China; Stratford, King; and Layton. Bell, from Singapore ; Ja- net, May. from Bengal ; Florentia. Goodwin, from Manilla; Briton, Eager, from the Cape ; and Sarah Elizabeth, Davidson. from New South Wales. In the Dawns, Globe, Barlow; and George Pyle. Pike; and Kyle, Fletcher, from Singapore; Ro- berts, Elder; and Advocate. Wilkinson, from Bengal. At Liverpool, 2d. Singapore; Snipe, from China; and Calcutta. Gibson, from Bombay; 3d, Pilgrim, —.from New South Wales; and 4th. Thalia, Graham, from Bengal. At St. Helena. Nov. 9th. Ann, Jefferey, from Bombay ; 10th. Mary Somerville, Hookey. from Liverpool; and Fama. Purvis, from Bengal ; 13th, Ion, Smith, from Mauritius; Earl Grey. Sullen; and In- dia. Campbell, frern Bengal; and 14th, Bahamian, Tizard. from Mauritius. At the Cape. October 9th, Amity. Warner ; and Vixen, Finlay, from Liverpool; 3oth, Mary Ann, Tarbett; and Wellington. Kenrick, from London; 31st, Ceylon, Pea- cock, from ditto; Salselte, Pam; and Esperance. Mackay. from Liverpool. At Mauritius, Sept. 20th. Margaret, Taylor. from Leith ; 27th, Harriet. Krept; Oct. 3d, Falcon. Anstruther ; Larch, Hill ; 51h, King Fisher, Evans; 6th, Mars. ; and 7th, Roxburgh Castle, Bourchier, from I.oudon. At Bombay, Childe Harold. 'Willis; and Malabar, Pollock. fry m London; Brilliant, Bar, from the Clyde; Duke of Lau- caster, —; and Princess Charlotte, —, from Liverpool. At Madras. Oct. 26th, Ida, Passmore, from London. At Bengal. previous to 12th Nov. lincephalus. Fetcher; Plantagenet. Hewett; Carnatic, V035; and Eleanore. Jackson. from London; Cam- lbyses, Hutchinson ; Caledonia. LaWSOB ; and Blorenge. Bauks, from Liverpool. At Batavia, Jupiter, Sedman; aud Ann Laing. Hudson, from Liverpool ; and Flora. Kerr. from the Clyde. At N. S. Wales, Lady Clarke, Lawrence ; and Welcome. Ritchie, from London; and Guide. Mattheson, from Newcastle.

Sailed-From Gravesend, Jun. 5th. Lady East. Robinson; and 6th. Florist. fluggirp, for Bombay ; and 7th. Brothers. Recd, for Bengal. From Liverpool, Jan. 6th, Cur- rency, Parkin ; and Frances Ann, Thompson, from Bengal.