9 JULY 1836, Page 1

The Committee of the French Peers, appointed to institute proceedings

against ALIBEAU or ALIBAUD, the assassio, have made their report. It contains few particulars of interest. Ac- cording to the prisoner's own account, he had become an ardent admirer of Republican principles during a sojourn with some

Italian and Polish refugees at Barcelona; and his mind had since been constantly occupied with two projects—one that of being use- ful to his parents, the aka that alining the King. He also pro- fessed to be an admirer of ROBERVIRERE. There is no evidence of his having had any acentnplices. The arrests of suspected persons are very numereus, with a view to prevent disorders during the approaching celebration of " the Three Days of July."

The Carlist Archbishop of Paris, in reply to an application from the King, ordered " Te Deuin " to be sung, in the metropo- litan churches for the Sovereign's escape ; but, in the pastoral letter to his clergy, spoke of Louis PHILIP not as" the King," but the " Prince who governs France." The Siècle, a new jour- nal, says that THIERS, in order to be revenged on the Archbishop, tilled the churches with police agents, who on the" To Deum being sung, shouted " Vive le Roil" so lustily as to alarm the officiating clergy. The Archbishop complained to the Minister of Justice; and received this retort—" My Lord, this is our reply to your pastoral letter."

The Dukes of ORLEANS and NEMOURS have returned to Paris.