9 JULY 1836, Page 14


Mrs. Armytage; or Female Domination. By the Autho:ess or " Mothers and Daughters.' 103 vols. Ca/horn. Jerningham; or Ilia Inconsistent Mau. In 3 so s. Smith. Elder am, Co.


The Court and Camp of Don Carlos; being the Restate of a late Tour in the Basque PrOVIIIICeS. and Parts of Catalonia, Aragon. Castile, and Estrimittinra.

By Mielt,tel Burke Ilona!) Marvin,. Athens and Mika ; a Journal of a Residence there. By the Rese'rend Christoph t

Wordsworth. M.A. 8,:e Ifsreoy. An Architectural Tour in Normandy : a itli some Remarks on Norman Architeeture,

By Drury Gaily Knight, Esti ■I P Murray.


D. Junii Jusenalis Sathre; with a Linear Verbal Translation. and Giffonn; Poetical Version aecompanying the 'fent. With Illustrative Notes alai a Copious Expla- natory Index. It y Austin Naftali. IA. I) Nichols awl Sun. The R unance of Nature; or. The Flower Seasons Illustrated. By Louisa Aline Twitmley, The Plates engrase,h allsr thiginal Drawings front Nature by the Author Tilt.