9 JULY 1836, Page 6

int jfietraptaig.

At a Common Hall held on Wednesday, Mr. John Johnson, paviour, was elected Sheriff of London, in the room of Mr. Tegg the publisher, who paid his fine rather than serve the office. The fine is about 420/. A body of the most respectable citizens and members of the Common Council applied to Mr. Wyse, the Catholic M.P. for Waterford, to become a candidate for the Shrievalty,—wishing to mark strongly their sense of the iujustice of the Peers in refusing municipal institutions to Roman Catholic Irishmen : but Mr. Wyse was compelled to decline the honour, in consequence of the death of his father rendering it necessary for him to pass some months of the ensuing year in Ireland. A Court of Aldermen was held on Tuesday. Mr. Alderman Wood brought forward a motion for the purpose of compromising the dif- ferences between the Court and Mr. Scales, relative to his claim to be Alderman of Portsoken Ward. Mr. Wood moved that the costa incurred by the City in the late legal proceedings should not be en- forced against Mr. Scales, if that gentleman would consent to with- draw his appeal to the House of Lords. Mr. Wood, however, after some discussion, withdrew his motion, in the hope of an amicable ter- mination of the contest. It was stated, ,that Mr. Scales had spent 3000/. in litigation. At a Wardmote held on Thursday in the ward of Tower, Mr. Joseph Fenwick, of St. Dunstan's Hill, was chosen a Common Councilman, in the room of the late well known Tory, Mr. Samuel Dixon. By this election the Reformers have at length succeeded in obtaining a majority in this important and hitherto "Ultra-Tory ward; a pretty strong proof that Liberal principles are on the advance in the city of London. At a meeting of the Middlesex Magistrates, on Thursday, Mr. Allen was elected County Treasurer. 'The opposing candidates were Mr. Baker and Mr. Stable ; and the following was the state of the ballot,—Mr. Allen, 64; Mr. Baker, 31; Mt. Stable, 20.

A considerable number of gentlemen assembled on Thursday, at the London Tavern, on the requisition of Mr. Clay, M. P., to adopt mea- sures to secure the registration of Reformers for Middlesex ; and a committee was appointed to watch the registration of county voters resident in the Tower Hamlets. A subscription to defray expenses was also commenced.

Mr. De Veer has published a letter he wrote to Colonel Evans on the 8th of January, urging him to state his intentions respecting the representation of Westminster ; and remarking on the necessity of having some person really to represent the Westminster constituency, Sir Francis Burdett being. only mischievous. To this letter no reply was vouchsafed ; and Mr. De Year only published it in contradiction of a report that he had requested Colonel Evans to forward his re- signation to him. It is indeed singular, that of the Members for the city of Westminster, one should be a superannuated trifler, dawdling away his time at a watering-place, and the other an officer in the Spa- nish service, engaged in the task, equally fruitless, we fear, of ridding Navarre of Carlist brigands. But the electors deserve the treatment they receive.