9 JULY 1836, Page 8


It is with much pleasure we call the attention of our readers to the formation of a General Reform Association for Scotland, embracing all classes of Reformers, similar to those lately established in England

and Ireland. This association was constituted at is late numerous meeting of Reformers held within the Royal Hotel, Edinburgh ; G. M'Pherson Grant, Esq. of Ballindalloch and Invereshie, in the chair. The prime objects of the society are to secure the centralization of the common efforts of Reformers throughout the country in establish- ing a vigilant superintendence of the registration of voters, more especially in the counties; - to protect the voter in the fair exercise of his electoral rights ; and generally to diffuse sound political informa- tion among the people. The General Association will encourage and promote the formation of Registry Associations in every district and parish of Scotland, and afford a supply of all the necessary forms and papers connected with the registration of claims. We need not say that an association of this kind will be of the utmost consequence to the Reform cause, and that it ought to meet with the ready and vigorous support of persons in the Liberal interest in all parts of Scot- land.— Seaman.