9 NOVEMBER 1839, Page 21


Tuesday, _Noe. 5.

G. and T. Rudd, Northampton Street, Islington. builders-Watkins and Rug..., Cork Street, Burlington Gardens, tailors-Harper and Sutcliffe, Luddenfoot, Yorkshire, dyers-Preston and Richardson, Manchester, dealers in cotton-Maddison and Read, Freethorpoo, Noriblk, brick-tnakers-A. aud II. Clark, Frame, plumbers -Battersby and Cu. Liverpool,. provision-dealers-Keating and Brown, Duke Street, Grosvenor Square, Cathulle.priuters-Cochran and Pearson. Liverpool!, dealers hi foreign quillsMajor mod Antott, Cheltenham, tanners-Barrow and Co. Oldham, roal-miners-Ito. Minuet and Armitage, Doikintield. Cheshir,•, colton-spiniters-Norris and Sleddou, Liverpool, cliain.ealilemantotheturers-Speakman and CO. Wilhite, Lancashire, coal. proprietors; as far as regards E.. T. B., and W. Speakman Bannerman and Grafton -Hutton and Co. Richmoud, Yorkshire, batikers -Wegener and Co. Ellen Street, St. Georges-in-the-East, solgar.reliners-staples and Collyer. Southampton, plumbersMessenger unit Ruslitou, Preston, cotIonmennfactowers-Howaril and JODIIII. Liverpool, wthemerellants-Ford and Thomas, Shrewsbury, attornies-Clark and Co. Glasgow, wholesale bobbinet.warehousemen ; as far as regards J. Callonn and A. Woodrow -Callum and Woodrow. Glasgow, straw-hatmanufaetarers -Looming and Smith, Manuhrster ; as far as regards malting Smith's patent self-neting mule.


MO, WILLIAM, Briage Street, 1.11111bet11, ironmonger, Nov. 5. STEVENS, Jona, Brighton, carpenter, Nov. 2.


ROEBUCK, WILLIAM, Leeds, stuffimereltant.


noorlosaroc, JAI Est, 1110 HARRISON, WILLIAM, Litherland, Laneashire, coaell.pro• ptieturs, to surrender Nov. '27, Duo. 17 : solicitors, Messrs. Holnie and Co. New Dm ; and Messrs. Bradshaw and Yates, Liverpool. Ilexx, ALFRED, Theatre Royal Druy Lane, printer, Noy. 22, Dec. 11 : solicitors, 'Messrs. Lewis and Co. Ely Place, official assiguee, Mr. .Tohnson, Basinglinll Street. Iltrrrenwotern, TnomAs, Royton, Lancashire, colton-spinner, Nov. 16, Dee. 17: soneiturs : Messrs. Abbott and Arney, Charlotte Street, Bedford. Square; and Messrs. Bennett, alancliester.

Derriatwierrit, Asterox, Snout Mill. Lancashire. coltonespinner, Nov. 16, Dee. 17 : solicitors, Messrs. Abbott and Arney, Charlene Street, Bedford Square; and Messrs. Bennett, Manchester.

GARDINER, WILLI3m, Wokiligbant, grocer, Nov. 18, Dee. 17: solicitor, Mr. Sturney, Wellitigton Street, sonollw ark ; tlicial essignee, arr. Graham, Basingliall Street. Moss, Joilt.: ;tad .1,n; Era, Smedley, Lanceshire, dyers, Nov. 19, Dee. 17 : solicitors, Messrs Johnson and Co. King's Bench Walk, Temple ; Mr. Kershaw, Maneliester. Lcxxox, svstecr., Liverpool, sailmaker, Nov. 13, D.C. 17 : solicitors. Messrs. Viii. 'it .11(1 Sherwood, Temple; and Messrs. Brainier and Atkinson, Liverpool. Ntenou., Jussint, Sowerbv Bridge, Yorkshire, worsted.spintier. Nov. 13, Dec. 17: soliedors, bullies and CO. Ely Place ; and Messrs. Hitchen and Lonsolale,

Niciret,r„ Wittivm and ALEXANDER, Greetlatul, Yorkshite, worsted-spinners, Nov. 13, Dee. 17: solicitors, Messrs. Jaques and Co. Ely Place; mat Mr. Mitchell, Halifax, PAcr v. IlutiEnr, Alford, Lincolnshire, iromnouger, Nov. 15, Dec. 17 : solicitors, Messrs. Scott and Bennett, Lincoln's Dm Fields • Messrs. Bourne and S Alford.

Roues EDWARD TitomAs, Wondford, smith, 'Nev. 15, Dee. 17; s,dicitois, Messrs. ;I Beckett and Cu. Golden Square; oflicinl assignee, Mr. Joinisint. Basingliall Street. SAVILLE, IMArritcw, Stalybridge, mercer, Nov. 15, Dec. 17 : solicitors, Messrs. Baxter, Lincoln's Inn Fields; and Messrs. Sale and Worthington, alanchester.

SIITNOLES, JOIIN. Norwich, innkeeper, Nov. 11. Dee. 17 : solicitors, Messrs. Clarke and Mellott'', Liticolit's Inn Fields; and alessos. Beckwith and Cu. Nor, icit.


1VOV. 28, Iliarques. Queen Street, Cheapside, merchant-Nov. 27. Car:lib:1i, WhiteeresiStreet, victualler-Nov. 27, Lyili•, al ark Lone. winemerellaid---Nov. 27, Samuels, bowrenee 1.111ID. Cheapside. commission-agent-Nov. 27. IF Alm-line. Abeluirch Lane, licensed.vietwoller -Aroma, Witney..grocerNov. 26, Nicoll ;nal \Warburton, LiN cr. pool, tailers-Nov. 27, Robbins, Birmingham, spoon.nutiouraeturer-Nov. 27. Poole, Lyme Regis, grocer-Nov. 27, Gillespie ;mil Hall, Durham, common-brewers-N.,. a J. and W. Green, Swinton, Yorkshire, earthenware-manoillieturers-Nov. 27. Scotfield and Clough. Selby. Yorkshire, bankers -No. 28, .1. and J. Broad, Sedgly, Staffordshire, ironmanufachtrers-Nov. 23, 13enuitt, Sherburne, Dorsetshire, milliner LOVeridge. Bridport, cabinet-maker-Nov. 1M, Moore, Newark-upon•Trent. inakeeper-Nov. 27, Hall. Hanley, Staffordshire, engraver-Nov. 27. Kelsey, Lydney, 6101westershire, grocer-Dee. 3, Coates, Leeds, grocer-Nov. 30, 11. 11 and W. NValtley, Dridgewater,ltardwaremen.


Ti, be gronted, unless cause be shown to the contrary. an or betiow Nu'. 26. Liverpool, winemerchant-J. and .1. J. Ashley, Regent Street, bankers -11/ *,1, Welbeck tareet, St. Marylehune, irotimonger-Frodsliain, Toxteth Park, Lancashire, common-brewer-Bates, East Peekliam, millev--Brown, Cheltenham, grocer-Hiller, Dover, builder-Davies anti Junes, Taunton, grocers-Till, Newhall, Derbyshire, carthenwereditanitlitettner.


(haves, \VILNA:a, Edinburgh, surgeon, Noe. 13, Dee. 4.

..Vor. 8.


Strengithertn and Webb, RiosItall, Station islice. provision-dcalers-Fenton nut Co. Luke., proctors-Howbeit and Kiug,Ilock:ey E.o.m.-Iloilo and E wart, Quickset Row, Num:, zine-taatettlietercrsOttley and Rushton, Bellingliao, Cheshire, stone-masons -Grekory and Minton. llorselydown, ond Elliot. Liverpool,

cosilanerchants-.T. and Preston, New Bend Street, tailors--O'Neil acid littdelyffe,

Greek Street, manufacturing-goblsinithi--13. and .1. Cadbury. Birmingham, linendrapers-Forrest and 11 ra kelt; Illackl in, stoneg ell ers Rai nibrd and Loftlionse, Illaekhown, siniths-Gerring and Co. Farringdon, Berkshire, inalkaers ; its Lir as regals Goodlake-A. and S. Youngman, Norwich, wineemercha tits-Allen and Col. Intuit', Three Colt Street, Limelionse, paper-stainers-Pallreyman and Ilingley, Slwflield, alturnies-Iligginboltom and Co. Oldham, coal miners-Day and Co. Colchester, ealduct.makers ; as far as regard.s G. Day-Hughes and Jones, Rochdale, linendrapers-Malley and Aspivall, his erpool, cornmerehauts.


/ELL, Iluatz, Lamb's Conduit Street, ironmonger, Nov. 7.

KILLICE, WiLLIAM janior, Russell Street, Illournsbery, hosier, Nov. 7.


1110ROAN, JAMES WILLIAMS, buns, cccii THOMAS, Glasbury, Radnorshire, woolstaplers. BANKRUPTS.

Ate :melt, lIesiow, cern-merehant, to surrender Nov. 26, Dee. 20 : solicitors, Mr. Judi:mem Ipswich; and alr. jacktunati. Bartlett's Botildings.

11xx3Amw.r. Clement's Court, alilk Street, commis:ion-agent, Nov. 15, 1100. 21, : solicitor, Mr. 'Pucker, Bank Chambers, Lutlibury ; official assignee, Mr. Perown, Dasingliall Street.

Cox, ToomAs, Birmingham, lamp-uututifacturer, Nov. 19, Dec. 26 : solicitors, Durfeut, Inner Temple • and Mr. Page, Birmingham.

Ckan't 622, 1322.10.mix, alirfleid, Yorkshire. maltsler, Nov. 28, 11ee. 20: solicitors, Messrs. Van :landau and Howell, Old Jewry ; and Jacomb and Tindall, Huddersfield. FERN. NIATTILEW. Leamington Priem plaslerer, Nov. 18, Dee. 20 : solicitors, Messrs. F,Itterson awl IlanIntry, Leamington PILOTS; and Mr. Hall, New Boswell Court. (.erms, Asx, awl CARTWRIGHT, JOHN, SIIIVWSHItrY. ironmongers Nov. 20, Dee. 20:

sere:Cows, 'Messrs. Vincent and Sherwood. Inner Temple; Messrs. Harper and Jones, Whitelturelt, Salop.

11611'.01e. Eta enrich, Dean's Place, Soath Lambeth, bookseller, Nov. 19, 1)". soliciter, Mr. Law, Ulmer Gloucester Place ; official asiignee, Mr. Edwards,

Old Jewry.

Lue%s, 111Exav, Leemilisle..., dealer in spirituous liquors, Dee. 3, 20: solicitors, Mr. Shall!. Chancery lane ; awl Mr. Hammond, I.eontinster. Nuns, JOHN. Ilud. hen-Geld, draper, Nov. 20, Dee. 20: solicitors, Messrs. Abbott and Antey, Charlotte Street ; and Messirs. Bennett, Manchester.

Ross, Josvett, Halifax, woolstapler, Nov. 18, Dee, 20: solicitors, Messrs. Jacques •

and Cu. Ely Place; and Messrs. Stocks and Macaulay, Hallam. WESTWOOD, JOSEPK, Birmingham, gun-maker, Nov. 19, Dec. 20: solicitors, Mr. Thortidike, Staple Inn; and Mr. Wheeler, Birmingham. WILLIAMS. 1/11N, Greet Russell Street, architectural book publisher. Nov. 25, Dec. 20: solicitors, Messrs. Egan mud Cu. ESSPX Street ; official assignee, Mr. Clark, New Broad Street Court. DIVIDENDS.

Dec. 2, Holmes and Hall, Crosby Square. merchauts-Dee. 2, Lewis, Richmond, pawnbroker-Nov. 29, West, High Street, Shareditch, grocer-Dee. 6, Packer, Pains. wick, Gloucestershire, clothier-Jan. 4, W. and J. Wilson. Boston, linendrapers -Dec. 3, Bull, Lichfield, cabinet-maker-Dee. 2, Brown, Stockton-on-Tees, shipbuilder-Dec. 2, Spencer, Iliverstone, Lancashire, cabinetmaker-Dee. 5, Cave junior, and Burton, Nottingham, htee-inanufacturers-Dec. 2, Ridsdale, Darlington. chemist-Dec. 5, Willis, Liverpool, merchant.


Ts be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or lief we Noe. 29. Clarkson and Waterhouse, Stanningley, Yorkshire, eloth-manufacturers-Bown. Southampton, grucer-Keeler, Canterbury, dealer in chins.


BRADFORD, Joitte and Co. Perth, china merchants, Nov. 14, Dec. 19.

PORTEOUS and Co. Glasgow, co:tell-builders, Nov. 13. Dee. 4.

RIDDELL, JoHN. Glasgow, innkeeper, Nov. 14, Dee. 4. STEVENSON Tunas, Wester Bennington, Edinburgh. farmer. Nov. 14, Dec. 3.