11 MARCH 1972

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Violence is a political disease which, like corruption, is more tolerated by the body politic the more there is of it. Violence breeds violence rather than resistance to...

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It is seldom that a decision of any government fills me with unalloyed pleasure, and when the decision runs as it were against the grain of expectation the pleasure is doubled....

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Sir Thomas Preston recalls Ekaterinburg

The Spectator

"Ever since then, I have been haunted by the idea that had I been able to argue with the Ural Soviet for a longer period I might have been able to save the Russian Royal...

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Pique week Evan Anthony Alas, there are some jokes classified as avant-garde art up with which I will not put. Without embarking on an exhaustive list, I can note that four of...

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Welfare and the strikers custos Last week Sir Keith Joseph

The Spectator

came unier severe pressure at a meeting of the Tory backbench social services committee. The issue involved was whether or not the state should pay social security benefits to...