13 JANUARY 1855

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ONCE more Vienna eclipses the interest of Sebastopol, and is the scene of as curious a vicissitude as any that has happened in the course of the Russian quarrel. The opening...

From the seat of war we have reports that the

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improved condi- toe -c the besiegers advances, while the besieged are supposed to show signs of being disheartened. The sorties continue, with more loss to the enemy than to the...

Among the members sitting at the Vienna Congress, we suppose,

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will be the representative of Sardinia ; for that state has just given her adhesion to the protocol of April 10, and is thus associated with France and England in defending...

The war connects the thoughts of men in all parts

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of the world, and the leading point in the news from America relates to it. The Committee of the Senate on Foreign Relations is reported to have resolved on recommending...

. In receiving the well-merited compliments of the Anglo-Ame- r ican

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port of Liverpool, Lord Elgin had a right to say that he had fulfilled the special twofold service which he undertook on assuming the government of Canada,—that of leaving the...

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the 331etrufatio.

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The charters of the City of London require that the Lord Mayor shall hold a quarterly session in the Borough of Southwark. At - those sessions,. it is usual to summon...

the ( nut Alves a brief stay of two days at

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Osborne, the Queen and her family set out for Windsor Castle at two o'clock on Tuesday, and arrived there a little after five. On the way, her Majesty and Prince Albert...

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The Earl Or Elgin arrived-at- Liverpool from Canada . on Tuesday; in the-Pacifier On-Wednesda3i-. he met - the principal. membereof the Ame- rican Chamber of Commerce. and the...

SCOTLAND. Another Judge of the Supreme Court-in] Scotland Ins departed—Lor4'

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Robertson. He dropped down suddenly and expired, in his. Own house- at Edinburgh, on, Wednesday; The news speedily reached the-Court-of Session, and the Lord Justice Clerk,...

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furrigu unit CnInuial.

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Flu/mg.—The detachments of the new Imperial Guard, commanded by General Ulrich, and ordered for service in the Crimea, were reviewed by the Emperor on Tuesday, in the Court of...

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Letters from the Marquis of Clanriearde to the Russian - War Minister, -and from Lord Dunkelliu to the Governor of Kaluga, have been pub- lished. Lord Clauricarde expresses the...

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The four Societies of London Shoeblacks met on Thursday, in

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the large room at Exeter Hall, forming a united tea-party under the presi- The four Societies of London Shoeblacks met on Thursday, in the large room at Exeter Hall, forming a...

According to private accounts, of a completely reliable character, from

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St. Petersburg, great distress is experienced in that city, and much dis- satisfaction prevails at the hardships imposed by the war. It is men- tioned that in all the churches...

Mr. Cobden visits Leeds next Wednesday, to make a speech.

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It has been resolved that Mr. J. G. Marshall shall move, and Mr. Edward Baines second, a resolution approving of the war, and calling on the Govern- ment to prosecute it with...

At first we received the statement involved in the subjoined

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telegra- phic despatch with distrust: but it has been current in Vienna for the last three days, and today it is repeated with an air of great confidence. " Vienna, Saturday,...


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SATURDAY MORNING. The Journal des Debats publishes an article, formally attributed to the pen of M. de Sacy, and supposed to have been inspired from Russian sources, respecting...

The Austrian Correspondence, a Viennese journal reputed to be official,

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contains the following statement. The Austrian Correspondence, a Viennese journal reputed to be official, contains the following statement. "The day before yesterday, the 6th...

"An Englishwoman," observing the difficulties which the sick or wounded

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soldier finds in holding the Bible, suggests that the sacred volume should be separated into thin volumes ' bound in limp covers, and in that form supplied to the hospitals. The...

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Int CDratril.

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The manager of Drury Lane has found, in some nook or other, one of Mr. Planches old adaptations from the French, entitled The Regent. The discovery is by no means a bad one. The...

Considerable improvements are going on in New Palace Yard, against

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the return of Parliament to business on the 23d. The pedestal upon which the statue of Cceur de Lion rested has been completely removed; the paved space which runs in a straight...

The bill embodying the new measure of the Chancellor of

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the Exchequer regarding the funds of savings-banks has just been printed. It recites that on the 20th of November last the amounts due were 33,909,302/. 118. bd. to...

Some forged bank-notes, executed with unusual skill, have lately been

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presented at the Bank of England, having reached this country among re- mittances from Marseilles. They consist of Us, 101.s, and 201.s; and the total amount from various...


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M. Mazilier, the fertile writer of ballets, has turned into a piece of this class the fortunes of La Fonti, an Italian danseuse who flourished about a hundred years ago, and who...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The telegraphic information from Vienna on Monday, to the effect that the four propositions as interpreted by the Allies had been accepted by...

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THE PROSPECT OF PEACE. WILL the negotiations which are now opened or proposed at Vi- enna on the basis of "the four conditions," lead to peace, or not ? Is the offer to discuss...


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GREAT deal of our mismanagement in the Crimea is due to, newness in the conduct of the war by those whir have had no- thing to do with its working clbtalls, or have not had the...

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vrE noticed recently one effect of the new method oftaking a loan in France by general subscription. It brings the Government in to direct communication with the whole of the...

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THERE are two modes of keeping a people within the path of conscientious behaviour : one is to restrain them by penal and compulsory laws ; the other, to develop their faculties...


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CORPORAL punishment of some kind, whether with lash or other instrument, will probably always be retained in any army, as an absolute necessity for telling the soldier that...


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IN order to estimate the possibility of a more enlightened policy in the government of Italy, it is necessary to survey the actual state of the peninsula ; which is remarkable,...

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Sin—In the commentary which you have passed upon the events which have lately occurred in New Zealand, you have hardly done justice either to the character of the events...

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STAFF AND REGIMENTAL MEDICAL OFFICERS. Lesketh How, .Ambkside, 10th January 1855. Snt—A rumour is abroad taat a great change is contemplated and is about to be made in the...


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Ark-Bury, 9th January 1855. Sin—The able article in the Spectator of last week entitled "rhe Aus- trian Difficulty in Italy" makes me anxious to place before your readers one or...

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Bin—If we may trust report, a conspicuous 'difference evinces itself in the characters of the French and English armies in the Crimea. Courage they both equally possess; the...

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WAR-OFFICE, Jan. 9.-7th slioyal Sir .G. from the..77.11 Foot, Jobe Col. vice-Gen. the Right Hon. Sir E. Blakeney, removed. to- the .let -Foot. 361h .Foot-- Lieut.-Gen. W. H....


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, Orr the - 14th Getober,mt - Cape Towns the Wife of the:Tien...Rawson Wm. Rawson, Colonial Secretary, of a son. rEhrtircld - Jemmy; irtSpring Gardens, the Wife of . the Hon....

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Tuesday, January 9. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.-Parmeter and Bullock, Aylsham, millers-Hammers- ley and Bentley. Leek. silk-manufacturers-Leyland and Lomax, Great Bolton,...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing PAM.) Saturd.IMeraday.nesday. ?redoes. Thurs. spar Cent Consols 901 ex 4. 923 911 921 92 Ditto for Account 901 ex d. 921 all 921 921 3 per Cents...

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Louden: Printed by JOSEPH CLATPON. 0( 320. Strand, in the

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County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of Josses Cworros, No. 10, Crane Court, in the Parish of S. Dunstan•■• in the West, in the City of London ; and Published by the...

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PROFESSOR FERRIER'S INSTITUTES OF METAPHYSIC. * METAPHYSIC, in this country, is habitually extended to cover the ground occupied by Logic and Psychology as well as its own pro-...

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JANUARY 13, 1855.

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THE author of these volumes is known to the world as a Roman Catholic missionary to Central Asia and China ; whose pik,•rimages in Tartary and Thibet have come before the...

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THE ISLAND EMPIRE. * A SOJOURN in Elba and an exploration

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of the island, with a story of Napoleon's residence, does not seem a promising subject. The Island Empire is, however, a better book than might be supposed. It is not, indeed,...

NEW NOVELS. * CONSIDERABLE 'powers are impaired in The Step-Son by

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the vio- lence of religious prejudice. Mr. Dyer has great distinctness of conception in whatever he undertakes to delineate, with clearness and vigour of style. If he has not...

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Tins temporary effusion has the advantage of a subject which in- terests. It also exhibits considerable poetical spirit, and as much, harmony of versification as perhaps the...

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THE philosophy of metres is one of the most obscure branches of resthetics. We know of no work in any language which treats of it satisfactorily, though hints towards it may be...


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The Formation and Progress of the Tiers Etat or Third .Estate in France. By Augustin Thierry, Author of" History of the Norman Conquest," &c. Translated from the French by the...

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PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION. The Photographic Society has opened an exhibition of nearly seven hun- dred specimens of the delicate and beautiful art for whose extension it was...

Ittrrarq &traumas.

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Tun PEKIN GAZETTE.—The official gazette of Pekin may be counted among the organs of the administration. It is a real Monitore Universel, in which nothing can be printed which...