15 APRIL 1972

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Mr Roy Jenkins's resignation from the Labour party's Shadow Cabinet will bring great comfort to Mr Heath. Labour's deputy Leader, having consulted with his friends, exiles...

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The G overnrnent is reshuffled, Parliat tn , en t is re-assembled, and a decisive 'Tie in the life of the country lies aae ad. Mr Heath's Irish initiative has hsacoeeded so far...

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ROY JENKINS for once, not Harold Wilson, has capped the

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PM's reshuffle by resigning along with Harold Lever and George Thomson from the Labour Shadow Cabinet because they didn't like the way things were going. Harold Lever will be...

Promoting from the ranks of the potential rebels

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Hugh Macpherson At a time in my life when I was trying, quite vainly, to acquire some expertise in the esoteric realm of higher physics a fellow student of some ability told me...

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The Prime Minister's modest reshuffle has been generally welcomed. The party has been much more strengthened by it than the Government. With Lord Carrington as party chairman...

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Re views by Auberon Waugh, Liam Hudson and Gillian Freeman

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John Vincent on Lord Salisbury Patrick Cosgrave on Aid and the game of politics ,4 rth .en d today, when ideas commonly des: are as, or thought of as being, libera l ,re...

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Rats, pigeons and men

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Liam Hudson Beyond Freedom and Dignity B. F. Skinner (Cape £2.25) In 1961, Professor Skinner published a book called Cumulative Record — a collection of his papers that...

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John Vincent on Lord Salisbury

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Lord Salisbury on Politics: A selection from his articles in the Quarterly Review, 18601883 Edited, with an introduction and notes, by Paul Smith (CUP £6.80) Nature abhors a...

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Dieter Pevsner and Oliver Caldecott have profited from their seven years of working together at Penguins to set themselves up in one of the most comfortable situations that...

Will Waspe's Whispers

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Art-dealing around Bond and Cork Streets isn't exactly a closed shop, but the magic circle is not easy to penetrate. One newcomer I fancy to make it, though, is twenty three...

The Spectator's Arts Choice

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• Theatre: The new season at Stratfordupon-Avon opened this week with Coriolanus, first in the Royal Shakespeare's quartet of plays under the generic title, 'The Romans' (Julius...

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THEAT RE t) c'ing their own thane theellneth Hurren ki r' °Pelting production

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in this year's Theatre Season at the Aldwych is a "" rti.x. entitled Uba rnatha, as perverse a expi tle as could be devised to display the W er e k s,,,ive vivacity of the Natal...


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Crass contrivances Christopher Hudson A Date with a Lonely Girl ( ' AA ' ABC Ful ham Road) is about a girl called TR Baskin who comes to Chicago to seek her fame and fortune....

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The amazing thing is that this type of enterprise, so

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far from ever being undertaken lightly, is the last area in which to indulge fanciful, amateurish dreams. On the contrary, putting on a musical in a very serious and costly...

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Direct rule

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Sir: I wish I shared your satisfaction over the Government's assuming direct rule over Ulster. Some of us who are old enough to remember Munich may see a disquieting parallel...

Sir: Though I am doubtful about the value of economic

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parallels between the Greek-Roman civilisation and our own (and indeed his analysis of our inflation problem is in no way dependent on such argument from analogy), Mr Fisher's...

Postal credit

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Sir: On November 30 of last year a bookseller in England dispatched a book by surface mail to me here in Canada. It arrived today, March 14. As I am obliged to assume that it...

Mr Barber's budget

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From Sir David Anderson Sir: The recent Budget has put £1,200 million of additional spending power into our personal and corporate pockets to spend as we please. This huge sum...

Solving inflation

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Sir: Searching after political economy is not the same as searching after commercial economy. Usually those experienced in the former and dependent on votes are not experienced...

Jenkins and humbug

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Sir: Patrick Cosgrave is to be congratulated on his timely and most astute expose of Mr Roy Jenkins (April 1). His behaviour over the EEC issue and his record of (dis)loyalty to...

Irish Duke

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Sir: John Vaizey (March 25) refers to the first Duke of Wellington as an Irishman. It is true that the Duke was horn in Ireland, but, as he said himself, to be born in a stable...

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Sir: Allow me please, rather late, to answer the ietter

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of David M. Jacobs (March 11) about Palestinians. The best way to do it is to quote the recent report (in Ha'aretz of March 15) about the symposium held in the Hebrew University...


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From Dr Keith Bell Sir: This may supply deadly ammunition for your splendid stand on the EEC. It is taken from the Sunday Telegraph April 2: Social customs, however deeply...