15 MARCH 1856

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Ministers have illustrated their own position this week by eonquering

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where they were resolute and creating defeat for themselves by their. own concession. The state of parties, the influence which Ministers have acquired through having the con-...


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Palmas has been invited to join the Conference at Paris, and the step no doubt means some decisive change in the position of the Plenipotentiaries. It might be open. to No...

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The diplomatic correspondence which has just come over from New

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York looks ugly. It authenticates the statement that the American Government had definitively requested the recall of Mr. Crampton. There is reason to doubt whether this eorre-...

ttbat ts mai Vrorrtifiug5 iiiVarliantitt, PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK.

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Housg OF Loans. Monday, Meech 10. Ears ; Lord Malmesbury's otice of Motion—Leases and Sales of Settled Estates ; the Lord Chancellor's Bill reported ; Lord St. Leonards's...

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It may be recollected that, a short time since, the Lord Mayor invited Mr. Buchanan, the American Minister, to a complimentary farewell banquet, and that Mr. Buchanan could not...

4t Court

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THE QUEEN held the third levee of the season on Wednesday : it was very numerously attended. On Thursday she went to Woolwich, with Prince Albert and the Princess Royal, and...

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The election for Sligo ended in the defeat of Mr. Patrick Somers, the Government candidate and the election of Mr. John Wynne, Derbyite. The numbers at the close of the poll on...

The Duke of Buckingham has returned again to public life

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after a re- tirement of some years. The occasion which gave rise to his reappear- ance is a split among the Buckinghamshire notables as to the extent and objects of the Royal...

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,furtiga Eat

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lrffurf.—The chief fact to be recorded respecting the Conference this week is contained in the following telegraphic despatch. "Berlin, Wednesday Evening, March 12.—Prussia has...

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Roth Houses of Parliament sat last night, and adjourned for

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the Eas- ter Holidays—the Lords until Tuesday the 1st April, the Commons un- til Monday the 31st March. The prominent incident in the House of Commons arose on the mo- tion for...


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CONFIRMATION OF THE PRINCESS ROYAL.—The confirmation of the Princess Royal ía announced to take place in her Majesty's private chapel at Windsor Castle on Thursday the 20th...


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"Paris, Saturday, 12.20.—The Empress began to suffer labour pains at four o'clock this morning. All the great dignitaries are at the Tuileries. The Senate and Legislative Corps...

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The Gazette of last night announces that the Queen has

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conferred the honour of knighthood upon Lieutenant-Colonel Lyon Playfair, Provost .of St. Andrews ; and Mr. William Maearthur, of Camden Park, New South Wales. Mr. Dallas, the...

When M. Demets of Mettray visited England last, he did

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not appear in London • but this time the residents and visitors of the Metropolis will have he opportunity of seeing him. We stated last week that M. Demetz would leave France...

Mr. Parker, a lunatic residing at St. Albans, is impressed

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with the belief that he is Elijah, and that God intends to confer on him unlimited power and wealth in this country. He has twice written to the Queen stating his appointment,...

Alexander Smart, a retired shopkeeper, attended the service at St.

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Paul's Cathedral yesterday morning; he then went up to the whispering-gallery, mounted the hand-rail as the clock struck twelve, laughed hysterically, and before two vergers...

A deputation, headed by Lord Robert Groirvenor, and including Mr.

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'Cobden, waited on Lord Palmerston yesterday, to present a memorial -praying that ia the treaty negotiating at Paris, a clause might be inserted 'binding the contracting powers...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FIIITIAT Aereaxoos. The settlement of the Consol Account was arranged on Tuesday ; when the speculators for the rise evinced great boldness and paid 7 per cent...

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- iglus to tOr Eititor.

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T EE QuEmr:1; VISIT TO - CANADA. 11th March 18.56. San—A gentleman, formerly a Major in ilk,' Army, but who during these last thirteen years has been settled in Prince ithvard...

We have little faith in musical prodigies—infant violinists, wonderful performers

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on Jew's harps, and so forth ; but one has just appeared among us really worthy of attention. This is an Italian peasant youth named Piece, the son of a Piedmontese...

Madame Goldschmidt's concert at Exeter Hall, on Tuesday, in aid

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of the Nightingale Fund, has most successfully accomplished its beneficent purpose. The assemblage was immense ; brought together, apparently, yore by the object of the concert,...

tOratrrs Huh Muir.

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A three-act piece, entitled The .Evil Genius, has been produced at the Haymarket Theatre ; where nearly the whole force of the company, and some beautiful scenes, are employed...


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Mademoiselle Rose Cheri, who for some time has been absent from her - theatre, (the Gymnase,) reappeared on Saturday last ; and the occasion was honoured by the...


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London, 10th March 1856. Six—May not a comparison of church-rates with tithes suggest the means- of solving the question which is at present perplexing the nation, or at least...

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9 Chester Street, Belgrave Square, March 1856. Ste—Having just returned from the Continent with a vivid impression of the works of Paolo Veronese in Italy and in the Louvre, I...

2 Crown Terrace, Scarborough, 11th MraivA 1856. you can find

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space for me, I wish to say a few words , en the...sub- ject of National Education. It is rather remarkable that out of the ous schemes for instructing (hardly educating) the...


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10th March 1856. Bra—In 1765, Blackstone, in his chapter of "Husband and Wife," ob- serves, that even the disabilities which the latter lies under are intended for her...

STATE - DYPA - 11.E.TAMERTART 303Stti4014712111170; 111 E'ECEIvErl THE- ROVAI. ASAIYNT , . • Haase' of-Comnionittflteee

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BØI.• Cluireh. Discipline Act Amendment . lard Lyndhurst • Religious Worship Penalties Iteperd. Lord Brougham ' littes. pita : • ti . ,t . 1 ... 2 ale ::::11 : t : , rd "Montea...

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TEE SUCCESSFUL PARTY. , Imam is scarcely, a party in the country at present in a state of successful progress:" Natwithstanding a certam easy state of the Political - market,...


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THE most dangerous characteristic of the present day for com- merce is not simply the amount of speculation, reckless as it may be, but the passive submission with which the...

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FROM the description given by the Farmer's Friends in the House of Lords, he may be painted as a gloomy mysterious person, who suspects an enemy in every stranger that...


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To those who judge only by the surface, the latest accounts from the United States will appear to represent a decline of irritated feeling against this country ; yet other...

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hies. DOVE died under symptoms that can only be accounted for, as a whole, from strychnine. A practised anatomist, who exa- mined the body after death, testifies—" I do not know...


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WEEEN Lord Palmerston expressed a doubt whether the House of Commons is the best tribunal for determining the relative merit of officers selected for honour by the Crown, he...

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Tim Grand Duke Constantine has set out on a mission which may be the redemption of his country—the discovery of "the truth. ' As High Admiral of Russia, he issues an admonition...


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JOITENAL OF THOMAS BATHES FROM 1831 TO 1847. • THE merchant-prince of our ancestors is almost extinct, with his old pedigree, his family connexions, his solid capital, his high...

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Mr. Hardwick's second vo- lume of the History of the Christian Church is an advance upon the first. In addition to his previous qualities of painstaking re- search, judicious...

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TIM volume is a curious medley of personal adventure and obser- vation, descriptions of modern Peruvian society, narratives of Spanish-Peruvian history, and investigations or...

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MONTEITH'S EARS AND EEZE]LOOM. * Fnow 1810 to 1829 the present

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General Monteith was engaged an the Diplomatic Staff in Persia ' and, among other business, WAS appointed Commissioner to General Paskiewitch for the payment of the 2,000,000/....


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Boons. A Mewl/ of the Christian Church during the Reformation. By Charles Hardwick, M.A., Fellow of St. Catharine's Hall, Divinity , Lecturer at King's College, and Christian...

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We have received a portrait of this lamented statesman, engraved in mezzotint by Mr. Walker, of Margaret Street. The figure is standing in three-quarters length ; the attitude...

,fiut Artw.

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THE CRIMEAN EXHIBITION. Under this title, a collection presenting a very creditable appearance, and entitled to attentive examination, has been opened this week at the...

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Ten Weeks Week of 1846-55. of 18.56.

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Zymotle Diseases 218.1 .... 203 Dropsy, Cancer, and other Diseases of uncertain or variable seat 51.2 .... 43 Tubercular Diseases 189.5 .... 193 Diseases of the Brain, Spinal...


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On the 8th February, at Corfu, the Wife of Colonel Walpole, of a daughter. On the 7th March, at Haigh Hall, Wigan, the Hon. Mrs. Lindsay, of a daughter. On the 7th, at Eastwood,...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, MARCH 11. Partnerships Dissolred.—Edmundson and Co. Seahain Harbour, Durham, grocers —Potbury and Pratt, High Street, Kensington, tailors—Pearce and...

414t Vatur.

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ADMIRALTY, March 1.—Corps of Regal Marines—Second Lieut. A. H. Pascoe te be First Lieut. vice Eason, resigned his commission. ADMIRALTY, March 5.—Corps of Royal Marines—Second...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, MARCH 14. • W,ta Dresargrarr, March 14.—Caralry.--41h Regiment of Dragoon Guards- Lieut. C. M'Donnel to be Capt. by purchase, vice Morgan, who retires...

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BRITISH FUNDS. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Long Annuities Annuities 1885 Bank Stock, 8 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Omit...