16 JULY 1853

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The conduct of that Power does not respond to the frankness and moderation of the other side. Instead of restraining his ciwn military movements to the reluctant pace with which...

We have alluded to Austria, and the relation which she

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has to these movements is naturally watched with interest. Certain re- cent appearances are not promising. She has marched a large body of troops to the Turkish frontier. M. de...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OP THE WEEK. ROUSE or LORDS. Monday, July 11. Austrians in Bosnia ; Question and Answer -Convicted Prisoners Removal and Confinement Bill, read a second...

Although Parliament has not been silent, the substance of its

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history for the week is interesting chiefly in the work accomplished. The Succession-Duties Bill has been got through the Commons Committee. The India Bill has been advanced to...

The Indian news is unpleasant : the Xing of Ava

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will not cede an inch of territory—will rather brave war with US; and we mut now select our own course. The campaign has been in its nature one of the most unfortunate that our...

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THE Quissee has been active this week. ' She has driven out every-day in an open carriage, accompanied by the Princess Royal or-the Prince-of Wales, who Mtiiined to tow - ir on-...

"1.61jr Camp.

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There was a Sham-fight at Chatham on Saturday, remarkable for two things: first, because the operations were conducted by the whole force against the camp itself ; and secondly,...

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_ One of the previously nominated Sheriffs fo e the city of London having heen excused on the, g round of ill-health, Mr. Alderman Wire has been elected in his place. At a...

. Vrtuiltrut. The Royal' A g ricultural Simiety has this week held

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its show of cattle and implements at Gloucester ; Which city was g ayly tricked out with triumphal arches and ether adornments inhenteur of the occasion. The sho w is des c rib...

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,furrign fath

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Fnalres.—The Emperor and Empress continue to pay occasional visits to the camp at Satory. There is little important domestics intelligence from France this week. The harvest,...

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The Admiralty have given orders for the building of a now screw fleet of three line-of-battle ships,—the Conqueror 100, the Hero 90, the Re- pulse 90; three frigates,—the Forte...

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A great amount of business was transacted in both Houses

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of Parlia- ment last night ; and as the topics are very multifarious, we take the proceedings in the order of subjects, without preserving distinction be- tween the two Houses....


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SAT17EDAY. The journals of this morning bring no positive news on the question of peace or war. But the Morning Post confirms the rumour that negotia- tions have been set on...

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At a great meeting, held in Dublin Rotunda on Wednesday,

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and at- tended by prominent men of all creeds, classes, and parties in Ireland, it was enthusiastically resolved to raise a subscription towards founding an "Industrial College"...

The Merchant Shipping Bill passed through Committee, (at the morn-

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ing sitting,) after a contest respecting clause 88, regulating salvage. Mr. The Merchant Shipping Bill passed through Committee, (at the morn- ing sitting,) after a contest...

Orders have been issued to remove two regiments from the

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army at the Cape of Good Hope—the First Battalion of the Rifle Brigade under Colonel Buller, and the Twelfth Lancers under Colonel Pole. The former return to England ; the...


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M. Lenge, a new actor who essays the highest comic parts, has played the character of Arno4)he (in the Edge des Femmes) at the Theatre Fran- cais, with tolerable success. Report...


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By the production of Schiller's Wilhelm Tdl, the German company has soared up into something like importance. This was just the play to benefit the speculation. It is a chef...


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STOOK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The buoyancy which the English Funds presented at the close of last week has been succeeded by depression and much gloom. Sales of Stock have...

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, , . ;(iil 1.„:.,o2. . _,! ,, - , ,. i bir : ri!A ii - WA.It WITH RUSSIA. Howalliet iss'the' relation betWeen this country and Ituseia with- i n a short' ree Months, inlay...

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S. UppNalai ShafteshmAiigi !sr ,e, mention of juvenile Wen 4 le4111)Ir ; Y rose • .41 ' - '11Yen,d0 ;Men 1 . appears te; he deStReclitP fluA.O. POP:Ser ,c,..,4.11,1 river,...


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Tun great .obstaele to finch an extension of .thefranchieeas is de- sired by Derithertitia , Reforniers is the danger lest ; . :by. each an ex- tension, the :elms which his...

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AusniALIA has been the subject of various terrible predictions, each sufficient for the destruction of a state, and yet she has survived. The abolition of transportation, which...

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Mn. Fliznov's Act has come into effect, and the world of cabs is not regenerate, but revolutionized. Cabs look as like what they did before as two peas ; and cabmen appear with...

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SCHOOLS OF DESIGN: CALICO PATTERNS. London, 14th July 1853. Sue—I happened the other day to be turning over the Appendix to the Marlborough House Catalogue, and there noticed...

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VAUGHAN'S WYCLIFFE. * IN an age like our own, when authorship is one of the acknow- ledged professions and men of letters obtain a livelihood by their writings, a sense of the...

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THE project which this volume aims at inculcating would hardly deserve notice at any other time ; for although the idea of a Chris- tian empire established on the ruins of...

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SERVICE in the Peninsula, North America, and France after Water- loo—a campaign with the South American "Liberators," in- cluding some personal adventures—and the experiences of...

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THE CLINTONS. * THE persons and conduct of upper life are

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applied to a moral and religious purpose in this novel; which gives it some distinctiveness. An amiable spirit, a spice of dramatic power, a touch of satire, and a nice...


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BOOKS. The Stones of Venice. Volume the Second. The Sea Stories. By John Ruskin, Author of "The Seven Lamps of Architecture," "Modern Painters," &c. With Illustrations drawn by...

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OFFICE or ORDNANCE, July 12.—Royal Reg,t. of Artillery—Second Lieut. C. J. Tyler to he First Lieut. vice Blair, retired on half-pay. Corps of Royal Engineers—Brevet Col. H. D....


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Ten Weeks of 1843-52. Week of 1869. Zymotic Diseases 2,515 .... 211 Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat Sol .... 55 Tubercular Diseases 1 . 839...


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On the 7th July, at Crowsley Park, Oxlordshire, the Wife of Henry BaskervMe, Esq., of a daughter. On the 91.11, at Chester Villa, Lansdowne Road, the Wife of Major-General...

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BRITISH FUND S. &third. (Closing Monday. Prices.) ftiesday„rednes. Thum Friday . S pec Cent Consols 981 ex d. 98 98 97 97/ 971 Ditto for Account .... 981 98 98 97 97j 97f 3...


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Tuesday, July 12. . PARTNERSHIPS DissoLvem—Steele and Co. Birkenhead, wine-merchants—Bacon and Lenin, Nottingham, lace-manufacturers—Saunders and Stanford, Charing Cross,...


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ADMIRALTY, July 1.—Corps of Royal Marines—First Lieut. G. A. Schomberg to be Capt. vice G. Watson, to half-pay, and to be Paymaster of the Woolwich Division ; Second Lieut. F....