18 JANUARY 1834

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THE momentous q uestion of Peace or War occupies the thou g hts of almost every En g lishman who g ives himself any concern about the g reat interests of his country. The sub j...

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The Queen Regent of Spain and leer Ministers arc in

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great consternation at the proceedings of the Liberals of Catalonia and Old Castile. The inhabtants of Barcelona, described by the Times' correspondent as occupying the highest...

No additional intelligence of interest has been received from Portugal.

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The Swiss Commission on commercial affairs, now assembled at Zurich,

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has published a string of resolutions, which we find in the Globe of last night, on the subject of their commerce with fo- reigners. They are conceived in a liberal spirit and...

The address in the French Chambers has been carried, by

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a majority of 268 to 43. The Due DE BROGLIE, who made such an egregious blunder in first giving his decided approval to M. BLGNON'S speech on the foreign policy of France, and...

Crbe Court.

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Timm Majesties, notwithstanding the badness of the weather, rode out almost every morning of the week. In the evening, small parties have dined at the Palace. Among those...


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The London Corporation inquiry has been in progress during the week. On Monday, Mr. Williams, who was appointed one of the Auditors of the City Accounts, by the Livery, in 1829...

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In the Court of King's Bench, on Wednesday, Sir James

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Scarlett moved for a rule for a new trial in the action of Sir Charles Burrell against the Parish-officers of St. 'Margaret's, Westminster. This is the cause which was tried...

The Committee appointed by the Corporation of London to inquire

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into the expediency of removing several churches in the City of Lon- don, "in order to improve the streets, and thereby benefit the trade," were railed together a few days ago...

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ebe Country.

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The gentry and yeomanry of Devonshire met at Exeter, on thee 1J'), fur the purpose of petitioning the Legislature for the commutation of Tithes. The weather was very...

tat the Mansiont ouse, on Tuceday, a Chelsea pensioner was

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charged with being droll and assaulting a coostalle. His sister, a poor-look- ing W1J10811, W11,4 pit'SC111.; 1111d SiA that they WV1 . e the children of Ad- miral Altus, who...

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A large body of the resident members of the Oxford

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University has signed a declaration in favour of the nomination of the Duke of Wel- lington to the vacant Chancellorship. Among the names affixed to the declaration, are those...

No conception can be formed of the severe hardships, privations.„

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and distress, brought upon the owners, masters, and passengers, of the nearly five hundred sail of outward-bound vessels now lying in the various harbours and anchorages in the...

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N U.

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A public dinner was given, On Wednesday week, to Air. Ferguson, the Member for the Kirkahly district of Burghs : the (limier was served in the Town-hall of Kirk:tidy, and...


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Mr. O'Connell has addressed a second letter to the Protestants of Ireland, calling on them to join him in promoting the cause of Repeal. After pointing out the advantages to be...

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A French Paper, the National, received this morning, states that

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the Queen of Spain returned the exposicion, or memorial of the Liberals of Barcelona, to Genoa! L LAN DER, without condescending to open it; and that the General, having...

It is said that Ministers have found considerable difficulty in

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per- suading the King to consent to the measure of Church Reform which they have prejeffed fur the consideration of' Parliament next session. There arc also supposed to be some...

Earl GREY dined last night with Prince TALLEYRAND. He stated

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in the course of the evening, that his reception by the King had beets most gracious and satisfactory.


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SATURDAY. Rumours of a change of Ministry are current, and credited in some quarters. The Post this morning announced that Earl GKEY resigned yesterday ; and gives its readers...

Old Lord Grenville is gone at last • and Lord

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Auckland succeeds him as Auditor of the Exchequer. The Globe says— "Thu appointment was absolutely necessary to enable the ordinary daily payments to be made fur the public...

From information which we have recently received, and on which

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we place reliance, we are led to believe that the state of parties in Spain is by no means understood in this country ; and that it is systematically misrepresented in several...

The Letter of " A NOVA SCOTIAN " is in

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type ; bat we are obli g ed to postpone its in sertlrer till next week, by one of the accidents to which Newspapers are liable It will saperserle "1'. E...1."

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SIIERIDAN KNOWI.ES has returned to the Victoria, where he is

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play- ti ing his popular characters; to the list of which Macbeth is now added. if

Last night's Gazette contains the appointment of the Marquis of

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Sucta to the Governorship of Jamaica.

The German Papers received this morning contain accounts from Vienna

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of the 5th, and Berlin of the Gth inst. The latter possess little interest. An article from Vienna states, that the Emperor of Russia has objected to several of the points...


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Lurline, or the Revolt rf the Naiades, is the most brilliant and elegant spectacle that has ever been produced at the Adelphi. But it is ad- mirable as a show-piece only. The...

The comic piece of the King /neon wherein an adventurer

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in love with at Mayor's daughter passes himself off for Charles the Second in disguise, is a broad farce, in which there are some tolerably good hits at corporations. The...

Dancing fa Life, a new and amusing petite comedy, has

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been produced at the Olympic this week. Though smartly written by KENNY, capitally acted by LISTON, and KEELEY, and tastefully got up by V ESTI:IS, it did not meet with the...


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STOCK FACHA NOT. FRIDAY AFTICKNOOK. The reiterated rumours of an interference in the affairs of Portugal, and the fear of a rupture with Russia, have produced a depression in...


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The Volk, Spralley. from Singapore to I ()talon, tins put into the Mauritius leaky, and is diteliarging her cargo inn wry damaged state. Arrived—At Graveventl, Jan. 12th,...


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January 16th 1104.—S. W. Lcaeoes - , Esq. V. P. and Treasurer, in the Chair. The following gentlemen were proposed as candidates fur election—William Charles henry, M.D....

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MEASURES OF THE LAST AND PROSPECTS OF THE COMING SESSION. As the time for the assembling of Parliament draws near, the proceedings at meetings of Members with their...

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WE agree with the Jlornim_r Chronicle in thinking that the repeal of the Corn-laws is a measure to which it will be impossible to " give time go-by ;" and that it is therefore...


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THE disinterested piety and mild apostolical demeanour for which the Bishop of EXETER is so remarkable, have failed to render the claims of the Church palatable to the...

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THE Vocal Society commenced the second year of its existence on Monday last, and we celebrated the returning birth-day with no inconsiderable feelings of gratification. Those...

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A bottle, containing a note, thrown overboard by Lieutenant Webbe,

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of his Majesty's packet Melville, about five months since, 1,200 miles from Guernsey, for the purpose of ascertaining the course of' the cur- rent, was picked up on the western...


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Ws: used to record the annual festivity of this society when it was humble and despised, and we shall not perversely slight it in its proud and palmy state, when nobles are...

PANORAMA OF THE POLAR REGIONS. Or all the various scenes

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that the pencil of Mr. BURFORD has so vi- vidly brought before the eye of the "stay-at-home traveller," this of Captain Ross's sojourn at the North Pole is the most striking. "...

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TIIE New Monthly 3Iagazinc for the current month, and the Li- terary Gazette for the past week, have not only attacked Cheap Literature as the besetting sin of the day, but the...


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PERIODICAL LITERATURE. The New Monthly Magazine, No. CLVII. January 1834. Cams. PCI , LIC Economy, Public Expenditure apart from Taxation; or Remarks on the Inadequate and...

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in his dedication to Mr. Hume, " properly signifies a due expenditure, neither too much nor too little.' The title of the book has been diesel' to express the mode of treating...

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LETTERS impugning the correctness of certain passages in Mr. STUARTS Three YeIrs in America, relative to the conduct and character of the British Army, appeared in October and...

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THIS is a sign of the times. We have had antiquarian, topogra- phical, and picturesque descriptions of cities and counties, without number ; but a commercial periodical, devoted...