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So far as paper can secure anything, the Treaty of Tien-sin is a great conquest of the Chinese Empire to public law and civiliza- tion, and an immense advance in the...

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The first meeting of the Court of Common Council after the vacation was held on Thursday. Mr. Taylor produced a letter from the Minist er of the ring of Sardinia's Household,...

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Queen Victoria has shown in the Highlands. that activity and love of the open air which she shows when among us Sonthrons. On Saturday her Majesty drove to Abergeldie with all...


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Mr, William Beresford and Mr. Ducane, Members for North Essex, v i s ited their constituents in the Tendring Hundred on Saturday, and dined with them at Walton on the Naze. Mr....

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Cardinal Wiseman has continued his progress about Ireland during the week. He has been at Carlow and Waterford among other places, and has been everywhere received with great...

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St RUTL—The Emperor and Empress are still in the enjoyment of a quiet and unostentatious retirement at Biazritz, where, as Jenkins r e . marks, they move and lounge about like...

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The death of Mr. William Weir, the Editor of the Daily News, is a public loss. He died on Wednesday last, after a short illness of only four days' duration ; its fatal...

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SATURDAY. There is at Glasgow a Council of Trades Delegates. Recently, having resolved to hold a meeting on emigration, they, remembering Mr. Bright's letter to the Birmingham...


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On the 17th August, on board the steamer Hindostan, in the Red Sea, on his way from Calcutta home, Colonel J. Tuiton, of the Bengal Horse Artillery. On the 29th,-at the...


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On the 7th September, at Grasmere, Captain Arthur Harrison, Royal Artillery, youngest son of the late Thomas Harrison, Esq., one of Her Majesty's Commission- ers of Inland...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER 14. ADMIRALTY, Sept. 8.—Corps of Royal Marines—The following promotions have taken place, under her Majesty's Order in Council of the 13th...


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On the 5th July, at Calcutta, the Wife of Charles T. Metcalf, Esq., 11.C.8 - of a daughter. On the 9th September, at Parkhurst, Isle of Wight, the Wife of George HQ Esq.,...

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In a broad farce, where an adhesion to the laws of probability obviously forms no part of the author's plan, a well-sustained riot will frequently be found sufficient to...


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STOCK ExcRANDE, FRIDAY Arrzasoos. The various markets for public securities have exhibited extraordinary firmness throughout the week, although business in the funds still...

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Sin—Your correspondent, Mr. Freeman, has fairly followed up the anti- cipations of Your article on the Church-rate notices, and rushed at one into a discussion on the "very...


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The Leeds Musical Festival terminated with The Messiah, on the morning of Saturday last. In the performance of the solo parts there was nothing remarkable, the principal singers...

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EDUCATION OF PAUPER AND ABANDONED CHTEDREN, 1st September 1868. Sra—The attention of the country has of late years been strongly directed to the question of juvenile crime, and...

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THE ROYAL FAMILY COMING OUT. EVERYBODY feels that the Canadian invitation to one of the young Princes is not declined, but only put off; the visit is not refused, but deferred....


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Iesketh How, Ambleside, 14th September 1858. Sm—In reading the excellent article, " The Migration of Labour," in the last number of your paper I was reminded of a conversation...

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NorwITHSTANDING the conflicting accounts which have been given respecting the cession of Villafranca by the Sardinian Govern- ment to Russia, and notwithstanding the probability...

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p oy cs are hardly used. The direct government of men is under the influence of lower motives than most other great branches of human action at present. We have been accustomed...

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ONE of the difficulties in bringing up society to be virtuous is the great diversity of objects which are pointed out as the finger- posts to virtue. Not only do different...


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TRH Emperor Napoleon is building at Cherbourg a new engine of destruction, which the newspapers name vaisseau Mier. Sir Charles Shaw has invented a new battery constructed of...

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Ir is the rule to construe penal lawe strictly in favenr of the ac- cused; that is, the penalty shall not be enforced except upon the strictest construction of the law...


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'AT the close of last week the Morning Post mentioned. a fact which ought, after next session, to be an impossible fact. When Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton accepted the office of...

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COLOICIIL DEFENCTS. — Sir Edward Lytton, the Secretary for the Colonies, following

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up the example set by the policy of Sir William Molesworth and the Duke of Newcastle, in regard to the defence of our colonies by their own means, has sent the following...


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GREENWOOD'S CATHEDRA PETRI. * TILE origin and gradual growth of the Papal theocracy as well a s of the temporal power of the Popedom are the subjects of M r. Greenwood's work....

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NEW NOVELS. * DIRER distinct sections characterize _Rita, an Autobiography, though

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each is connected with the other as regards the plot. First there is the family life of a fashionable roué of George Prince Re- gent's time, who has retired from his English...

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MADRAS AND CIIDDALORE. * THE interest which India is just now exciting in the public mind has not only induced romance-writers to address themselves to the subject as a taking...

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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, SEPT. 10. WAR OFFICE, Pall Mall, Sept. 10.—Cavalry-3d Regiment of Light Dragoons- Lieut. H. Fawcett to be Capt. by purchase, vice Surteee, who retires....

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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER 14. B ankrupts.-CANnino BEL NEORO and Jositeu Kantar, Cannon Street West, be ad - merchants-Roams Stmirsos FLATTEN, Burnham Market, Norfolk,...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Alaturd. Monday. Tuesday. Washita. Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent Consols 97 971 979 979 971 979 Ditto for Account 971 971 978 979 974 3...