19 APRIL 1856

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Fon the week, Mr. Spooper appears to have made rather a serious breach in Sir Robert Peel's settlement of the Maynooth endow- ment question, and the opposition which he...

Every day's proceedings in the Court of the Commissioners at

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Chelsea Hospital confirms the opinion that the commission ought never to have been issued. While the former Crimean Commis- sioners are placed in the position of defendants on...

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The Paris Conference appears to have closed its sittings on

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Wednesday ; still, however, leaving certain members of the body as Commissioners to complete matters of detail. These matters are not very well described. Something has to be...

Convocation has met, to remind the world of its existence

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; to tXpress the aspirations that throb in the heart of the Church ; and to adjourn. It has discussed the practicabilities of establishing a fit court of supreme jurisdiction in...

'the parting between the Marquis of Dalhousie and British India—for

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such it was—was an affecting scene, and his farewell address was worthy of so solemn an occasion. Lord Dalhousie has governed the Indian empire with vigour : he has reduced...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Hors: or LOn.to. ifonikey, April 14. Torture in Madras ; Lord Albemarle's Motion. Theaday, April 15. No business of importanee. Thursday, April...

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The Convocation of the Bishops and Clergy of the Province of Canter- bury resumed its sittings at Westminster on Tuesday. There was an unusually large attendance and much...

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A Common Hall was held in the Guildhall on Tuesday, to consider the provisions of Sir George Grey's bill for the better regulation of the Cor- poration of London. It was a large...

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THE QUERN held a levee at St. James's Palace on Tuesday. When the fatigues of receiving her subjects were over she drove out in an open carriage, and in the evening " assisted ,...

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The election for Athlone isthe third that has gone against the Govern- ment. Two candidates went to the poll,—Mr. John Ennis, nominally a liberal, but one who is very...

The Education Voluntaries met with a slight defeat at Halifax

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last week. A meeting to take the matter into consideration was convened by the Mayor, at the instance of a numerously-signed requisition. Mr. .Akroyd, whose exertions in behalf...


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The Convention of Royal Burghs sat in annual P891011 at Edinburgh on Tuesday and Wednesday, in the Justiciary Court room. In the ab- sence of the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, the...

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fortigu ant Colonial.

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,f THUM—The Moniteur of Thursday announced the termination of the sittings of the Conference. "The closing meeting took place on Wednesday, at the hotel of the Mi- nister of...

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SATURDAY. Last night, the House of Lords had a discussion on transportation and. the ticket-of-leave system. It was raised by Earl STANHOPE ; who went over the subject in a...


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f" . It is stated on authority, that Mr. Labouchere has offered the vacant poet of Governor of Victoria to the Earl of Elgin ; but that Lord Elgin has declined to accept it,...

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Since Colonel Tulloch made his statement on Wednesday sennight, the Board of Officers sitting at Chelsea have met six times and have heard the examinations of several witnesses....

The Queen and Prince Albert went yesterday to Aldershott camp

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; where the Queen, wearing a gold sash over her riding-habit, and a military plume in her round hat, inspected the troops drawn up in two lines. They afterwards marched past in...

Ronelli, the Italian so dangerously wounded in Rupert Street, still

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lives. Foschini the assassin is at large ; but the Police are at his heels. It has been ascertained that three years ago he was compelled to leave the Papal States on account of...


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STOCK EXCILLINGE, FRIDAY ATTERNOOR. Since the last return by the Bank of England, showing that the amount of bullion had descended to a lower point than at any period since...

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Three divisions in the House of Commons, of ill omen to the continued pew e r of the Palmerston Ministry, have occurred within the fortnight. 7'1,6 most noticeable features are...

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On Tuesday evening, the Royal Italian Opera opened its doors far the season—not the doors of its splendid palace in Covent Garden, now, alas, no more but the doors of its...

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Of the non-lyrical theatres this week, there is nothing to

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record be- yond the fact that the Haymarket company haa been increased by the engagement of Miss Talbot, one of the netabilities of the Lyceum during the reign of Mr. C. Mathews.

The first concert of the Philharmonic Societn, on Monday last,

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was excellent and successful ; though, as usual with these concerts, the se- lection, of music presented no novelty. The symphonies were Mendels- sohn's in C minor and...


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POLITICAL PROSPECTS. THE present state of English polities must necessarily appear flat and uninteresting to men trained amidst the oonfficts of parties and the contrasts of...

Some paragraphs, apparently of a demi-effipiaLkincl, have appeased in the

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daily papers respecting the arrangements for Her Ifejesty's - Thavfre. We learn from them that the season is ` anticipated" to commence on "or about" the 6th of May; when Alboni...

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Madame Georges Sand has lately been amusing herself by turning Shakspere's As you Like It into a French three-act play, with the title Comm ii vous plaira. She has been more...

Mr. Hullah produced at St. - Martin's Hall, on Wedneaday evening,

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a new oratorio, called .Tephthe and his Daughter, by Herr Reinthaler of Cologne, a young composer of rising reputation in Germany. The work was got up with Mr. Hullah's usual...

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SOME Member of Parliament would perform a public duty who should ask Government, whether the Board of Works will favour us with a map of the Metropolis, showing the improvements...


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Ar last we have the Queen's warrant for erecting the island of Ruatan and certain other islands in the Bay of Honduras into a colony, under the name of "Bay Islands.' It is a...

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THE discussion respecting the management of the National Gal- lery has arrived at such a point as to render it clear that, unless there be amendment, we are exposed to a breach...

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tritrrs III fig Oita.

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TREATMENT OF CONTICTS. London, 8th April 1856. .., &a—Emboldened by your suggestion in one of your leading articles of Saturday upon the above interesting topic, I take the...

161h, April 1856. Sin—Will any of the Wrangler tribe answer

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three questions which occur to me respecting the proper language to be employed in stating the motion of the moon ? 1. Is there any point, within the body of the moon,...


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[The controversy respecting the motion of the Moon threatens to be as inter. minable as that between the Bigendians and the Littlendians. Our own cure. spondence, including a...


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London, 15th April 1858. Sin—The maragement of the National Gallery and Sir Charles Eastlake personally are again becoming the subject of a cry." Statements, at once strong...

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BR. ROBINSON'S DIARY OF THE CRIMEAN WAS. So much has been published respecting the first year of the Cri- mean war, that no novelty can be expected from a writer, unless he has...

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Tins collection of independent papers contributed by members of the University of Oxford sustains the reputation acquired by the first volume ; though there is no paper equal in...

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NEW NOVELS. * IN Mrs. Hubback's Old Vicarage there is a

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distinct conception of character, an agreeable though somewhat diffuse style, and a quiet power in exhibiting scenes of emotion rather than passion, to which last she scarcely...

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Boosts. THE books on our table this week are of no great available promise. Mr. Morley's "Baptismal Regeneration" runs too much into the regions of metaphysical theology to be...

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THE NATIONAL GALLERY. A. new purchase hangs in the National Gallery, being the first picture by Mantegna which has yet found a place there. Mantegna was a man- nerist.;...

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FROM THE Lennon aszzzrz, arm 16. Wax DEPARTYENT, Pall Mall, April 15.—Carolry--2d Regiment of Dragoon Guards—G. E. Logan, Gent, to be Cornet, without purchase, vice Powell,...


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On the 5th February, at 3foultan, in the Punjaub, the Wife of Sir Edward Camp- bell, Bart., Captain H.M.'s Sixtieth Rifles, of twin sons. On the 7th, at Sealkote, Punjaub, the...


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FROM THE LONDON oszErrz, Aran. 15. Partnerships Dissolved.—T. and E. Booth, Marsden. Lancashire, wine-merchants —Flexman and Whalley, High Street, Kensington,...

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BR ITI SH FUNDS. (Closing Prices-) Saturd. Monday. Tuadav. Wanes. Thurs. Friday, S pec Cent Consols Ditto for Account. 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents en 93 831...