19 JULY 1856

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DE von) of any political mission for the time, Ministers have en- deavoured to save themselves from embarrassments by concen- trating their measures upon special objects : a...

The vacancy in the post of Commander-in-chief has been filled.

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summarily, as we expected, by the appointment of the Duke of Cambridge. The questions put by the Duke of Somerset and Lord Melville in Parliament show that some other...

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The intelligence from the United. States appears for the time

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to favour the prospects of Colonel Fremont for the Presidency. The Colonel is known in this country principally by his explor- ing enterprises, his repute for learned...

• The festivities of the season are no bad passing

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illustrations of our political and social state. The great political event of the week is the Ministerial dinner at Greenwich, today. This ought to be the prelude to the close...

Spain is again the sport of an insurrection, which, suppressed

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for the hour in Madrid, breaks out in Saragossa and Catalonia. The disappearance of Espartero and the mutiny of the National Guard, the preferment of O'Donnell as Prime Minister...

!Matto Ruh 4,5rartthingg in Vortinmrut.

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PRINCIPAL BESINESS OP THE WEEK. Hams op Loans. Monday,,July 19. Royal Assent to the Small Debts Imprison- ment Act Amendment (Scotland) Bill, Joint-Stock Companies Bill,...

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4o Court.

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Tg. Quasar has again performed one of her duties as Captain-General of the Army—the reviewing of troops. On Monday, she reviewed, on Woolwich Common, the Royal Artillery that...


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Mr. Sturt has resigned his seat for Dorchester, in order that he may be put forward as Mr. George Bankes's successor in the representation of the county. At one time the...


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Sir William Williams was the chief guest at a splendid banquet given by a party of members of the Reform Club on Saturday. The front of the dubhouse bore the word "Ears" in gas;...

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The election of a successor to Sir William Hamilton as Professor of Logic in the University of Edinburgh took place on Tuesday. The elec- tion is in the Town-Council; and the...


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In consequence of horses and cattle having been sold at Clorimel on be- half of Mr. James Sadleir, while three drays laden with furniture of his were reported to be on their way...

fortign tuai Cantata.

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num—The Emperor continues in seclusion at Plombieres. The Orleanists and Legitimists have got up a report that he is suffering from a disease " that will lead to his...

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Z ig r alan tung.

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The Duke of Cambridge, raised to the rank of "General in the Army," has been appointed to succeed Lord Hardinge, whose state of health has compelled - him to resign the office...

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SATURDAY. The symptoms of the winding up of the session of Parliament were very conspicuous last night, in the great variety of business transacted in both Houses. In the...

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There was a very serious riot on Thursday . at Aldershot.

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The German Rifles arrived in camp on Thursday. A portion of the Borty-first British Regiment entered a sort of canteen outside the lines, where some of the Ger- mans and some...

The telegraphic information respecting the Spanish " coup d'etat," as

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it is now called, contains some curious intimations. " Paris, Friday, July 18„11.30p. m.-General Natvaez left Paris this evening for Bayonne. Advises from Madrid state that...

At a meeting of the Dean and Chapter of Bristol

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Cathedral, held yes- terday morning, in pursnance of her Majesty's conge d'elire, the Reverend Charles Baring, M.A., was elected, to the vacant see of Gloucester and Bristol....


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STOCK ESC/LANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. There has been no new feature in regard. to the position of the English Funds : the fluctuations have again been moderate. Occasionally the...

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Madame Viardot had a musical matinee on Wednesday, got up

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with her characteristic elegance. It was in the Dudley Gallery in the Egypt- ian Hall; a fine room, hung with Lord Ward's collection of works of the old masters, so that the...

A musical establishment on a vast scale has been set

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on foot at the Surrey (no longer Zoological) Gardens, in the form of a Joint-Stock Company under the Limited Liability Act. A concert-hall has been erected, capable of...

64tatr7 5 nut lilutir.

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Madame Ristori took her benefit at the Lyceum on Monday afternoon, and made the public acquainted with the Francesca da Rimini of Silvio Faille° ; a work in which guilty deeds...

PARISIAN Twitararearn.

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The Vaudeville, which reopened for the season at the end of last week, remains faithful to its peculiar style of ethical teaching. A young gen- tleman ' who is'attached to a...

Mademoiselle Wagner has appeared at Her Majesty's Theatre in a

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second diameter—Lucre:an Borgia—which she performed for the first time on Saturday last, and repeated on Tuesday. It has not strength- ened the impression made by her...

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THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. Tun resignation of Lord Hardinge, followed by the appointment of the Duke of Cambridge, has revived the question respecting the . proper organization of...


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NOTHING seems more natural, and. more in accordance with good sense, than the practice of superannuating official personages when, by any of the numerous causes that affect the...

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. THREE conclusions may be drawn from the debate in the two Houses of Parliament on the subject of Italy. One is, that her Majesty's Ministers have receded from the position...

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THE Select Committee of the House of Commons on the Civil Service Superannuation seems to have been sway-ed. by the belief that it could obtain credit in proposing a reductien...


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THE Irish Attorney-General stands fully acquitted of the slight- est connivance in the escape of James Sullen; and yet there are circumstances in the case which make us doubt...

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Itittro to fly ehitnr.

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GEOLOGY HOLDING ITS GROUND. Geological Survey and School of Mines, Jermyn Street, 14th July 1856. Slit—As it has been a subject of regret to me that the objects of the Geo-...


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Lentestoft, 17th July. SIR—I am, as a clergyman, heart-sick and ashamed at the question now before Parliament, of pensions for the Bishops of London and Durham, and at the...


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Gloucester Place, 16th, July. Sin—The subjoined extract from Professor Fredet of Baltimore's Modern History shows how steadfastly, in a moment of great peril, Pius VII. stood...


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EVERYTHING is comparative. By dint of not taking too high a standard, Mr. Samuel Broome, the gardener of the Inner Temple, finds the atmosphere of London so much improved that...


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• Tavi,stoek Hotel, Jaly 1856. Sin—The other day, I dropped into Westminster Abbey at morning ser- vice. In this metropolitan cathedral, to which every foreigner resorts to...

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FINLAY'S HISTORY OF OMEROE 1INDER OTHOMAN AND VENETIAN ' DOMINATION. * Tag history of a declining or subject nation is rarely of interest, especially when the people exhibit...

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NEW rrovsLs.* THE most remarkable incident in The Young Lord

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is blindness, not congenital, but overtaking a man in the prime of life and in the midst of useful and philanthropical activity. To add to his affliction, an active life is more...

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ENGLAND IN TIME OF WAR. * THE author of Balder and

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The Boman belongs to the class of poets who " seem to think that not to write prose is cer- tainly to write poetry." The modern form of this school origi- nated with Browning ;...


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Boozs. THE week hr naskeleargoiefiriars - of mark. The " Correspondence " of th Sir George Cathcart consists of his official despatches and other lie documents exhumed from...

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Of Inuit.

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• FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JULY 11. WAR DEPARTMENT, Pall Mall, July 11. - 11th Regiment of Foot — Major - Gen. W. G. Cochrane to be Colonel, vice Gen. Sir J. Wilson, K.C.B....

far Vault.

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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JULY 8. . ADMIRALTY, July B.—Corps of Raja! Marines--:Capt. J. G, A. Ayles to be Lieut.- Col. vice Connie, retired ; First Lieut. W. P. Draffen to be...


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• On the 8th July, at Rayne Rectory, Braintree, Essex, the Wife, of the Rev. W. Spence Hemming ' of a son. Od the 10th, atWymondham Rectory, Leicestershire, the Hon. Mrs....

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BR IT I H FUNDS. (Clewing Prima) fustard. Monday. Tuesday. Wakes Thurs. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 931ex d. 96 ell 93i 954 951 931 99/ tog 951 951 3 per...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JULY 15. Partnerships Dissolred. — Tooth and Co. Mincing Lane, merchants—Tucker and co. Bridport, Dorsetshire, twine-manufacturers ; as far as...