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Lord Stanley of Alderley and Mr. Baines have been added

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to the Cabinet. The Duke of Argyll is relieved of that second stool which seemed to render his seat so precarious ; and happily illus- trates the plea of Lord Palmerston, that...


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Tan visit paid this week by the King of Sardinia to Queen Vic- toria is an historical event of which the full import can be but vaguely estimated at the moment ; yet the...

The meeting at Willis's Rooms, on Thursday, to found a

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perma- nent testimonial to Miss Nightingale for her services in the East, was successful, as a matter of course; and the subject is so Obvious and so well understood by the...

The report presented by a Committee of Shareholders in the

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Eastern Counties Railway is an explosion, of a character which classes it with other recent eruptions in the commercial world. Not that the case, like that of Strahan, Paul, and...

As to the economical conditions of the country, the indications

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of the week are favourable. The industrial dispute at Manchester continues, but it continues to be pursued with an unusually tem- perate demeanour on both sides. Among the...

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We have the American mail, bringing to us the popular

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response to the hostile demonstrations of our journals touching the Cramp- ton and Central American questions. The Americans appear dis- posed to treat the demonstrations on...

The Nightingale Fund meeting at Willis's Booms, on Thursday, did

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not disappoint expectation, slither as to the aggregate mass of persons who more than filled the room, or the distinguished character of the persona who took past in it. The...

At tart.

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Tan ring of Sardinia arrived at Windsor Castle yesterday afternoon. At the grand entrance of the Castle, his Majesty was received by Queen Victoria with her children, the Duke...

The King of Prussia has opened his Chambers with a

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speech exulting in the separate position that enables Prussia to enjoy peace without making sacrifices for a war in which her " interests" are not engaged. He strongly intimates...

The history of the Austrian Concordat with Rome appears to

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be completed for the present in the Papal allocution delivered by the Pope in Secret Consistory, on the 3d of November. It is the re- port made by the Pontiff to his " venerable...

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Cdr Vraniurto.

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Mr. Baines, having become a Cabinet Minister, has of course vacated' his seat for Leeds. In his address to the electors, claiming a renewal of their confidence, after briefly...

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Sir James Anderson, Member for Dunfermline, has incurred the disappro- bation of his constituents. His chief offence seems to have been that he voted against Mr. Roebuck's...

Puffin auk tntuuial.

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FRANCE.—The Emperor of the French has entertained his Royal guest the King of Sardinia after the approved fashion ; a visit to the Exhibi- tion, grand dinners at the Tuileries,...


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A meeting of the Irish bar, attended by men of all parties, was held in the Library of the Four Courts on Tuesday, to consider the propriety of raising some testimonial to the...

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Further changes are reported in the Government. The Duke of "Argyll, on becoming Postmaster-General, relimpaishes the office of Lord Privy Seal, to which Lord Harrowby is...

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The publication of a report by a Special Committee of the Shareholders in the Eastern Counties Railway Company is a startling event in the railway world. The Committee was...

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The Arago arrived at Southampton yesterday from New York with

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ad- vices to the 17th. The Times prints conspicuously the following "de- spatch from Washington "— " The State Department has received by the Pacific a despatch from Mr.....

Mr. Henley and Mr. Cardwell had an opportunity of addressing

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some of their constituents on Thursday, at the annual dinner given to the re- tiring Mayor of Oxford. Mr. Cardwell, after placing the expenses of the war in a strong light—" it...


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SATURDAY. The King of Sardinia arrived yesterday morning at Dover from Calais. He was received on landing by the naval and military authorities of the port ; and on entering...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Funds have been buoyant this week, and without much in- terruption an improvement of 1 per cent has been established. Their chief...

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During the last two seasons there have been many rumours

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about the reopening of Her Majesty's Theatre ; rumours often repeated, and as often contradicted. They were rendered improbable by the pecuniary and legal difficulties in which...


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The managers of the Porte St. Martin and the Ambigu-Comique have been blest with a couple of dramas, having for their common basis a species of libertinage so revolting that we...

M. Jullien—who has gradually been infusing a larger and larger

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por- tion of the classic element into his concerts—has for two or three seasons back addressed himself specially to the cultivated taste of the public, by giving selections from...

ittbratrto nut Muir.

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Revivals are still the order of the day. We have had three more, all of some importance, in the course of the present week. Surely this con- stant recurrence to the old...

The Sacred Harmonic Society have begun their winter concerts at

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Exeter Hall. The first, on Friday last week, consisted of Spohr's " Last Judgment," and Beethoven's Mass in C ; both of which have been often given by the Society. On this...

" Jenny Lind "—as the public will persist in calling

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the Swedish Nightingale—has arrived in London, after six years absence, accompa- nied by her husband, M. Otto Goldschmidt. She has come with the In- tention of giving a series...

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THE TALKING POWER. Di some the dissolution of Parliament is expected, because the talking power is against Ministers : but, like all such monsters, the bugbear has no terrors...

THE CURRENCY CLAMOUR. NorwrnIsTANDING its abstract and dry character, the

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currency question is discussed with the earnestness of a religions contro- versy; and for obvious reasons. Those who are for " relaxation" have a vague idea that, by a "liberal...

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Lv the memorializing mood of the English public, the Nightingale testimonial does not exclusively monopolize attention or active. cooperation : it has been determined to found a...


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OUR contemporary the Examiner tells an anecdote which shows- that the late Lord Truro did more than most of our publio men to restore the influence of the Church of England....

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THE samples of Australian wine at the Paris Exhibition have earned special commendation ; but " Soif," appealing to the Times, objects, that hitherto the Australians have only...


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IF the letter of Jenny Lind published in an American paper called i Dwight's Journal of Music is not of the genuine Swedish growth, but a manufacture of the United States, the...

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The Lache, near Chester, 26th November 1855. Sin—I find a scamp robbing my hen-roost, and address him thus : "You, Sir, loose that black cock out of the bag; give up those...


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Hampstead, 27th Norember 1855. Sin—I regret to find you lean to the opinion of Mr. Hughes, in the Cam- bridge Essays, as to the expediency of increasing the severities of war,...


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Arlo-Bury, November 28. SIR—The last news from the Pacific confirms my conjecture that the Amoor has a second outlet. The Times mentions that the Russians have strongly...

reins fa tit Lhitur.

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THE WAR FROM AN UNPOPULAR POINT OF VIEW. Beaconsfield, 26th November 1855. Stn—In Sir Arthur Elton's letter which he addressed to you last week, he asks " where do the...

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"PET" CRUISES WITH THE BALTIC FLEET. * A YACHT suggests to persons familiar with Cowes and the waters of the Solent, visions of aristocratic grandeur and luxury ; Mayfair and...

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TIER two volumes before us challenge attention, not only for them- selves, but as part of a revised and complete edition of Lord Erougham's Works, undertaken at the suggestion...

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Arruoueu the day of the Annuals has long since passed in a literary point of view, the kindly feelings and the genial time which first made them so widely popular still require...

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&was. Although no work of distinguished eminence has appeared this week, the publishers still labour pretty freely in their calling, and with a tendency to- wards books of...

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Mr. Simpson's lithographed designs in " Coliaaghi's Authentic Series" are already widely familiar ; but they are clever in addition to being opportune, and one may be pleased to...


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The translator's preface describes this ample volume as treating of set applied to the objects of domestic life; a definition which may be so- cepted, but in a broad sense, as...

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On the 16th September, at Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Wife of Captain W. Hamilton Cox, R.A., of a daughter, which only survived a few hours. On the 1 9th November, at Bath, Lady...


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Tuesday, Nov. 27. Partnerships Dissolved.-Becker and Co.; as far as regards L. M. Becker-Ste. phenson and Co. Blackburn, shuttle-makers; as far as regards R. Chippindale-...


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WAR-OFFICE, Nov. 30.-Onoalry.-2d Regiment of Dragoon Guards-Brevet-Major H. Briscoe tobe Major, by purchase, vice Brevet-Lieut.-Col. P. Le P. Trench, who retires; Lieut. C. S....

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SRI TI 8 H . FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents. Long Annuities &tiara. llonday. Tuesday Wedeln. Thur s....