20 NOVEMBER 1852

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The proceedings of the Convocation of the Clergy have practi-

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cally altered the relation of that body to the State. The Arch- bishop of Canterbury has permitted actual debates in both Houses ; the Upper House has passed an address to the...

The strange weather has been attended by some remarkable pluenomena.

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The incessant variation of the thermometer, the earthquake in the North and West of the United Kingdom, the in- cessant rains, are followed by floods and depressed health in the...


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TirE great public funeral has been accomplished. Wellington was buried on Thursday, with all honour, in the most literal sense by the State. The arrangements of his funeral,...

In the Upper House of Parliament, the Lord Chancellor introduces

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a measure of Law Reform at once trenchant and comprehensive. The plan comprises a reform of Chancery, which he expects will ultimately make that court one of the speediest in...

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13thattn mar Vrartrtings inVarliamtut.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE 'WEEK. Boum or LORDS. Monday, Nov. 15. State Funeral Arrangements ; Committee appointed. Tuesday, 'Nov. 16. Court of Chancery Reforms ; Statement by...

Foreign affairs are not without interest, although they need no

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protracted comment. In France, while the officials are getting rap the votes for the prebiseite, L0111 . 11 Napoleon's Government ?id>. Rehm the manifesto of Henri Cinq between...

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ttt Court.

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Tux Queen entertained various visitors early in the week, at Windsor. Among them were the Duchess of Cambridge and the Princess Mary ; Prince Gortchakoff, Baron Brunow, M. Van...

ttt 311ttrogu1io.

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The funeral obsequies of the Duke of Wellington have filled the largest share of public attention in the Metropolis throughout the week ; of which the lying in state occupied...

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Cbt Vroniutto.

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Earl Fortescue, Lord-Lieutenant of Devonshire, lately reviewed the Exeter Rifle Corps; which, composed of two companies, has received the Royal sanction. Among other things, he...

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forrigu nut Colonial.

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FBANCE.—Political movement is at a stand-still in France at present. Louis Napoleon has been hunting regally in the forests of Fontainebleau; and the Prefecta, Bishops, and...

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As We had previously announced, a meeting of the Conservative Mem- bers of the House of Commons took place yesterday, for the purpose of hearing from the Premier an exposition...

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SkTURDAY. In the House of Common, yesterday, the Cirsticatiton of the Emma- QUER announced that he would move the following resolution, as an amendment to the motion of Mr....

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The vexata qumstio of the Parisian Italian Operahouse received a

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prac- tical solution by the opening of the theatre on Tuesday last. &elk was performed, with Mademoiselle Sophie Cruvelli as Desdemona, and M. Bettini as the Moor. The...

An odd kind of farce, extravagantly improbable, but not without

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hu- mour, has been produced at the Lyceum, under the title of Those dear Blacks. A Negro, landed on British shore, buys for a servant a white adventurer, who manages his...

Policemen occupied the inlets to the Paris Bourse yesterday. The

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cause of this proceeding was stated in a placard, affirming that false ru- mours were disseminated, that such dissemination was penal, and that the police were there to arrest...

c41 chtutthy.

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Although the shops were for the most part dosed on Thursday, and there was no post-office delivery in the latter part of the day, the theatri- cal managers evidently deemed...

The Earl of Shrewsbury died at Naples on the 9th

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instant, after a short Mmes. He is succeeded by his cousin, Arthur Bertram Talbot, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Talbot.


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London, 17th November. Sim-Your version of Lord Derby's speech on the Address makes him say, after enumerating the Duke's great qualities-" All these have been hon- oured by his...


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A panorama and a diorama reopened this week,-" The Battle of Waterloo," at Burford's Panorama Royal; and "Views in Hindostitn," at the Baker Street Bazaar. Like its hero, the...

The passengers of La Plata were released from the foul

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ship and landed yesterday ; but the luggage still remained on board; and no order had ar- rived for the release of the crew, or the cargo. Henry Horler was yesterday committed...

We are authorized to state, that, by permission of the

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Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, the public will be admitted to view the fittings of the interior of the Cathedral on Monday next, and during the remainder of the ensuing week....


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STOCK EXCRANOZ. FRIDAY AYTERKOON. In the English Stock Market there has this week been rather more activity displayed. There was no alteration in the Funds on Monday ; Consols...

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The Cambridge Commission has, for specified reasons of its own, with- held a summary of its proposed reforms, similar to that which the Oxford Commission saw reason to publish....

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CONDUCT OF THE FUNERA.L. THE funeral is over, and we are all relieved, for one great duty is discharged. We c ould not have been content with less than the performance of such...

CONVOCATION RES URGENT. THE fears that have hitherto opposed themselves

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to the revival of the active powers of Convocation, in its present form or under a con- stitution admitting a lay representation, may be briefly summed up in the apprehension,...


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IN spite of Mr. Disraeli's threatening manner, which seemed to challenge Mr. Charles Villiers to do his worst, it is to be under- stood that Ministers desire to avoid a combat...

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Wellington in Somersetehire supplied a title to the Duke, who was lord of the manor ; and on the spur of a lofty range of hills near it an obelisk to his honour was erected some...

DEBBY TEACHING DISTRTILL Loan DEBBY pursues his admirable policy of

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suppressing his own speeches. The unheard ditties are always the sweeter, and there is an irresistible eloquent* in that inward speaking which never reaches us. After his...

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SMITH'S REPORT ON ITALIAN IRRIGATION. * GIBBON recommends a person about to read a new book, to call to mind'all he knows of the subject before beginning; and thus to, test as...

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Tan Laureate's Ode derives its main attraction from the incident of the week for as a poem, it is hardly equal to its theme; and as a work Of art, it is by no means...


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OF the various attempts at delineating the manners and opinions of the Stuart and Elizabethan times as if from the pen of a con- temporary writer, Edward Osborne is the best. It...

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THE " commerce " of this title should be read " cotton" ; for the business part of the tale consists of the story of the cotton-trade : the invention of Ha.rgreave—the riots by...


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FROM the quantity of works that annually issue from the G-erman, press on the subject of the Teutonic giants, particularly Goethe, we at last begin to shrink a little whenever a...

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CA.RLETON'S RED HALL. * Tnx distinguishing feature of this fiction is

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its Irish character ; not the rich, racy, genuine humour of Misther-Pat, or the more exter- nal trait which goes little deeper than the brogue, but that Mile- sian turn for the...

NAVAL GAZETTE. ADM/RALTY, Nov. 13.—Corps of Royal Marines—First Lieut. D.

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Blyth to be Capt. vice Brevet Major 31•Rinnon, retiredupon full-pay ; First Lieut. J. E. W. Lawrence, (Adjt. to the Artillery Companies,) to be Capt. vice Brevet Major C. C....

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE. Tuesday, November 16. Pmeivansmes DISSOLTED.—Turnbull and Lund, Manchester,

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linen-yarn-mer- chiuits—Holniyd and Mingworth, Marmingham. Bradford, joiners—Hurst and Co. Saddleworth, engineers—Hickman& Brothers, Bilston, iron-rounders; 25 tar 22 PIP garde...


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On the 19th September, at Government House, Cape Town, the Wife of Lieutenant- Governor Darling, of a 80n. On the 8th November, the Lady Eleanor Wodebouse, of a daughter. On...

Ten Weeks Week of 184241. of 1842.

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gymotic Diseases Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat. • Tubercular Diseases Diseases of the Brain, Spinal Marrow, Nerves, and Senses Diseases of the...

MILITARY GAZETTE. OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, Nov. 8.—Royal Regt. Artillery—See. Lieut.

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C. B. Brae.kens bury to be First Lieut. vice J. D. Wright, resigned. Corps of Royal Engineers—Sec. Lieut. R. W. Duff, with temporary rank, to he Sec. Lieut. with permanent...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Seemed. Monday. Tuesday. Widnes. per Cent Consols 1001 1001 1001 1001 Ditto for Account 1001 1001 1001 1005 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per...