21 JUNE 1856

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'Havrife- taken their time for reflection, Ministers announced in both Houses of Parliament, on Monday, the course which they intended to take on the receipt of the last...

The ceremony of christening Louis Napoleon's little boy was a

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success : a Cardinal was present, specially to clench the succes- sion of the fourth in the Napoleon dynasty ; the hymn that rose in the cathedral swelled to the shout of a...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. HOUSE or Loans. Monday, June 16. Sardinian Loan ; Message from the Queen —Relations with the United States ; Lord Clarendon's Reply to Lord...

The United States are more stirred with internal affairs than

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with the Crampton and Central American questions, which have for the day been thrown into the background. The preliminary election of candidates for the Presidency, to be...

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THE QuEEN returned to Buckingham Palace from Windsor On Saturday ,afteinoon ; andinthe• evening attended the opera at the Lyceum Theatre. OnalonditY, ineetnied - by Prince...

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Wednesday was a gala-day at the Crystal Palace. The fountains in the lower basin were to play for the first time, and Queen Victoria was to be there to see. In fact, the whole...

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Sir William Williams of Kars arrived in England on Monday. Having selected Dover as his port of debarkation ' he received an ovation from the municipal authorities. They waited...

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The Master of the Rolls pronounced judgment on Monday in the appeals of Mr. Vincent Scully M.P. and Mr. Wilson Kennedy—who was manager of a branch—against the ruling of Master...

,fortign ad . Colonial.

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c fr baptism of the Imperial Infant, and the fetes in cele- bration thereof kept Paris all agog from Saturday to Tuesday. The ceremony was performed on Saturday evening, in...

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We have reason to believe that her Majesty will be advised by Lord ralinerston to raise Sir Edmund Lyons to the Peerage, in consideration of his services while in command of the...


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SATURDAY. As yesterday was the anniversary ef the Queen's accession, the House of Lords did not sit ; but the House of Commons sat and got through some business. On the...

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MAP OP CENTRAL AMERICA.-As the questions connected with Central America

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are neither few nor transitory, a good map of the region is a timely production. . Mr. Stanford, of Charing Cross, has published one which at least has been got up with care,...

The Reverend Richard Chenevix Trench, Professor of Theology in King's

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College, London, has accepted the vacant Bishopric of Gloucester and Bristol, subject to any arrangement which may hereafter be made for the separation of the united sees. The...

The Irish Master of the Rolls gave judgment yesterday in

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the case of one of the English shareholders in the Tipperary Bank who had been placed on the list of contributories by Master Murphy. The Master of the Rolls reversed the...

The Moniteur of yesterday published the project of a Seriatim

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Consultum concerning the Regency of the Empire, now before the Senate. It is similar to that adopted in 1813. In case the Emperor shall not decide otherwise, the Empress will be...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Since it has transpired that it was not the intention of the English Go- vernment to dismiss Mr. Dallas, a feeling of confidence has prevailed...

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Last night, Madame Ristori played her third character,—Pia del Tolo-

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mei in a tragedy of that name, written by one Signor Marano, on the well-known passage from the " Purgatorio ' of Dante : — " To son.la Pia: Sienna nil fe, disfecemi Maremma,"...

.Don Giovanni has been produced this week at the Lyceum,

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but cer- tainly with "maimed rites." We never before saw Mozart's mas- terpiece so lamely performed. Ronconi, unwarned by his failure two years ago, has again attempted to...

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Mademoiselle Johanna Wagner has at length appeared before the London public. The curiosity excited by her Continental fame was enhanced by recollections of the disputes between...


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All sorts of pieces de circonstance were brought out on Saturday at all sorts of theatres in honour of the Imperial christening. In one of these, played at the Varietes, the...

Among the multitudinous benefit concerts at this time of the

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year, Mrs. Anderson's is always the foremost, and this season it has been even more brilliant than usual. It was given on Monday morning, in Her Majesty's Theatre ; and all the...

The principal concert of the week was that of the

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New Philharmonic Society, on Wednesday evening. Madame Goldsehmidt Lind gave her aid, singing gratuitously ; and her attraction filled the room to over- flowing. She sang the...

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ONE of our morning papers supposed to be under very high in- spiration, publishes a manifesto this week as to the stand that England mu§t make, and as to the course incumbent...


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THE AMERICAN PROPOSAL TILE effect of Mr. Marcy's despatches, coupled with the reception of them by our Government, is, that the Military Recruiting question is closed, and the...

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TICE value of Mr. Sidney Herbert's recent proceeding in the mat- ter of Army Reform is mainly this—it has fixed the position of a great question, and compelled the Government to...


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THE Earl of Malmesbury brought a case before the House of Lords on Thursday, upon which there can be only one opinion, from the Throne to the humblest hovel in the country. The...

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TB= is no form of saving which is so profitable for any specific purpose as insurance since it obtains a maximum of amount saved or secured for the specific purpose with a...


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PAINKB, died asseverating that he was a murdered man; for "Cook did not die from strychnine" — " Lord Campbell summed up in favour of poisoning by strychnine " — " I am...

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talus to t#t Eititur. SECRET TREATIES.

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Belfast, 2d June 1856. • Sra—The present state of the foreign relations of this country makes it desirable to understand how far the Crown can bind the nation by treaties. The...


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HAMILTON'S WANDERINGS IN NORTH AFRICA. * THIS volume is the result of a tour and sojourn in the ancient Cyrenaica, the land of the Lotus-eaters and of the self-indulgent...


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1, Adam Street, ildelphi, 16th June 1856. Sza—Engineering and other criticism on the late water calamities takes the form of speculation as to what should be done in providing...

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SHAKSPERE'S ENGLAND. • IT is difficult to make a large and

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what is called a popular book out of the manners and customs and "social history ' of a par- ticular age. If it is done elaborately, by a learned and conscien- tious man who...

NEW NOVELS. * Din author of "Two Old Men's Tales" has

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made in Evelyn Marston a considerable advance over her later fictions ; which, Booth to say, have often passed to the very verge of extra- vagance, and confounded violence with...

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BOOKS. THE more solid books of the week are Mr. Chesterton's "Revelations of Prison Life," the result of a quarter of a century's experience as Governor of Cold-Bath Fields ;...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, J1JNE 17. Partnerships Dissolred.—Jones and Joseph, Cam Rhondda and Cardiff, coal. merchants—Southern and Davison, Whickham, Durham, and...


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On the 12th June, in Rue des Ecuries &Artois, Paris, the Wife of Major R. Car- michael-Smyth, late of the Ninety-third Sutherland Highlanders, of a son. On the 13th, at...

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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JUNE 20. WAR DEPARTYMT, Pall Mall, June 20.--Royal Engineers—Lieut.-Gen. C. G. El- licombe, C.B. to be Col.-Commandant, vice Gen. Birch, dec....


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[From the Official Return.] Ten Weeks Week of 11:116 , 55. of 1856. Zymotic Diseases Dropsy, Cancer, and other Diseases of uncertain or variable seat Tubercular Diseases...

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BRITISH FUNDS (Closing Prices ) - &lewd; Monday. Tuesday. Widnes. S peg bent Consols ' Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Lang Annuities Annuities 1885...