22 MARCH 1856

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THE treaty of peace is understood to be virtually settled. The Times has distinctly stated that a sub-committee has been ap- pointed to draw up the terms of the treaty, of...

At a very early hour on Sunday morning, the Emperor

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Napo- leon was enabled to announce the birth of that son for whose advent an extraordinary elaboration of courtly ceremonial had been prepared. After an unusually protracted...

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The question of preserving Hampstead Heath for purposes of public recreation was lately brought under the notice of the Metropolitan Board of Works by deputations from Hampstead...

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THE Qtreex. left Buckingkani Palace: on Monday, for Windsor Castle, there to keep the Easter holidays. On Tuesday, the King of the Bel- gians arrived, to be present at the...

General Walker has stolen a march equally upon the intrusive

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military squatters of Central America and the negotiators of London and Washington. As Dictator invited by one party in the combined states, he hat) declared, Greytown to be...

A contemporary, not at present indisposed to the Government, advances

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a charge against Lord Palmerston, which is perhaps the severest that can be made against a Prime Minister. It is the accusation of losing ground. The charge is aggravated with a...

The reasons for sequestrating the sovereignty of Oude are reasons

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why the measure should have been taken long ago. The puppet King and his predecessors have systematically violated the treaty-charter of their royal existence ; have delayed...

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At Stamford, on Monday, Mr. Augustus Stafford delivered a lecture on the late campaigns in the East. In the course of his remarks he made a statement with respect to the great...

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The Town-Council of Edinburgh held a special meeting on Tuesday, and adopted an address of congratulation to the French Emperor. It contains the following passage- " We hail...

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iraurr.—The star of Louis Napoleon is still rising, and his good for- tune seems to be constant. On the 16th March, at a quarter past three a. m., the Empress Eugenie presented...


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The election for New Ross terminated on Monday, in favour of the Derbyite candidate, Mr. Tottenham. The show of hands went in his favour at the nomination on Friday ; and at the...

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THE Central.; Iseurne.—The great hall of Chelsea Hospital has been fitted up for the use of the Board of Officers appointed to investigate the conduct of Lords Lncan and...

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The Arago arrived at Southampton last night with advice*, from

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New York to the 9th instant. The intelligence brought by this ship is of little importance. The State Democratic Convention of Philadelphia has named Mr. Buchanan as its...

The first.Good Friday fete at the . Crystal palace was

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held yesterday— the most conspicuous inauguration of the brief holidays of Easter. The Palace was open from nine m the morning; but the great influx of visitors took place from...


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SATURDAY. Good Friday is seldom prolific of news, and yesterday was no exception to the rule. Some items of intelligence are, however, furnished by the foreign letters and the...


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On the 13th February, at Bishopston, the Wife of the Bishop of Argyle, of a son. On the 12th March, at Claxby Rectory, Lincolnshire, the Wife of the Rev. Richard Parker, of a...

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Passion week, during which no theatre may be legally opened for dramatic performances, has been solemnized by those religious ob- servances that so strongly indicate the...

Among the American intelligence is an account of the severe

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sufferings of a shies crew on the voyage from Port-au-Prince to New York. The bark Amelia, laden with arni i s and supposed to be engaged in fillibustering projects, was seized...


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At the Porte St. Martin there is a new drama in five acts, by M. E. Plouvier, entitled Le Sang Mai. The hero is a Mulatto, born in slavery, who avenges himself for the wrongs he...

The morning journals publish a letter from Sir Charles Napier

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on the late debate. Its object is to diminish the effect of Sir James Graham's speech, by attempting to prove that he wilfully suppressed important portions of Sir Charles's...


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STOCK. EXCHANGE, THURSDAY AFTERNOON. The speculators in the English Funds continue to realize ; and the suc- cessful result of the Paris Conferences has been so much...

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THE HOROSCOPE. Ii' the horoscope of the young Prince Imperial of France were cal- culated from precedents, we should have to prophesy dethronement and exile ; for since the...


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There seems to be no doubt that the prospect of peace is hailed with an unconcealed joy, which bursts forth in all parts of Russia, from the Neva to the Sea of Azoff. It has...

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BEFORE the deputation asking a resuscitation of Poland left Lord Palmerston, he promised that " the question should receive the earnest consideration of Government : and if the...


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THE First Report of her Majesty's Civil Service Commissioners deserves all the attention it has received from the London daily press. The Report proves conclusively that such...

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THERE is nothing more certainly indicative of a low and untrained condition of intellect, of a judgment unpractised in weighing evi- dence, and of a conscience too little...


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Tim petition adopted by certain clergymen and laity in the pro- vince of Canterbury is a symptom more than it is a measure. It indicates a remarkable impulse in. the religious...

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SUFFERING , from the terrible loss consequent upon the incantationso of " the Wizard of the North " at Covent Garden Theatre, Mr. Gye is about to retaliate on Anderson's former...


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TrCE extraordinary coincidence of pictures presented by Berlin on Thursday last week could not have happened without a long series of events to prepare it. In one part a funeral...

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MACLEOD'S THEORY AND PRACTICE OF BANKING.. " QUIDQIIID agunt homines " is as apt for the historian as the poet. The progress of society from poverty to riches—the sordid...


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The Vineyard, near Hereford, 19th March 1846. Sra—Your correspondent Mr. Oates suggests a means of adapting edu- cation to the working classes by means of teaching children to...

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INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION. Stn—Few people see the real difficulty of education, fewer face it. Mr. John Oates does both like a man. The trilemma is now—a plan such as his,...

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GEORGE CAVENDISH TAYLOR was an officer in the Ninety- fifth Regiment, but he sold out just before matters began to look threatening with Russia. February 1854 found him at Alex-...

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GLEANINGS AFTER "GRAND TOUR"-ISTS. * THE fields the author of these

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Gleanings wanders over have been gathered often enough ; being Naples, Rome, Venice, Milan, the Swiss Alps, and circumjacent places. The bulk of the volume, however, is not...

NEW POEMS. * Pneuma, or the Wandering Soul, is an allegory,

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in which the weakness of the flesh, the temptations of the 'Devil, the delusive • Pneuma, or the Wandering Soul : a Parable in Rhyme and Outline. By the Reverend W. Calvert,...

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Beano. Except from " Syria " and the " Registrar-General's Report," there is not much future promise from the following list. Five of the nine are noticed among the Books this...


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The following letter, which we insert at the request of an old sub- scriber, did not, it seems, reach the editor of the work to which it re- lates in time for the earlier...

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lint arts.

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THE NATIONAL INSTITUTION. Somewhat fresher than the British Institution, somewhat less bad than the Society of British Artists, is the character which the National Insti-...

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FROM TER LONDON GAZETTE, MARCH 18. WAR DerAinsmer, March 18.—Infantry.—.5th Foot—Lieut.-General W. L. Wal- ton to be Col. vice Sir John Grey, K.C.B. deceased. 21st...


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THOM THE LONDON GAZETTE, MARCH 18. Partnerships Dissolved.—Brown and Close, York, woollen-drapers—Hendenon and Brown, Birkenhead and Oaten, nurserymen—J. J. and J. Jackson,...

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BRITISH FUNDS llatord. (Closing Monday. Prices.) Tuesday. redoes. Thurs. Friday, 3 per Cent Consols 921 921 921 921 921 Ditto for Account 92 921 821 921 924 8 per Cents...