22 OCTOBER 1853

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The Metropolitan Commissioners of Sewers have made a great step

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in advance. They have still, indeed, insufficient money for outstanding works, and sufficient powers will not be conferred upon them till " next session "; but whereas formerly...


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AGAIN to spare the time and patience of our readers, we may resolve the Turkish news into the briefest statement of two facts. Omer Pacha has conveyed to the Russian...

The Commissioners of inquiry into the corrupt practices at Cam-

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bridge have produced a great blue book, just published, in which some pounds of paper are consumed in telling a common tale, with actors and accessories peculiar to the place. A...

The operatives of Lancashire continuing partially " on strike," masters

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of the towns have struck very generally, and now scores of thousands of hands are standing idle, at a loss to themselves of thousands upon thousands weekly, and at a...

The agricultural meetings of the season almost monopolize the ground

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of English politics this week. Three of them especially attract notice,—that of the Hinckford Association at Castle Hed- ingham, of the Hereford Association at Leominster, and...

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'Or taut.

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QUERN VICTORIA is now at Windsor; pursuing the equable round of out- v , door exercise, domestic duties, and state affairs, that.so often make up the record of the Court. On...

'hr Yilttruputio. •

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A crowded meeting of the inhabitants of the borough of Finsbury was held on Tuesday evening, in the Music Hall, Store Street, for the pur- pose of calling upon the Government to...

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t4r Vruniurro.

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Castle Hedingham has contributed another characteristic banquet to the fasti of Protection. The notorious Hinokford Agricultural and Conser- vative Club held its annual...

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The Dublin Exhibition closes on the 31st instant. It has not been a paying concern, and the loss of the patriotic projector will - be very con- siderable. As a token of the...

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forttgit nub 6 I it .1111444..■ oilmen() otit--11 ..- i i cidt,ellifff-obloti sift PRANCE.—The Emperor has been enjoying thit -11--il b " a g ibils ' Marshal St. Arnaud and...

SCOTLAND. q 1 813" 91 Ei 311 ,qu sw 1[31 esoms3ust

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o could render no aid. 2,t at ,seals- ad s ,sibs Exuma aril Is g eol Mr. Inglis, the short-lived Lord Advocate of the Derity - Asiniiebtrafilln, and now Dean of Faculty, is...

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311istrIlautoug. ' onn3 „.

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Mr. Gladstone, in a letter to the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, explains his public appearanee at Manchester Bosom after he had declared himself unable to attend a meeting in...

t4t bralt4.

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The number of deaths in the Metropolis last week was 1039 ; which is above the actual average of the last ten years, but below the average, if allowance be made for increased...

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The rumour in Paris, yesterday, was that the expected Russian

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mani- festo had arrived. Hearing this the Police, it is said, had made inquiries, and hearing also that the manifesto contained expressions injurious to France and England, had...


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On the 12th October, at Knebworth Rectory, Herta, the Wife of the Rev. G. L. Langdon, of a son. On the 13th, at Glenorchard, near Glasgow, the Wife of Colonel Slade, Inspecting...


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SATURDAY. A deputation from the Finsbury meeting, beaded by Mr. T. Duncombe, waited on Lord Clarendon yesterday, and read to him an address founded on the resolutions adopted...

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Mr. Samuel, a silversmith, *pecuniarily isitereetedeinithelahnotont of-,ke parties," gave information

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at Marlborough Street.Pobec Officepyrtstezday, thst a-duel was about to be fought between Sir Robert hikes Wien gad* ,p,ci es Lane Fox of the Grenadier Guards. A warrant...

• Louis Napoleon has conferred a pension of 2000 flutes

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on the parents of the late Lieutenant Bella ; to be continued to his biothers and sisters. The proposal to erect a monument to the memory of Bellot has found favour in all...

The depression which lately prevailed- in Markniiinediasaimennefe- ceeded, more rapidly

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than most persons anticipated,: by aii upsentimete- ment. On Monday last, prices had rallied considerablyeF pntly . ewitiglo the small supply of English wheat, and partly to the...

The King of the ,Belgians, the. Duke and Duchess of

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Brabant, the Count of Flanders, and the Princess Charlotte of ,Belgium, embarked at Ostend yesterday, and, after a atormy paseage, ;landed, at Dover about noon. They were...

There is a class of reformers who scamper, dog-cart fashion,

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over the broadest grounds of abuses, picking what they can by the way, and using the leisure denied to graver people in order to make "racy" attacks on the authors of abuses—or...

MO NEY MARKEL' f -1 ,..... ,.. " H '''''' b91 ' °1419 . 7. . STOCK Exonsait, - rparit - 41.14..itior: '

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' The daily fluctuations this week in Government &Muffles" hliVelbeeftt ellfil- partitively trifling, but with a tendency to heavisest. - -:Codeolsior Manly deolined at the...

The Dalhousie, a ship bound for Australia, commanded by Captain

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Buttei.- worth, was lost in the Channel off Beachey Head , on the 18th. The wind blew fiercely, and the sea was very heavy ; the Dalhousie went over on her beam-ends, and sank,...

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irttrr to tr eititat.

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THE LIBERATION OF MISS CHNINGHAME. Glasgow, 21st October 1853. Sin-While the great'Eir . e - tern- &rata 'still drag's -its tedious; length along, the little interlude in...

The oOrthe OlYnapic, - under the auspices of Mr. Wigan, has

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answered expectations, high as those expectations were. Taking the per- • , ipa0110 ithusaorginal, be has adopted that worst of all English peen- ointrititaartheaperpetual.and...

The dramatic season of Drury Lane ended on Wednesday, with

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what may be called the apotheosis of Mr. E. T. Smith, the lessee ; whose benefit, supported by the Atlas-shoulders of Mr. Brooke as Macbeth, drew together an audience that has...

• Grisi and Mario had their farewell concert at Edinburgh

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last Saturday. The Music Hall was crowded;. but Grisi was so unwell that she could only take a part in a duet. The audience were, however, reconciled to their privation by the...

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HOWEVER the public may be put off with excuses and pretended checks upon railway accidents, there is one portion of the public which really possesses some power of intervention,...


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A. WEEK'S NEWS. WHAT with the assiduity of journalists, the organization of cor- respondence abroad, the operation of the telegraph, and other ad- vantages, the British public...

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ME Common Council has resolved not to remove Temple Bar ; but having decided against removal, it has agreed, at the in- stance of those who desire the removal, to reconsider the...


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Ar the meeting of the Cheshire Agricultural Association, a sug- gestion was thrown out by Mr. Martin, that schools should be provided for the children of the British farmer ;...


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regulations of the public service, the better distribution of the officials, topographically, must not be forgotten. At present,-thapublic offices are dispersed about the An...

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made, on grounds convincinc , to .their. OM Minds; have not re- rights to themselves do not appear likely to subside into inaction. ceived due attention from the Government and...

JAPAN AND CHINA. " fndf ra998 frlHDR :74 211 . 110UOI n40 Wren the

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progress of the Chinese rebe ll ion a. a Ei es progress, as to what may be the effect of that me men Q ethics of the empire, commercial as well as religtr- stja a; s e, here in...

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$111,,s, heels is a continuation but not a completion of the author's ri Ned - , the " Liberty of Ancient Nations "; which it re- se iyoth , , in its merits and defects. Mr....

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ANSYREER ANI) ISBEABLEBEL + an of a Syrian journey between Beyrout

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and Aleppo, Mr. Lyde has produced a fresh,. informing, and graphic volume, by dint of having an object in view and sticking to it ; that object being to convert the Ansyreeh....

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THIS fiction is the first adventure in a new speculation by Mr. Bentley : if permanently successful, it will cause a revolution in one branch of "the trade." For years past,...

PAYN'S POE3LS. 5 Tins little volume• does not adequately fulfil the

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promise which its predecessor seemed to us to hold out.t The two years that have passed since Mr. Payn first presented himself to the public have not .produced that marked...

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THE MUSEUM -07 ORNAMENTA.I. ART. SINCE the Schools.,of Design changed their name for that of " Depart- ment of Practical .Art, " —now again changed for `.` Department of...


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in ac -• Boom!. Mt./ironing Work of Christ, viewed in relation to some current Theoriei. In Eight Sermons, preached before the University of Oxford, in the year I858,' at The...

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Tuesday, October 18. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVEIL—Powell and Co. Great James Street, Bedford Row, cabinet-makers—Keys and blountford, Stoke-upon-Trent, manufacturers of widen— Wall...


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WAR-OFFICE, Oct. 18.-22c1Regt of Foot—Lieut-Gen. Sir W. F. P. Napier, K.C.B. from the 27th Foot, to be Col. vice Lieut.-Gen. Sir C. J. Napier, G.C.B. deceased, 27th Beet. of...

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BRITISH FUNDS 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account ............ A 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Sank Stock, 8 per Cent Bearrst. (Closing lltsealoy....