23 APRIL 1842

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THE Lords have at last fairly entered into the main business of the session, with debates on the new Corn-law; which was read a second THE Lords have at last fairly entered into...

Mr. MISFIELD TERRA:ID renewed his attack on the manufacturers, with

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a motion for inquiry into frauds in the preparation of manu- factures and into the truck system. He showed himself in a, new and better light, and might have made a very...

The new agitation for " Complete Suffrage" has been intro-

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duced into Parliament by MT. SHARMAN CRAWFORD. The Com- plete Suffrage is a sort of compromise between a section of the Household Suffrage party and the Chartists; but it...

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That ponderous and most unpopular tome of Paces Works has

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been published, the Income-tax Bill ; a hundred-and-thirty folio pages of tangled law, which everybody is assumed to know from the date of publication, under pains and...

Debates an laroteebings in Varliament.

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CORN-IMPORTATION BILL. In the House of Lords, on Monday, the Earl of RIPON moved the second reading of the Corn-Importation Bill—the "bill of the people," as it might be...

The intelligence just received from New York announces the arrival

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of Lord ASHBURTON. His way had opportunely been paved by a conciliatory speech from HENRY CLAY ; who declared that ability and a friendly spirit might arrange all the disputes...

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Zbt eourt.

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THE week has passed with unusual quiet in the Palace ; the recreations of the Court having been little else than private entertainments. The Queen has ridden out daily. On...

ZbE .ftittropolis.

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A Court of Directors was held at the East India House on Wednes- day; and Lieutenant-General the Marquis of Tweeddale, Governor of Madras, was appointed Commander in Chief of...

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ight ifirobintes.

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The farmers continue some degree of agitation against the new Corn-law and the Tariff. A meeting of the county of Essex was held at Chelmsford, on Tuesday, in the open air. Lord...

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Tuesday's Gazette announced that Prince Albert had been appointed Warden of the Stannaries and Chief Steward of the Dutchy in Cornwall and Devon. It is said that the salary and...

The Income-Tax Bill has just been published. It contains 189

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clauses, and fills 130 folio pages. There are five schedules. Schedule A enacts that possessors of landed property above the annual value of 1501. shall pay sevenpence in the...

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It was stated by counsel, before the Election Committee which

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as- sembled yesterday to try the petition against the return of Lord Alfred Paget for Lichfield, that upwards of fifty persons belonging to Lich- field, and related to persons...


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The second reading of the Income-tax Bill in the House of Com- mons, last night, was not unopposed; but the opposition was feebly maintained ; and the debate was marked by the...

Mr. Newton Wigney underwent a second examination before the Commissioners

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of Bankruptcy, at Brighton, yesterday. His disclo- sures were delivered with the air of a man who desired to make a clean breast of it, and hardly knew the light in which his...

The continued pressure of important Debates in Parliamentforces us again

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to leave out a mass of correspondence and other matter. We most regret the postponement of a notice of the admirable Exhibition of Painters in Water Colours. One or two papers...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The continued purchases of Stock for Money by clearing the market have caused a general improvement in the price of every description of...

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The regular season of Covent Govent closes on Saturday next,

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with the benefit of Madame VEST1118 and Mr. C. MATHEWS • who will take leave of the public, for whose entertainment they ha ve so long and successfully catered, in their...

At the Haymarket, on Thursday, a pleasant farce, called A

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Lover by Proxy, was produced with success, that seems to have been deserved by the smartness of the writing and the clever acting of Mr. WEBSTER and Mrs. W. CLIFFORD as the "...


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BIRTHS. On the 21st January. at Allahabad, the Lady of T. I. SAUNDERS, Esq., indigo- planter, of a daughter. On the 14th April. in Wimpole Street, the Lady of Dr....

Miss KELLY announces the reopening of her little theatre on

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Monday week.


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SINCE the advent of Martinuzzi, of facetious memory, nothing so rich in absurdity has appeared on the stage in the shape of a serious drama until the new play brought out at...


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Arrived-Off Salcombe, 19th April, Atlas, Fleming, from Batavia; 223, off Ply- mouth, Forfarshire. -, from China. Off Falmouth, 18th. Thomas Blyth, Hay, from Mauritius; and 19th,...

We have something to say of the Italian Opera ;

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but it will keep till our next number.

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THE INCOME-TAX BILL IN COMMITTEE. Foa that the Income-Tax is all but passed with every imperfection and deformity unremoved, we have in a great degree to thank the kind of...

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THE annual grumblings against the constitution and decisions Of Parliamentary Committees are again heard. They must continue so long as the occasion endures, and that will last...

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THE announcement that the Queen intends to give a fancy-ball has excited a considerable flutter, and caused great note of pre- paration to be made, not only where such an effect...


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THE concert of Monday was excellent throughout, and therefore thoroughly enjoyed. There is a certain tone of feeling which, en- gendered by the performance of a fine...

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Coalman', Banks and Bankers. By Daniel Hardcastle junior .. Whittaker and Co. POITILT. Odes and Sonnets: with other Poems. Scotch as well as English. By the Rev. C. Lesingham...

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Ma. &mu is a classical scholar, and apparently not unread in good old English authors even of the second class, which it is the fashion of the day to despise. He has therefore,...

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From April 8th to April Mar. Books. Banks and Bankers. By Damen HARDCASTLE junior. Odes and Sonnets, with other Poems, Scotch as well as English, by the Reverend C. LESINGHAM...

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Tuesday, April 19. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. J. and A. Stillwell, Hillingdon End. Uxbridge, surgeons—Jacquler and Moulin, Crispin Street, Spitalfields, machine-manufacturers...


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WAR - •orncE, April 22.-6th Regt. Drag. Guards—Limit. W. Scott to be Capt. by purchase, vice Johustou, who retires; Cornet J. Somerville to be Lieut. by purchase. vice Scott ;...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. Wednes. Thurs. Friday. 91* 911 911 911 914 914 91} 91} 91} 91} 911 911 901 ex d. 904 904 90} 901 901 99 ex d. 99t 934...