23 APRIL 1853

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The Irish debates, which are usually an encumbrance on the

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busi- ness of Parliament, are not profitless this week, because it is a de- cided political benefit to refresh the public memory on some of the principal Irish questions. Lord...


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THE statement made by Mr. Gladstone on the financial position of the country, and the manner in which he proposed to deal with the revenue for the year, at once fulfilled and...

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The season for charity dinners and Exeter Hall meetings draws

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nigh, and the ordinary Folkmotes for the election of Parliamentary representatives begin to mingle with other meetings of an eleemo- synary or missionary character. From such...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OP THE WEEK. HOUSE OF LORDS. Monday, April 18. Maynooth ; Lord Winchilsea's Motion rejected by 110 to 53, and Lord Aberdeen's Amendment carried. Tuesday,...

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There was a large meeting at Willis's Rooms on Wednesday, called by the Archbishop of Canterbury, for the purpose of taking measures to raise contributions towards the endowment...

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Huddersfield:election took place this week; the nomination on Wednes- day, the polling on Thursday. The candidates, Mr. Starkey, a resident in the borough, and Lord Goderich,...

tht Court.

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TnE Queen continues at Buckingham Palace ; visited every day by the Duchess of Kent. Prince Albert held a levee on behalf other Majesty, at St. James's Pa- lace, on Wednesday....

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fmigu anh Canard.

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FitrareE.—Lack of public news of the least interest for us has dis- tinguished the French journals this week. But we have some glimpses of the movements of the Emperor, now...


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The nomination of the candidates for Athlone took place on Wednes- day. ?dr. Keogh was opposed by Mr. Norton formerly Chief Justice of Newfoundland ; supported by the Lucas pa...


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The annual Convention of the Royal Burghs of Scotland was held at Edinburgh on Tuesday and Wednesday. On the motion of the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, it was unanimously agreed...

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It was stated early in the week, that an adjourned meeting of Con- servative Members, two hundred in number ' had been held at the house of Lord Derby, to consult on the present...


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SATURDAY. The Rouse of Lora Spent yesterday evening in debate on the Canada Clergy Reserves Bill. Important as it was, in subject matter, in treatment, and in political...

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Age is not always to be measured by years, and

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the perpetual youth of the great Queen of the Opera, Grisi, proves it. When we count the years of her glorious reign, we fear that it must be drawing to a close : every season...

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The dulness of the London theatres, as far as anything like the pro- duction of novelty is concerned, has risen this week above the ordinary level. Macbeth, produced in...

The Paris advices of yesterday evening give a more definite

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shape to " 6- unfavourable reports" from Constantinople, which had been current for two days : the last version is, that the faubourgs of Constantinople were in a state of...


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STOCK EXCHANOR, FRIDAY Aprzanoon. The principal topic of conversation this week has had reference to the Budget of the Chancellor of the Exchequer ; and although it has met...


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Sra—Greatly admiring Mr. Gladstone's Budget as a whole, and trusting that any factious attempts to defeat its main _provisions will be resented as a treason against the...

The polling at Athkne, yesterday, was continued until noon ;

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and at that hour the numbers were—for Keogh, 79;. Norton ' 40. Mr. Norton, then withdrew from the contest; from ten. o'clock to twelve he had only polled two votes. It is...

The Great Western arrived at Southampton yesterday, bringing West India

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and Pacific malls—six days over-due. This delhy has caused much unpleasant feeling. The latest dates are Jamaica- 27th March, St. Thomas 2d April. The Jamaica Council had...

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The great musioal performance of the week has been the

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third Phil- harmonic concert, on Monday evening. It exhibited the very minimum amount of novelty ever presented at these concerts ; the only thing that was new-a solo on the...

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In the matter of theatrical productions Paris is about as lively as London. At the Palais Royal, to be sure, there is a new vaudeville by MM. Cogniara fr&es, called Me Zilch&...


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43,139,000 _Estimated Revenue. Customs £20,680,000 Excise 14,640,000 Stamps 6.700,000 Taxes 3,250,000 Income-tax 5,550,000 Post-office .900,000 Crown Lands 390,000...


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THE BUDGET OF 1853. THE fate of the propositions submitted to the House of Commons on Monday night by the Chancellor of the Exchequer will be de- cided by a variety of...

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Tax moral of the sad story of Augustus Stafford at the Admiralty is, that a supercilious disregard of public opinion in official con- duct is an obsolete privilege, and that...

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THE political advantages attending the extension of the Church of England in the Colonies are so manifest, that the subject may be treated entirely from a political point of...


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IT is not many years since agriculture was unaware that it had a mind ; and scarcely is "the agricultural mind" awakened to a con- sciousness of its own existence before it is...


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THE fondness for compromise may justify the demand of the Co - - Ionial Post Reformers for an uniform postage of threepence, and the same propensity may justify the official...

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ILizum relates somewhere how two Lamers and two chimney- sweeps, meeting each other in the streets, burst out with uncon- trollable laughter; each overcome by the grotesqueness...

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LORENZO BEFONL . This volume appears as the autobiography of an Italian Liberal, who was engaged in one of the plots for the freedom and nation- ality of Italy, when the French...

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MB. CRUICKSHANK has passed the last eighteen years of his life at Cape Coast Castle, or the settlements under its influence, engaged fore ooaside,ratde portion of the time in...

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CYRILLA. * FOREIGN manners, and unluckily foreign ideas of conduct, art,

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and morals ' remove this fiction very far from the monotonous character which English novels from their very number must of necessity possess. The scene of Cyrilla is laid in...


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Boons. .Tournal of a Cruise among the Islands of the Western Pacifio, includ- ing the l'esjees and others inhabited by the Polynesian Negro Races, in her Majesty's ship...

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EXHIBITION OF THE NEW SOCIETY OF PAINTERS IN WATER-COLOIJES. Excessive mediocrity, with the almost utter absence of remarkable pictures, has characterized the year's...

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MILITARY GAZETTE, WAR-omen, April 22.-2d Regt. of Life Guards—Lieut. H.

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S. Donley to be Capt. by purchase, vice Hon. R. N. Lawley, who retires ; Cornet and Sub-Lieut. R. O'Brien Jameson to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Lumley. Royal Regt- of Horse...


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On the 15th April, in Rutland Square, Dublin, the Countess of Courtown, of a son. On the 19th, at Ealing, the Wife of Henry Blackett, Esq., of Great Marlborough Street, of a...


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Anuntavrr, April 8.—Corps of Royal Marines—First Lieut. and Adjt. G. W Forbes to be Capt. vice H. D. Erskine, dec. ; First Lieut. E. C. Doraville to be Adjt. vice Forbes,...

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Tuesday, April 19. PARTNERSHIPS HISSOLVED.-Kintree and Co. Cross Street South, Bermondsey, soap- makers-Morris and Co. Liverpool, woollen-drapers: as far as regards T. Morris -...


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BANK OF ENGLAND. An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th end 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on - Saturday, the 16th day of April 1853. llama 0.1,11.11..1 T....