23 JUNE 1855

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Turning from armies to courts, the interests of the Western

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Powers appear to lie under some clouds that look ugly enough. Even in Paris, this week, there has been a special anxiety besides the forebodings of bad news from Sebastopol. The...

Hango Sound will be marked for ever in the history

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of this war as the scene of a base brutality. In carrying out the block- ade of the coasts in the Gulf of Finland, Admiral Dundas has been careful to spare the poor inoffensive...


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A REPULSE, direct and complete in itself, has been so unusual on the side of the Allies in the present war, that we are more shocked by the reverse than we have reason to be on...

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Mr. Disraeli procured it to be read on the instant

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to the assembled Sebastopol Committee produced their final report on Monday ; and At last, after many throes of discussion with closed doors, the Commons. By this departure...

It is impossible that the moral effect of the bankruptcy

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at Temple Bar can be limited to the failure of the particular house of Strahan, Paul, and Company. It is a long time since any event equally startling has happened in the...

Erhiatto nut Vruuttiugo iu Varlianaut.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEER. Monday, June 18. Leases and Sales of Settled Estates Bill reported-Infants Marriage Bill reported. Tuesday, June 19. Friendly Societies Bill...

Adjourned on Friday night, the debate upon Mr. Layard's mo-

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tion staggered by a second adjournment to its conclusion. It proved to be a more interesting but a less exeiting discussion than some had hoped. Our readers would see last week...

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t 3/ittrupilis.

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The members of the Royal Literary Fund Society met on Saturday,, to consider the report of it.00mmittee.appointed - some time ago to inquire into the propriety of applying for a...

.iljt Curt.

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THE Qvror and her spouse have bestowed some time in military visits. Thus, on Saturday, they drove through the camp at Aldersbott ; and on Tuesday they visited the military...

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!mill!' nut Colonial.

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Fnaxca,—Unpleasant rumours respecting the health of the Emperor have been current in the Paris correspondence. The story is, that on Saturday the Emperor fell ill, after...

, (5t Vrouitars.

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The Oxford Commemoration is alway . s a glad and sometimes a remark- able anniversary. The air of restraint in the fine old University passes perceptibly away, and the feelings...


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The eighth annual Report of the Irish Poor-Law Commissioners is full of cheering prospects for the country. In every one of the great provinces, the demand for labour and the...

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Mine Wants.

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We understand that it is'tbe intention of. the' Government to apply to Parliament for - a vote of public money, which ia to be applied. in erecting a• monument in...

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SATURDAY. The details of the late losses of the Allies before Sebastopol are neces- sarily imperfect, and many current reports show the general anxiety. The Times says- " The...

tbe Meattersi of tbe a+ptrtattir.

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The Act of Parliament permitting Newspapers to be published without Stamps received the Royal Assent on the 15th instant; and it takes effect in fourteen days from that date....

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From Constantinople it is reported, that a commercial treaty , has

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been concluded between Turkey and Greece ; and that the Porte will contract a loan of 100,000,000 francs, under the guarantee of the Western Powers. It is stated from Vienna,...

Sir John Dean Paul, aged fifty-two, William Strahan, aged forty-seven,

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and Robert Makin Bates, aged sixty-four, late bankers, of 217 and 218 Strand, Sir John Dean Paul, aged fifty-two, William Strahan, aged forty-seven, and Robert Makin Bates, aged...

ilit quirts.

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Mr. Tom Taylor's last new piece, brought out at the Adelphi on Wed- nesday, with the title Helping Hands, is perhaps the least satisfactory of all his dramatic works. Indeed,...

use of Commons assembled, last night, Mr. Roznucx

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gay. 8n the 3d July he should move this resolution- 8use, deeply lamenting the sufferings of our Army during the wic ...ainpaign in the Crimea, and coinciding with the...


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STOCI EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTRRWOOK. The intelligence this week from the seat of war, with the exception of to- day, was little calculated to influence our Funds; and the...

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Verdi's new opera, Lea Vipres Siciiiennes, flourishes in great glory at thq Academie, where itwas recently ushered into public existence in the• presence of their Imperial...

Mleyerbeeritijust arrived imLondon, for the purpose of superintending 'theproduction of

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the - Eat7e du Nord. He expresses the greatest sada- faation with the manner in, which-the piece is cast at Covent Garden, and with the power and quality of the orchestra and...

The termination, for this season, of Mr. Hullah's Choral Concerts

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at St. Martin's Nail — the last of which was performed on Wednesday even- inutgg us occasion to express our sense of the admirable manner in wh ich they have been conducted,...


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ADMINISTRATIVE REFORM IN PARLIAMLANT. To have attained the honour of an adjourned debate in the House of Commons, marks a stage in the history of the movement for Ad-...

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Tire information brought together by Mr. Roebuck's Committee places before us, in a connected form, the consequences of inef fi - ciency in the E xecutive and its subordinate...

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Tax Latter-day Saints are not without reason : Chaos is come again. The signs of the times are such as to perplex every ealcu- later, to baffie every prophet. There is nothing...

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Tem Russian outrage at Mango is so atrocious, that the respect for a common humanity almost induces Englishmen to presume that there must be some error in the story, or some...

FAILURE OF THE LITERARY FUND REFORM. Mawr applications have been

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made for assistance from the Literary Fund, but of all applications the moat curious is that virtually presented for assistance on behalf of the Literary Guild.' "The Literary...

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rettro to Of thitor.

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THE BOARD OF HEALTH AND THE ADELPHI POISON-WORKS. SIR — The Adelphi Terrace was once a row of tolerably handsome dwelling- houses, overlooking the river, with a Southern...


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Somerset, Alla June 1855. Six—A few years ago we were unconsciously drifting towards idoldtry, and the name of the divinity of our choice was Peace. We have not yet had. a...

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ADMIRALTY, June48.—The following promotions, dated Oth inst. hove this day taken place, consequent on the decease, on the 5th inst. of Rear-Admiral of the White E. Boxer,...


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[Prom the Official Return.] . Ten Weeks of 1815 *M. Week Grille& Zymotle Diseases 2 4:2 .... 207 Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or variableaeat. 43.0 .... 33...


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'Tuesday, June 19. PARTNERSHLPS DISSOLVED.—Oaatle and Henderson. Union street, Lambeth, rag- merchants—Nicholls and Co. Cooper's Row, commilaion-merchants—E. and G. J....


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WsLit-Owical, June 19.— tat or Grenadier Regiment of Pout Guards—Lieut. and Capt J. F. D. C. Stuart to .beVapt. and Lieut.-CoL by purchase, vice Brevet-Col. H. A. B....

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BRITISH FUNDS. per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents . Long Annuities. Annuities 1885 - Bank Stock,8 per Cent India Stock, 1Q1 per Cent...

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London : Printed by Joss's CLAYTON, of 320, Strand, In

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the County of Middlesex, Printei,.at the office of Jasiin gay • TON, No. 10, Crane Court, in the Parish of St. la the West, in the City of London ; • and Published 'by the...

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SEYMOUR'S RUSSIA. ON THE BLACK SEA AND SEA OF AZOF. * THE attention which the present struggle has directed towards the Crimea and its vicinity has been a means of showing of...

c $pctator ,$volienunt.

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JUNE 23, 1855.

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ago, the author of this volume went to Luck- now on business "in the ordinary routine of mercantile life." He was introduced to the King of Oude, without the intervention of the...

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well known for various works of a more or less scholastic character, which argue a painstaking conscientious mind, that leaves no source of information within reach unex-...

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Booxa. The publications of the week have been relieved from commonplace chiefly by Mr. limey, and Messrs. Parker. Albeiaarle Street has sent forth Mr. Seymour's timely and...

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SITE Irts.

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ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBITION: LANDSCAPES. The landscape section does not form a very remarkable lot, yet seve- ral features in it are to be remembered. Mr. Anthony's contribution...

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The sixth year's issue of the Arundel Society consists of eight en- gravings on wood, in continuation of the series from Giotto's Frescoes in the Arena Chapel at Padua. On...


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The fourth lecture of this series, to which we have before referred was given on Wednesday, continuing the subject of Greek art in its na- tive land and among the Romans. The...


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On the 14th June, at Gunton Park, the Lady Suffield, of a son. On the 15th, at Bamburgh Castle, Northumuerlaad, the Wife of M. R. Bigge, Esq., prematurely, of a son, stillborn....


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Waterloo week-if there is such a thing during the French alliance- has been appropriately marked by the issue of tickets to view, at Messrs. Jennings's establishment in...