23 NOVEMBER 1861

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A great sensation has been caused at Lloyds' by the

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ar- rival at Southampton of a Confederate cruiser, the Nashville, Capt. Peagrim, with the crew of an American merchant ship, the Harvey Birch, Capt. Nelson, bound from Havre to...

Stump oratory seems really to have debauched the Ameri- can

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mind. We have given in another place the story of Fremont's dismissal, but even the absurdities of Adjutant General Thomas have now been outdone. The Federglists,. it will be...

Money must be the root of all evil in the

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opinion of despots. The financial danger which has terrified Louis Napoleon menaces Russia, we are told, with an administra- tive collapse. The deficit which has existed for...

Tile Reformers of the north have held a conference at

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Leeds, and decided on their plan of operations. This is to form a league with affiliated societies scattered over the coun- try, which will send up petitions and influence the...

At a congregation held at Oxford on Wednesday last, the

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statute for endowing the Regius Professorship of Greek which at present receives the magnificent emolument of 401. a year, was read and promulgated. A discussion ensued which...


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A CAREFUL examination of French finance makes it doubtful whether the immediate difficulty has not been exaggerated. The "deficit " of forty millions is one which has been...

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Sfall.—Great difficulty is felt in the Marches in carrying out

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the conscription. Nearly four thousand persons have fled into the mom. tains to escape it, and the people are very anxious they should be pardoned. "Refractory" conscripts are...

The Italian Parliament met on the 20th instant, when Baron

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Ricasoli laid on the table the terms offered to the Pope, and announced the Pontiff's refusal to listen to any agreement. The terms shortly stated are these : " The Pope and the...

The new Bishop of Gloucester has withdrawn his name from

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the list of lecturers at Exeter Hall to the Young Men's Christian Association, on the ground that Mr. Spur- geon is also on the list. We earl scarcely wonder that, look- ing to...

„Cram—Public attention is still occupied with the financial situa- tion,

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and the Emperor's measure appears to have been received with satisfaction, but without enthusiasm. The journals point out that to liberalize the budget is not to pay the...

Trussia.—The result of the elections throughout Prussia is said to

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have increased the strength of the Liberals in the electoral col- leges, but no details have been published. The Prussian Govern- ment, it is said, threatens to break up the...

1asfriz. — The Austrian fleet has been brought up to its highest

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strength, and its active squadron consists of 50 vessels, of which 31 are steamers and 16 sailing vessels. In the former category there are some fast screw line-of-battle ships...

" The nobility have no doubt that civilization and prosperity

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will be the results of the present reform, and that the new rights con- ferred upon our former subjects will be used by them so as to speed their steps in the path of progress...

The remaining speeches of the week have been of minor

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importance. Mr. Layard, at Southwark, reviewed the Ses- sion, defended intervention in Mexico, declared that slavery was the true cause of the American civil war, and hinted...

The Viceroy of India has decreed that the land tax

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may be redeemed by payment of twenty years' rent, and that waste lands shall be sold, in lots of not more than three thousand acres, at a price of five shillings. Purchase...

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Subia.—A long despatch has been published, in which the Governor-

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General pledges the Government of India to sell waste lands in fee simple for 5s. an acre. The terms are : "8. I.-1s to the sale of unassessed waste lands, in which no right of...

Istrieg. — We have iutelligence to the 8th November. Beyond the recal

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of General Fremont, no item of intelligence of any great interest has arrived this week. The most contradictory rumours conceniing the whereabouts and welfare of the naval...


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MONDAY, NOVEKRER 18TH. A HORRIBLE murder was committed at No. 10, Drury-court, Strand, on Friday morning. Richard Reeves, aged 19, the son of a basket- maker, deliberately...

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THE TRIAL OF THE BLACK PRLNCE.—The Black Prince, iron screw steam frigate, in charge of Commander R. Stokes, has made a trial of her speed at the measured mile, under the...

t4t (Anti.

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Wranson CASTLE, Nov. 16.—The Queen rode out on horseback this morning, attended by the Lady in Waiting, and the Lord, Groom, and Equerry in Waiting to her Majesty. Nov. 17.—The...

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(2iy telegram through M. Beater's Office.) LORD STANLEY, 1 1 1.P., AT LYNN. LYNN, Friday. LORD Stanley, MP., met his constituents in this borough to-day, and addressed them on...


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Subscriptions to the "FRIEND OF INDIA," and "OVERLAND FRIEND OF INDIA," will be received by Mr. A. E. Galloway, at No. 1, Wellington-street, Strand, London. Terms : Per Annum,...


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PARTS, Nov. 21. To-day a solemn service was celebrated at the Church of the Made- leine for the repose of the soul of the late King of Portugal, Dom Pedro V., and of his...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVENING. The demand for money continues on the same moderate scale as for the last few weeks, and the rate in the open market remains at 21 to per cent....


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:BANK OF ENGLAND. An Account, pursuant to the 7th and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the Week ending on Wednesday, the 20th day of November, 1861. ISSUE DEPARTMENT. Notes issued...

ITALY. Rams, Nov. 21.

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The report originating with the Paris Papers that General Cialdini had arrived here proves to be unfounded. General Cialdini has not yet left Turin. NAPLES, Nov. 21. The...


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On the 3rd inst., at Bert Rouse, county Kildare, the residence of General Lord Downes, the lion. Mrs. Colborne, of a daughter. On the 15th inst., at Veitch's Hotel, 120,...


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MADRID, Nov. 20 (Evening). The Oerrespondencia dutogrefa of to-day says : "Victor Emanuel first claimed the Neapolitan archives in the quality of King of Naples. Spain, however,...

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I T is of the greatest importance that the public should not form any exaggerated or delusive estimate of the designs and promises of either the Emperor or his new Finance...


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RR A T,TI:IY REFORM. T HOUGHTFUL Liberals will scarcely be satisfied with the result of the conference held on Thursday at Leeds, to agree on some plan of Reform. The meeting...

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W E have heard it said that the devil's advocate has but one fault ; he is too eager in his master's cause, and so overstates his case that he often loses a move to the guardian...

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W E were not among those who approved the selection of Sir Robert Peel as Secretary for Ireland, believing that his und9ubted capacity was impaired by unatatesman- like...

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A FTER six weeks of divided counsels, conflicting orders, and timid resolves, the American Government has -made up its many minds, and removed General Fremont from the command...

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liikTHAT becomes of the ablest and most cultivated intel- lects of the present day ? When men leave the Universities for actual life, they scatter, of course, in every...

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THE INDIAN REVOLUTION. 6 L ORD Canning has done the greatest

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act of his official career. An order, written with all the stately force which characterizes his pen, announces that the task from which even the haughty courage of Lord...

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T T is not every exile who fi nds , alappy and a hearty welcome in a new home. Mr. Edwin James is an exception to the rule. His fall amongst us was sudden, and he swept away...

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T "playwrights of London are sorely puzzled. They see by the sue_ cess of the Colkeit Bawls that some sort of sensation-drama is the attraction, but they cannot imagine what...

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A NAME appears in our obituary of this week which we cannot allow to pass without notice in these pages. On Wednesday, the 13th instant, Arthur Hugh Clough died at Florence,...

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fiur 3rto.

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THE ART-CULTURE OF ITALY. THERE nas been, of late years, a natural, and not an unjust, revul- sion of feeling on the subject of Italian art. In the earlier part of the present...

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ARTILL1 R AND MERLIN.* IT is a little strange that Mr. Tennyson's "Idyls of the King" have never yet been criticized from the historical point of view. His ad- mirers seem to...

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IT is not often that considerable literary power is found in connexion with the ethical instincts of a genuine wrestler—we do not mean, of course, with the spirit of irritable,...

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ON the 23rd of April, 1775, in a mean house in Maiden-lane, Covent- garden, Joseph Mallord William Turner was born. His father was a barber, who, to the proverbial talkativeness...

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THE common notion of conscientious men that it is peculiarly pious to consort with people with whom we agree so completely that we are never in danger of having our horizon of...