24 DECEMBER 1842

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Miscellaneous 240 eous 1230 Duty" the adhesion of Lord YARBOROUGH

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to the new agricultural phi- P o rrscater roves Warsx's News- 1232 Publications Received 1240 losophy—the father of Lord WOR8LEY, so stanch a " furnier's Ead India Nhippiug 1233...

Marylebone Workhouse has been assessed. Is it an assessment on

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ever, there must be in this case an egregious blunder somewhere. view as to the probable necessity of severe measures, on the ordi-. Last week a notion went abroad that...

appearance proportioned to his position though not to his means,

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need a vast step in intelligence and legal order before these treat-, It will be observed that all the explicit objections are taken to sons can be suffered to await less...

a man-of-war- r a guard of honour of sixty men, a treaty,

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shouts of " Vive le Rol," and a salute of twenty - one guns from "my ship." The Admiral established the most friendly relations : he recovered the wife of a native Menelaus, and...

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Zbt (toner.

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THE Queen and Prince Albert remain in the enjoyment of uninter- rupted health and tranquillity at Windsor ; and the Court annals contain no more stirring announcement than the...

gbe Alletropolis.

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On Wednesday, being St. Thomas's Day, elections of members of the Common Council took place in the several wards of the City. Ge- nerally speaking, the elections did not make...

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Viscount Clive, eldest son of Earl Pawls, has announced himself as a candidate for the representation of North Shropshire, vacant by the succession of Sir Rowland Hill to the...

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The Lord-Lieutenant visited the National School in Dublin on Thursday week, when the yearly examination was held ; and the Dul.- lin papers say that he appeared to be much...

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The Globe repeats with confidence a rumour which has found its way into more than one paper ; and the Times copies the Globe's para- graph without contradiction or remark—. "...


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The Edinburgh Town-Council passed a resolution, on Tuesday, by 20 voices against 4, objecting to the Income-tax, as suited only to a war time ; and demanding its repeal, as the...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. Advices from Barcelona to the 16th repeat, as on good authority, a report that the Spanish Minister at Paris had been instructed to demand the recal of M....

The New York packet-ship Europe, which has arrived at Liverpool,

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brings intelligence from New York to the 1st instant, one day later than that brought by the Halifax steamer. It was understood that the President's message to Congress, daily...

The Globe th's evening quotes a letter, written in Paris

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on Thursday evening, which describes a most pacific aspect of affairs- " The Funds are improving. All the rumours on 'Change of the probability of war between France and Spain...

Mr. Thomas Dyke Acland, the Member for Somersetshire, has ad-

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dressed a letter to Earl Forteseue, to disavow the construction put upon his speech at Yeovil, and to deny that he has " thrown aside his former opinions." He supplies an...

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The Essex Standard says, that Lord Fitzwilliam has announced his

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intention to raise the rents of his tenantry in Yorkshire 12 or 25 per .cent ; promising, as a quid pro quo, to drain the whcile' of their farms, -End only to charge them 3i per...

Last night's Gazette announces the promotion of several naval and

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military officers serving in India and China. Among the rest, Major George Alexander Malcolm, of the Third Light Dragoons, is to be Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army, and Commander...

The Queen's letters arrived in Dublin on.„WIffirsday, appointing Dr. Daly

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to the Bishopric of Cashel, and the Honourable and Reverend Henry Pakenham, to the Deanery of St. Patrick's, vacated by Dr. Daly.


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STOCK EXOBANGE, FRIDAY AFTER:COON. The appearance of the Money-market has undergone a decided change ; and we have to notice during the week the very unusual circumstance of a...


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The Way of The World, the last, the most finished, but the least suc- cessful of CONGREVE'S comedies, which had not been acted within the memory of the present generation, has...

According to statements at the weekly meeting of the Anti-Corn-

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law League, at the spacious Corn Exchange in Manchesteron Thursday, the fund really makes way. Contributions were acknowledged, of 50/. each from Lord Kinnaird,•the Earl of...

Mr. Acland adds—" In the present circumstances of this country,

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protection to agriculture is not, as far as I can judge, too high; I earnestly hope that it may not prove too low." He trusts that all prog- nostications of change in a...


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Iii the D.wtut, Dec. 22, Courier, Scott, from the Cape; 223, Jamaica, from Ceylon. At Liverpool. Dee. 21. Renown, Hosken, from Sydney. At Mintritin., Sept. 13, Henry,...

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- THE schools have let loose their swarms of boys and girls ; who throng the thoroughfares of the Metropolis, eager for sight-seeing. This, then, is a proper time to enumerate...


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SPANISH PROSPECTS. Tin surrender of Barcelona is of good omen for Spain. One great source of the weakness and bad government of that country ha s been its want of nationality....

The superb new Theatre opposite the Pantheon in Oxford Street,

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called the Princess's, is to be opened for opera on Monday, with Madame GARCIA and Mr. TEMPLETON in the Sonnambula. Covent Garden reopens under the management of Mr. Boamr, with...

The last of the long line of ICEMBLES has disappeared

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from the stage ; and a name rendered illustrious in theatrical annals by the histrionic talents of the family who bore it, has ceased to be connected with the theatre which...

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IT is mentioned by the Morning Post as a probable collateral merit of the Income-tax, that it has driven many persons to the exercise of unwonted thrift, and that "many heads...


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Isi enumerating, last week, a few of the anomalous proceedings that occurred in the Courts of law, to illustrate the confusion that pervades our penal system, we objected to the...

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TO TUE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Louden,. 21st December 1842. Sia—Whatever was my opinion of the vices of the German School, it is but fair to remember, I never intruded them...


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A GOOD deal of mirth was excited some little time ago by the anxious struggles of some of her Majesty's Jurors about Chelsea to get their names erased from the list of "...


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BIOGRAPHY, The Life of Isaac Milner. D.D.. F.R.S.. Dean of Carlisle, President of Queen's Col- lege. and Profe.sor of Mathematics in the University of Cambridge; comprisin g a...

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Ma. &rat= is an artist, and set out from Rome on a pedestrian tour through Calabria and part of Sicily, in order to fill his sketch- book with the costumes of the peasantry....

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Phineas Quiddy is essentially a farce expanded into three vo- lumes ; and as there is not much more matter in the way of scenes and incidents than is requisite in what a sailor...

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From December 15th to December 22d. BOOKS. College Life ; or the Proctor's Note-book. By J. HEWLETT, late of Won-ester College, Oxford ; Author of " Peter Priggins," &c. In...


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Ma. CLARKE has sent us a long letter, on the sole topic which em- ploys the pen of a poet whose critic has ventured to "hint a fault and hesitate dislike." Its leading points...

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MUSICAL PUBLICATION SOCIETIES. THERE is a scheme on foot, the merits ef which should be discussed while discussion is available to any good purpose, for when once com- menced...


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AT a numerous meeting of artists, held at Freemason's Tavern on Saturday last, Mr. THOMAS WYSE in the chair, the so-called National Art- Union, which has obtained the sanction...

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WAR OPTICE, Dec. 20.-7th Posit-Ensign T. L: Mayne, from the 25th Foot, to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Bishtou, who retires. 10th Foot-Lieut. H. E. Lougden to le Adjt. Nice...


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Tuesday, Dec. 20. PARTNERSHIPS DISKILVED. Cooper and Co. Leeds, earthetiware.mauufacturers; as far as regards Cooper- Harvey and Eaton, Feuchureli Street, wine.merchauts...


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BIRTHS. On the 18th November, at Malta, the Lady uf Captain Ftrz-Hsaaxar„ of the Rifle Brigade, of a son. On the 15th December, at Hecktield, Hants, the Lady of FRANC:S...

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BRITISH FU Saturday NDS. Moadao. (Closing Tuesday. Prices.) Weduer Thurs. Friday, 3 per Cent. Consols shut - - - Ditto for Account 931 ex d 931 931 931 931 931 3 per...