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facts,—there has been an enormous importation of wheat ; there

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a hundred per cent, is exacted for our manufactured cotton! Them has been a most abundant harvest ; the price of corn keeps up ; seems to be little doubt that this tariff will...

, upon the Review, which merely defends and lauds the

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Premier, do so: the Minister may possibly improve the occasion, and be the then, the measure has succeeded to a most unexpected extent : the Injury begets anger ; and...

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A newer arrival front the Cape of Good Hope announces

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the safety of Captain SMITH'S detachment at Natal, and its relief by Colonel CLOETE : who had arrived with large reinforcements, had routed the rebel Emigrants in the immediate...

ebt grout.

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Twig Queen and Prince Albert, with the suite, arrived at Windsor Castle, from Scotland, on Saturday. On landing at Woolwich, at half-past ten o'clock, the Royal party entered...

It seems possible tha,t the new Slave-trade stipulations in the

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treaty with the United States may have some very unforeseen effects. The French papers have been generally struck with the old and homely truism, that "what is sauce for the...

V;be fitttropolis.

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Thursday, for the purpose of con- firming the Sheriffs' nomination of Mr. Burdon to be Keeper of Whitecross Street Prison. It having been...

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be ifirobintts.

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A meeting of the Anti-Corn-law Association and Registration Com- mittee of the League was held at Manchester on Thursday evening last week ; at which Mr. William Rawson stated,...

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Master Curry, of the Irish Court of Chancery, died on the 15th, at the residence of his nephew, Mr. Maziere, in the county of Wicklow. Mr. Litton is mentioned as his successor;...

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The Archduke of Austria arrived in town on Monday afternoon, from Portsmouth, where he had visited all the most notable objects for the inspection of a naval commander. He...

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A highly destructive fire broke out in Liverpool yesterday morning,

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and it had not been entirely extinguished at half-past six yesterday evening. The following account is abridged from a second edition of the Liverpool Mercury, and other...

In the Westminster Registration Court, this morning, Mr. Arnold gave

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several decisions. He rejected an objection against a voter that he was employed in the Police force ; he confirmed the objection to two voters as Collectors of the Window-tax.


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Cape of Good Hope papers have been received, from Cape Town to the 30th of July, from Graham's Town to the 21st. The South Afri- can Commercial Advertiser of...

The Queen has been pleased to appoint the Right Honourable

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Henry Ellis to proceed on an extraordinary and special mission to the Court of his Majesty the Emperor of Brazil.—London Gazette, Sept. 23. Last night's Gazette contains a...

The Wartyite, 50, Captain Lord John Hay, arrived at Spithead

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yes- terday afternoon, bringing home Lord Ashburton from his mission in America. His Lordship left the Warspite between two and three o'clock, and landed at Gosport, the ship...

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A body of six hundred colliers assembled at Kilmarnock on

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Wednes- day, and turned out some hands. The Ayrshire Yeomanry were called out in the evening, and on Thursday morning a portion of the force was stationed at Irvine. The...

A London correspondent of the Leeds Mercury, " who possesses first-

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rate information on the subject of our commerce and commercial re- lations," writes as follows- " I had lately a little hope concerning the French commercial treaty; but it has...


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STOCK EXCBANGE. FRIDAY AFTRIKOON. The same quiet order of things referred to in our Money report of last week is still the predominant character as regards the state of the...

A correspondent draws our attention to the dismissal of Mr.

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Rowland Hill from his post at the Treasury as chief agent in establishing the Penny Post system. The fact that Mr. Hill was to withdraw on the expiry of his term of engagement...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, Sept. 19th, S. Boildington. Noakes, from Bombay; Dow- thorp. Lofty, from Singapore; 2011i. Achilles, Marshall, from Mauritius; Tango, Crop- tun; and Lady...

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The Haymarket knows not "the seasons and their change," at

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least so far as external appearances go; but the other theatres are just now obeying the time ; those of the summer closing, and the winter ones unfolding their attractions. The...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 20th September 1842. is reported that the King Of the Freuch, with characteristic gal- lantry, on besting that her Majesty of England had been...

"CHERRIES, CORN, AND CRITICISM." A correspondent, who thus heads his

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communication, demurs to the justness of our objection to the introduction of corn-fields yellow for the harvest as a background to the scene of Gertrude's Cherries. He says—"...


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WREN anticipating last week the possibility of better success attending Mr. Borracicsum a new piece at the Haymarket, from its being in three acts, than his previous one in five...

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THE AMERICAN TREATY AND THE WAR FACTION. THE " cutting up" of Lord ASHBURTON'S treaty by Lord PALMER - STOW, which the Ex-Secretary's understrappers announced before either be...

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THE political intelligence by the last arrival from the United States is unaccompanied by any thing to warrant a belief in an improve- ment of their financial condition. Every...

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Loosnan back on the records of the Queen's tour, from the start at Woolwich till the circle was completed at the same point, her Majesty appears to have been swept along amid...


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THERE is one branch of trade that seems to baffle the rules of political economy, as it does the rules of every other kind of eco- nomy—the trade of innkeeping. There is...


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THAT sort of practical jocosity which made the Romans call a place lielsome because it was darksome, often animates men in the judgment on their own characters, or, rice versa,...

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IN conducting SPORE'S Oratorio in the absence of its illustrious author, Professor TAYLOR performed a delicate and responsible task ; but the responsibility incurred by him on...


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Ammo other indications of the approaching change of seasons, is what a Scotsman would call "changing the drink on us." Passing the corner of St. Martin ' s Church, we find that...

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THE HOUSES ROUND HYDE PARK —BAY..WINDOWS. IN the new neighbourhoods on each side of Hyde Park, adjoining the Bayswater and Kensington roads, streets and squares have sprung up...

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STATISTICS, Local Reports on the Sanitary Condition of the Labouring Population of England, in consequence of so Inquiry directed to be made by the Peor.Law Commissioners....

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THE HEEBERTS. * THE family of the Herberts came in with

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the Conquest; but their property at length got encumbered, and the last head of the house involved it in ruin by election-expenses and living at the rate of about as many...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, From September 914 to September 22d.

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BOOKS. The Herberts. By the Author of " Elphinstone." In three volumes. A Narrative of 'Voyages and Commercial Enterprises. By RICHARD J. CLEVELAND. The Anatomy of Sleep ; or...


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[WE have received a letter from Professor SULLIVAN, from which it appears that this work is not used in the National Schools, though an arrangement is made with the publisher to...

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BIRTHS. On the 3d September, at Waltham Rectory, the Lady of the Rev. G. E. Gu.Lerr, of a son. Os the 9th. at Woolwich, the Wife of Lieut.-Col. BURTON, Royal Marines, of a...


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OFTWE OF ORDNANCE, Sept. 20.-Royal Regt. of Artillery. Second Capt. W. 14. Forbes to be Adjt. vice Gore, who resigns the Adjutancy only ; Second Capt. J. W. Mitchell to be Adj....


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Tuesday, Sept. 20. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Green and Co. Lomberd Street, shipbrokers-Williams and Buckingham, Ipswich, cabinet-makers-C. and J. Barlow, Liverpool....

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BRITISH FUNDS. (ClosingPrices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. Wedues. Thurs. Friday 93 924 924 924 924 924 934 shut shut 93 934 924 934 923 1014 shut shut 1014 1014 101 101 1004 -...