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Abyssinia and the League The decision of the League of

The Spectator

Nations Assembly to permit the Ethiopian Delegation to retain its place during the present session, without prejudice to the future, is a welcome assertion of the League's...


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W HETHER it be true that the defenders of the last shellishattered remnant of the Alcazar at Toledo have capitulated or not there can be no doubt that the Government's position...

Deadlock in Palestine

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It was hoped that the discovery that the British Government was in earnest, and the arrival of the first reinforcements at Haifa this week, might have induced the Arab Higher...

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The Mediterranean Balance of Power The interest excited by Sir

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Samuel Hoare's recent tour shows how deep-seated was the feeling of instability and uneasiness stirred up on the shores of the Mediter- ranean by Signor Mussolini's victory in...

India in Transition The address by the Viceroy at a

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joint sitting of the two Houses of the Indian Legislature on Monday was an utterance which stamps Lord Linlithgow as one of the most notable of the long line of representatives...

A French Disarmament Plan ?

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The news from France this week has been of a mixed character, and gives no clear balance of gain or loss for M. Blum's Government. The rift of the Popular Front over the...

Danger Signs in the Far East The new murder of

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Japanese subjects in the Hongkew district of Shanghai, following on the incidents at Fengtai and Pakhoi, must aggravate Sino-Japanese tension gravely. At Fengtai honour has been...

Italy's Finances The fact that the Italian harvest has been

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poor, and that Italy is buying wheat from Canada, as well as from .various. European countries, is significant, for such purchases mean a considerable drain on the country's...

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The Share-Pushing Evil - It - is -well- that the

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-bucket-shop evil should have been exposed at the Law Society meeting at Nottingham on Tuesday, and plain words spoken about it. There are reertain dangers against which in -the...

Libels on the Jews The. sentence of six months' imprisonment

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passed by Mr.. Justice Greaves-Lord on Monday on the writer of an attack on the Jews in a paper called the Fascist is worthy of some attention. The persecution of Jews in...

Magistrates and Motorists The anomalies in the administration of the

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laws regarding road traffic pointed out in the Home Office circular issued on Tuesday undoubtedly exist. The figures quoted in the circular itself, demonstrating the...

The Claims of the Free Churches The dispassionate presentation by

The Spectator

the, Moderator of the Federal Council of the Free Churches on Monday of the case for a larger participation by the Free Churches in the representation of the religious side of...

Christianity and Communism Rightly or wrongly it is comnionly assumed

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that there is more likelihood of Conimunism gaining a foothold in this country than any forin of Fascism. That it makes a definite appeal to men and 'women of university age,...

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D EMOCRACY , is intrinsically a better thing than • dictatorships ; of that the great majority of people in • this country are convinced. Must it necessarily be inferior to them...

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HE circumstances in which the Seventeenth Assembly of the League of NatiOns has met this week give friends . of the League little reason for Self-congratulation ; and the...

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W HEN-Lord Lugard's resignation from the Permanent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations was announced, everyone concerned must have felt it quite impossible to find any...

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By LORD ALLEN OF HURTWOOD Next, I wanted to see again for myself the men in command and the mood of the GCrman people ; to learn at first hand about their new social...

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By A- POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT But it is time that Mr. Baldwin, whose decision. not to. attend the great annual convention of his party has given men of all parties an...

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By WILLIAM PATON A GOOD dear has been said in r ece nt months about the possibility of a great imovement of the Indian Untouchables towards Christianity.' While there have been...

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SPAIN It is its identification with Power which has made the Church hateful. It should never be forgotten that the Catholic Church in Spain has been for centuries, ever since...

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By MICHAEL °LANGLEY ALFWAY . along the Via dell'Impero in Rome stands 'a 'grey-green bronze of one of the early Caesars. The majesty of that line - is - not specially...

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By JOHN RAYNOR Entering this room on the day of my arrival at the cottage, I was puzzled by a faint murmuring sound that seemed to come from a certain patch of wall on the...

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In the Night

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WHEN the pillowed head instead of sleeping ponders The night is given shape by noises half expected And freed from untrue light imagination wanders To find the shape of life in...


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By E. L. WOODWARD "T HE B.B.C. invites applications for the appointment of a Director of Talks." . . . He who runs may read this invitation, and he who reads may apply. Well,...

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Commonwealth and Foreign By D. W. THE Chicago Tribune, which daily assures its eight hundred thousand readers that it is the greatest newspaper in the world, has taken to...

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Ballet at Sadler's Wells

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STAGE AND SCREEN The Ballet Tim epidemic of vicarious tarantism, commonly called balleto- mania, shows no signs of abating, and there was a packed house to greet the return of...

The - Cinema

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The Song of Freedom is the story of Zinga, a black London dockhand, who, unknown to himself, is the descendant of a seventeenth-century " Queen " of Cassanga, an island off the...

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Industrial Design

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m itted varies from 75 to 85 per cent., accordin g to the pattern sera fort re g rettabl e . .. . walls is carried by the floor s and not vice versa ; but in any qu'll y trouva...

Vin gt ans Apres e xpanses o f windo w as are being increasingly

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demanded and d'Anglai s venaient en Fr a nce, beaueoup phis de .- FranCais p r o v ided today is the am oun t of heat lost throu g h them in allaient 'Angleterre. .Aujouril'hui...

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. , Fur Coats for Animals To a holiday camp, in Sussex, for town children, a farmer brought a, rabbit or two to help fill the pot. A small London chid who hadonly known a rabbit...

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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] Sm,—Your article on this • subject will call forth grateful . • . appreciation from those who know convicts, and, if only . it could be read...


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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR feorrespoudents are requested to keep their letters as brief as is reasonably possible. The most ; suitable length is that of one of Eiur News of the...


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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] .Sra,—Inasmuch as Parliament has refused to extend the Carlisle Scheme, and various Bills embodying State control of the drink trade have been...

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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] • read with great

The Spectator

interest Mr. S. L. Bensusan's lamenta- tion in his article " The Harvest of the . Hedges " on the lost art of converting the succulent fruits of the gardens and hedgerows into a...


The Spectator

SPECTATOR.] • have read the delightful article in your issue of September 11th, .entitled " The Harvest of the Hedges," by Mr. S. L. Bensusan. But, whilst ardently endorsing...

THE SHADOW OF DESTRUCTION [To the Editor of THE SrEcr_vroa.]

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Sra,—The article with the above title, which appeared in last week's Spectator, may have struck others besides myself as being one of the best summaries of the present European...

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cOnsidering the ;German clainis to colonies, the attitude of the former to Non-Aryans must not be forgotten. The German outlook with regard to colonies differs from that of this...


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[To the Editor of Tem SPECTATOR.] Sia,—With reference to the letter , from Mr. F. M.. Salmon which appeared in The Spectator of September 18th under the head " The New Stamps,"...


The Spectator

[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] this , penetrating review of the Royal Photographic Society's Annual Exhibition Mr. Bosworth Goldman rightly criticises . the prominence given...


The Spectator

[Tq the .Bditor of THE SpECTArelq SIR,—Your correspondent, Mr. F. Mead, admonishes the Privileged Presses for failing to take the initiative. in altering the " Table of Kindred...

ANXIETY AND DISEASE . [To the Editor of THE Srac-evron.]

The Spectator

SIR,—In your " News of the Week !' of September 18th you give • some of the indubitable causes Of the increase of anxiety in the present age, of which the absence of a...


The Spectator

[To the Editor of THE Sraerxrcia ' Sin,—As admirers of The Spectator, iiOng with many other fellow-readers, on , " an island in a remote archipelago off the north coast of...

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" SIR HUGH IN BARBARY '? [To the Editor of

The Spectator

T7 . SPSPECTATOR. erATOR Snt,:---Whiist no self-respecting . author would wish to avoid constructive criticism, he is entitled to object to the inaccuracy both in Point of fact...

SIR,—Will you , R1JOWtn correct some. statements in Miss Graves' review

The Spectator

My* bOok which if left uncorrected may lay me open to - the Charge of ignorance, not only of Soviet education but of education generally ? I nowhere Say that " One education...


The Spectator

Snt;- , —Professor Hutt says that I have misrepresented his book Economists and the Public in suggesting (1) that he " regards trade -unions with particular disfavour" ; (2)...

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The Crisis of March

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1918 - BOOKS OF THE DAY By R. C. K. ENSOR Wrrn his fifth volume Mr. Lloyd George brings us to the fifth campaigning-season of the War, and conducts us in it as far as May,...

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The Tercentennial HiStory of Harvard College and Univer- - sity

The Spectator

: The Founding of Harvard College, Harvard . • College in the Sevehteenth -Century, The Development- The History of Harvard .. of Harvard University, 1869-1929. By Samuel...

A Socialist Peace

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The Struggle for Peace. _SySir Stafford Cripps, (Gollalicz. 5s.) SIR STAFFORD CRIPPS can be at the same time strangely reasonable and strangely -perverse. Nothing -could be...

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, Our Greatest Critte Tins volume is uniform with the

The Spectator

two yelumes of Coleridge's - Shakespearean Criticism which - Professor -Raynor -edited for the same publishers six years ago, and is again a model of careful scholarship....

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The Bodley Head

The Spectator

Alin- Lane and the Nineties. By J. Lewis May.. (John Lane.: The Bodley Head. 15s.) SEEING that nearly twelve,. : years have passed since John Lane's death, this biography makes...

The Judicial Humorist

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IT may be said of judges as of nations that those are most fortunate who have . least history. By being a .good judge no one has ever achieved a l'eputation to . equal That of...

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An Trish Idealist

The Spectator

mystiottin" of thetheosoghists, at least " ordinary transcendental , thoughts," In 1896, Mr.ICits was still directing the opera- tions of the Irish movement from London, where...

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Mirage and Men

The Spectator

Adventure in Algeria. By Brian Stuart. (Herbert Jenkihs. 10s. 6d.) The Scourge of the Desert. By Operator 1384. (Rich and Cowan. 8s. 6d.) " To judge sizes and distances of...

From Donegal to Mount Abu

The Spectator

Doneria Lawrence : A Fragment of Indian History. By 'MAO . Diver.' (Muria*y. 16i.) HON ORIA MARSHALL was a Donegal girl of unusual quality and charm, and the claim made for her,...

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Evanescent Blues

The Spectator

ms of People. By Edgar Lee Masters. (Appleton. 10s. 6d;), BHGAR,LEE 11ItsrEns was born at Garnett, Kansas, in 1888, add his e fiisi . book of ver s es 'appeared' in f8913. His...

, $14ck Marvels

The Spectator

Gari Garl. Bernatzik. (Constable.. 10s.. 6d.) THE tribes of the Upper Nile have inspired two excellent books in a single season. In The Gentle Savage Captain Richard Wyndham...

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Leacinig You a Dance

The Spectator

Half-Way House. By Ellery Queen. (Gollancz. 7s. 6d.) Clue for Mr. Fortune. By H: C. Bailey. (Goliancz. 7s. (Id.) The Talkative Policeman. By Rupert Penny. (Crime Club. 7s....

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• • _ By WILLIAM PLOMER He's Got a Million. By V. y.qpnriv. Translated by Malcolm Burr. (Allen and Unwin: is. Si:), • , - Summer Will Show. Show. By Sylvia Townsend 'Wainer....

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Current Literature • *V By Richard Levrinsohn attlick - C an armament:" manufacturers which its titre - this very interesting book (Routledge; /0s. 6d.) the suggistbut a...

The author of Sailing Troubadour (Seeley, Service, 10s. 6d.) , —an

The Spectator

Englishwoman—was a dancer, :and her Ousband—of Danish parentage-La well1chow - n opera singer who in better days had sung at Covent Garden. Her book is the record of their...

SMITHY By Alexander Smith

The Spectator

Smithy (Cape, 7s. 6d.) belongs to the class of war reminis- cences of which PKiiyate Richards`s Old Soldiers Never Die is the supreme example. But Mr. Smith lacks the dry,...


The Spectator

Tempest Over Mexico (Methuen, 10s. 6d.) is the true story of an Englishwoman's adventures during the Mexican revolution of 1911. Mrs. King was the prosperous owner of a hotel in...


The Spectator

By Warren Ifednall . Strange Sea Road (Cape, 10s. 6d.) is the story-of a recent voyage of the famous four-masted barque, ' C. B. Pedersen.' One of the last of her type; this...

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Motoring Luxury Gear-Changing

The Spectator

Kirin his UMW-in:411e effOrt .. cannot' al w aYs sa y that this t onei m i, - . T oil a swifter chan g e than its rivals, and undoubtedly more delayed than the best of the old...

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The Spectator

The Road to Peace DuRnqo the past week we have had reminders from various journals and newspapers of the fact that it is five years ' since Great Britain departed from the gold...

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Investment Notes

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SOME DEBENTURE ISSUES. THERE is little doubt that but for the Prior Charge stocks of some of the English Railways being' no longer eligible as trustee investments they would be...

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Finnva • i Note , r ",„ emmt i ONCE again the disturbing influence

The Spectator

upon markets which might have been created by the European political outlook has been' offset by Such 'factors as - cheap money and the continua n ce of actiye,tr a de. : The...

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W. T. Collier, • SVLIJTIQN NEXT WEEK t1The - winner of Crcissword No. 208 is Mrs. 90 Woodstock Road, Oxford. ,

"The -Spectator Crossword No. 2c9

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Pw %won IA prize of one guinea will be given to the sender of the first correct solution of this week's crossword puzzle to be opened. Envelope* should be marked " Crossword...