27 AUGUST 1853

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The peculiar season naturally unsettles and damps the feelings of

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us all ; and under the influence of Dog-day heats alternating with November fogs, or early April winds blowing about the au- tumnal leaves, we receive with becoming gravity the...


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IN dispersing for the vacation, Parliament seems to carry off with it all subjects for thought and discussion, at least in English po- litical life. But as all seems darkness...

With respect to our own affairs, the assiduity of mankind

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at present is devoted so much to the slaughter of grouse and other amenities essential to the enjoyment of the closing summer, that there is very little political matter for...

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Sir James Graham, Admiral Richard Dundee, and Captain Milne, Lords of the Admiralty, accompanied by Sir Baldwin Walker, made an official visit to the Deptford Dock and...

CO taut

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Tin Queen has continued at Osborne ; driving out, and walking in the grounds. The chief political event in the Court record is that her Majesty, on Tuesday, gave audience to...

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The Cork election has terminated in the return of Mr. Boamish, by a decisive majority—For Mr. Beamish, 1183 ; for Colonel Chatterton, 1003. The election was very quiet and...


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The retirement of Mr. Herries from the representation of Stamford has led to an election for that borough. Only one candidate appeared,—Lord Robert Gascoyne Cecil, second son of...

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'organ ad &Louie.

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FRAN - cr.—The Emperor and Empress left St. Cloud, and arrived at Dieppe, on Saturday. All the country-side flocked to see "Napoleon et sa dame," as the rustics phrased it....


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The Duchess of Kent arrived in Edinburgh on Saturday, and remained there till Tuesday, when she resumed her journey to Abergeldie, her Highland residence. Mr. John Macgregor...

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A' copy of a' convention, signed by Lord John Russell on the part of Great Britain, and Mr. J. R. Ingersoll on the part of the United States, providing for the settlement of...

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M. Kossuth appeared yesterday at the Lambeth Police Office, to

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give evi.: dence as to the identity of an Hungarian calling himself Rattenstein, who was charged with fraud and forgery. It is doubtful whether there be not two persons calling...

By the Lady Jocelyn, which arrived yesterday at Plymouth, we

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have received •files of the Cape Town Mail to the 21st July. The journals are occupied with the progress of the elections ; heading the accounts ot meetings, and the reprints of...

The Dungarvan election has probably terminated in the reeleotion of

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Mr. Francis Maguire. At two o'clock on Thursday the poll stood thus- Maguire 171 ; Gregory 77. Another report makes Mr. Maguire's majority- a score fewer. The electors of...

The latest news respecting the decision of the Sultan on

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the note of the Four Powers is what was received yesterday by telegraph from Vienna. The most positive form it has assumed is, that the Austrian Government has received...


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On - the 15th August, at Radnage Rectory, Bucks, the Wife of the Rev. George Piiillimore, of a son. On the'l6th, at Knowimere Manor, Yorkshire, the Wife of Jonathan Peel, Esq.,...

The Washington arrived last night off Cowes, from New York.

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Her dates are to the 13th instant. The weather was so rough that the mails had to be landed in life-boats. The news is not of great importance. Everything was passing...

THE 3.1001t4.-All accounts from the Highlands concur . in describing the

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grouse-shootings as the best for many years past . The birds are numerous and strong, and most excellent sport is being enjoyed. Many parties have gone North within the past...


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SAT17RDAY. The Queen left Osborne this morning, at a quarter before nine o'clock in the yacht Elfin. The weather was so rough in Cowes Roads that the Elfin shipped several...

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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Funds at the commencement of this week exhibited renewed firmness. Consols were done on Monday as high as 981; they subsequently...

PARISIAN Tmisnuckr.s.

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Though the season of London is summer and the season of Paris is winter, there are certain periods at which the two capitals, regarded as places of amusement, coincide with each...

One of the latest letters from New Zealand, written by

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a " systematic colonizer" of no common distinction, contains, besides a great deal of other information, the following sketches of his first impressions of the country. "The...

int (Outing.

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Drury Lane Theatre has been opened for twelve nights, for the per- formance of opera. The company are Germans, but their scheme ex- tends to Italian and English as well as...

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25 Surrey Street, Strand, 18th August 1853. SIR—In the comments in your paper of last week upon the great Smyth case, allusion is made to the Bank frauds concocted and...


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London, 17th August 1853. Sin—Lord Shaftesbury has solved the only practical difficulty in the ex- tirpation of thieves,—catchingthem in their nests before they are full-grown,...

Irtters to t1 nitur. ARMY COSTUME.

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16th August 1853. Sra—There is a great probability, nay certainty, I may say, of a reform in the costume worn by the Army. One of the most desired changes is a new head-dress....

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THE view of London in 1860, which we glanced at last week, was not absolutely a fancy picture ; yet in the reality it may be liable to serious modifications. We have already...

oidents are caused by neglect in the construction of railways,

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or by insufficient attendance, this kind of compensation will be the most appropriate check to the motives for such homicidal parsi- mon'. Directors may obtain credit for saving...


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Superannuation Fund is still, we believe, "under consideration" ; but, pending the cogitations and session- distractions of Ministers, enlarged ideas have found birth among the...

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MRS. TIIISTLETHWATTE'S MEMOIRS OF BISHOP BATHURST. * THE late Bishop Bathurst owed his public reputation to his liber- ality in religion and politics, at a period when such a...

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CAPTAIN" NOLAN investigates the principle of cavalry tactics, in order to introduce a practical reform into that branch of the ser- vice. For this purpose, he takes a rapid...

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IN the autumn of 1852, Dr. Forbes took a " physician's holy- day" in Ireland; travelling pretty nearly round the Emerald Isle, with deviations in search of the picturesque. From...

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THE elements of this novel are better than the novel itself. The theme of the piece is indeed not of the newest; turning upon the efforts of a rival to break off a match by...


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Boors. Private Trials and Public Calamities ; or the Early Life of Alexan- drine des Echerolles, during the Troubles of the First French Revolu- tion. From the French, by the...

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THE NATION AL GALLERY AND THE PARLIAMENTARY ' COMMITTEE. a any person has questioned the occasion for the appointment, in March last, of a Select Committee to inquire into the...

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61raittgo from Slur %cults - grar

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tirrularo. ASSURANCE ASSOCIATIONS. The Select Committee appointed to take into consideration the subject of Assurance Associations, after examining the Registrar and Assistant...


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A second picture, succeeding that of Constantinople, is now added, or rather tagged on, to the diorama of the Ocean Mail at this gallery. It is St. Petersburg by moonlight: the...

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Tuesday, August 23. Poormiimmirs DISSOLVED. — Southworth and Spencer, Shipley, linen-drapers — Stevens and Co. Bell Yard, Fleet Street, printers — Pierce and Colthurst,...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &hard. Monday. Tuesday. Wedass 1011 1011 1011 101 101 961 981 981 119 981 29 991 On 89 99 Sal 981 981 98 981 101 98 98 981 6 6 6 229 2281 229...

NAVAL GAZETTE, ADMIRALTY, August 15.—Corps of Royal Marines—Brevet Major T.

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Hurdle to be Lieut-Col. vice Fegan, retired on full-pay; Capt. T. P. Dwyer to be Lieut.-Col. vice Calamy, retired on full-pay; Capt. W. Clendon to be Lieut.-Col. vice Hearle,...


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WAR - Mane; Aug. 19.-7th Regt. of Light Drags.—W. S. C. Standish, Gent. to be Cornet, by purchase, vice De Veulle, whose retirement was announced in the Gazette of the 15th...