28 MARCH 1846

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We see it asserted in London that the Poll insurrection

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is not suppressed. As a national movement it is suppressed; but it has left seeds of disorder which will take long time to subside. It is not the rebels alone that have made...


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PARLIAMENT has been actively engaged this session for the be-. nefit of Ireland, after the established fashion of money-giving and coercion; but this periodical task well...

Narvaez may be said to have thrown off the mask,

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and Spain is openly in the hands of an adventurer. He re - enters office sword in hand. The band whornhe has gathered round him show his purpose. When famous housebreakers have...

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Debates anb giroceebings in Iparliament.

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PACIFICATION OF IRELAND. In the House of Lords, on Monday, Earl GREY, with a speech which occupied between two and three hours, submitted the following motion- " That an...

Another victory has been won on the Sutlej. Some attempt

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has been made to convert, in the columns of a newspaper, this victory into a defeat. General Sir Harry Smith was on his way to effect I junction with Brigadier God by, whose...

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Zbe court.

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AN incident marking the advance of the elder members of the Royal nur- sery falls this week to be recorded. The Prince of Wales and his sister the Princess Royal paid their...

Zbe iffittropolis.

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At a Court of Common Council, on Thursday, a variety of subject% were disposed of. A recommendation from the Parliamentary Committee to petition the House of Lords against the...

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etc Vrobinces.

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Lord Mount-Edgcumbe has addressed a letter to his tenants on the subject of the Corn-laws, resigning protection with a sigh- " My friends," his Lordship kindly commences, " at...


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Some extensive holders of Scottish Railway Scrip are adopting measures to pat an end to about thirty of the schemes now brought before Parliament, and to have the affairs wound...

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ffortign anb

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INDIA.—Up to yesterday afternoon the overland mail from India had not arrived; but news notwithstanding has been received from the seat of war. The steamer Oriental ought to...


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The Earl of Lincoln has entered upon his official duties at Dublin, as Secretary for Ireland. Vast numbers of applications are daily reaching the Castle from Roman Catholic...

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" REPEAL THE CORN-LAW, WHAT BECOMES OF THE EARNER? "A correspondent, alive to the mischief of the Corn-laws, dreads the consequences of repealing them to the agricultural...


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A' agnificent view of Constantinople, taken from the most command- ing position in the city, now frill the largest circle of the Panorama is Leicester Square; and a scene at...

The Liverpool Standard says—" We have been shown a letter

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received on Saturday from a Peer of Parliament, in which his Lordship says that the Go- vernment commercial measure will be thrown out of the Lords by a majority of four at...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. The " compact " which provided that the discussion on the second read- ing of the new Corn Bill should terminate with Friday ' s debate, was ho- nourably...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRTDAT AFTERNOON. The favourable character of the intelligence from the United States and India produced a slight impression upon the prices of the Public...

Another of that series of bills by which Lord Brougham

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is gradually but surely laying the foundations of a better system of conveyancing, was last night read a first time in the House of Lords. It extends to mort- gages and farmers'...

The Free-trade leaven is gradually doing its work among the

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farmers. Yesterday evening Mr. Cobden presented a petition from twenty-seven of the Netherby tenants of Sir James Graham, praying the House to pass the new Corn Bill; and...

The arrangement of a new Ministry for Belgium has miscarried

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after all; and the King has adjourned the Chambers till the 20th of next month.

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IRELAND : THE RATIONALE OF COERCION. TEis Irish people have an undoubted right to oppose to the coer- cive measure which has just passed the Lords their simple " No- lumus."...


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- The majority of 88, which declared this morning in favour of the second reading of the new Corn Bill, is less by 9 than the majority on the 28th February for going into...

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THE public has already been edified by the spectacle of a railway bill opposed, successfully, by the very shareholders who applied for it. This is not likely to continue an...


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A PETITION presented by Dr. Bowring to the House of Com- mons, from Newport in the Isle of Wight, suggests a new plan of securing arbitration instead of war between litigating...

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A SUPPLEMENTAL volume of the Wellington Despatches should be published, containing the replies of "F. M. the Duke of Welling- ton" to the private notes of the British public....

The only novelty of the week has been &limey trifle

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at the Princess's, called The Dreamer; in which Mr. C. Mathews plays that familiar stage character an absent man. The dreamer has since sunk to sleep, and his slumbers are not...


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NOT the least anomalous of the many anomalies in the Polish provinces, is the state of the press. Its condition and its influence serve more than any other phasis of society in...


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THE new comedy at the Haymarket is a very amusing and effective enter- tainment. It was deservedly successful; and its success, being the result of sterling merit as a drama,...

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THE sixth volume of the Nelson Correspondence embraces the period be- tween May 1804 and July 1805 ; its most striking feature being the hero's pursuit of the French fleet to...


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ENGLISH LEGISLATION, The Statutes relating to the Ecclesiastical and Eleemosynary Institutions of Eng- land. Wales, Ireland, India, and the Colonies ; with the Decisions...

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NEARLY twenty years ago, an English class was established in the Per- sian College at Delhi, " amid the scoffs of the learned inhabitants of Delhi, and the prudential objections...

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From March 20th to March 26th. Boojes. The People. By J. Michela. Translated, with the Author's especial a ppro. bation, by C. Cocks, B.L., Translator of "Priests, Women, and...

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On the 11th January, at Roudebosch, Cape of Good Hope, the Lady of Lieutenant- Colonel A. F. Richmond, C.B., Bengal Army, of a daughter. On the 15th February, at St. Jago de...


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WAR-OFFICE, 31Aeou 27.-4th Drag. Guards-Lieut. T. 0. W. Coster to be Capt. by purchase, viceRochfort, who retires ; Cornet F. H. G. Nicells to be Lieut. by purchase, vice...


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Tuesday, March 24. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Barton tunior and Cookson, Mawdsley, Lancashire, quarrymen-Law and Pam Rose Lane, Ratcliffe, brass-founders-Ludlow and Mills, Oxford...


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AaarvED--At Gravesend, 23,1 March, Harbhmer, Candllsh ; and Syria. Stroyan, tree China ; Robert Small, Williams ; Mary Ridley, Sharer ; and Aberfoyle, 3PAlpine, from Calcutta ;...

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SHARES. during the Week ending Friday Evening.) BANKS- - - British North American - Colonial 27 Commercial of London London and Westminster 125 London Joint Stock 72 National...