29 NOVEMBER 1851

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The misgivings which we expressed last week respecting the future

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policy of the new King of - Hanover have been strengthened far sooner than could have been anticipated. Notwithstanding his express declaration that he intended to make no...


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Tip relative positions of . the President and the Legislature of the Prenchlepublio , hti'Ve.hot been materially changed during the past ieek-; but the- mutual exasperation...

Lord John Russell; like Lord Palmerston, has had his depute-

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ti° 11 1 but of a more legitimate kind, - though scarcely so cordially received. The representatives of the Metropolitan Sanitary Asso- ciation, who waited upon the Premier to...

The great Dock Companies have succumbed before the. Customs. The

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London. Dock Company was the first to cry peccavi; and the St. Katherine's Dock Company, the London Anti-Customs Union being thus broken up, gave way next, although on the late...

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int Court.

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Tim Royal Family left Buckingham Palace, for the Isle of Wight, on Saturday morning, and arrived at Osborne House at one o'clock. Since the death of the Queen's uncle, King...


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A deputation from the Metropolitan Sanitary Association had an inter- view with Lord John Russell, at the Treasury, on Monday, to present a memorial calling his Lordship's...

The friends and members of Freehold Land Societies have had

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a public conference this week. From the report read at the meeting, it appears that there are now above a hundred of these societies in active operation, scattered over England...

.4%, sort of wailing over the extent of conversion from

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the Romish to the Protestant Church, is a noticeable feature in the recent writ- inga' of Irish Roman Catholic journalists and speeches of Irish Roman Catholic orators. The...

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At the yearly meeting of the South Avon (Hants) Agricultural Society, at Christchurch, on Tuesday, the Earl of Malmesbury made a long speech, going with guarded candour over the...

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forrigu autt tainutal.

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FRANCE.—In one more week the position of French political, parties is entirely changed. On Monday the 17th instant, the partisans of the Elysee were in ecstasies at a defeat of...


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Mr. Benjamin Hawes has replied to an inquiring constituent, that his seat was not vacated by his acceptance of the place in the War Office, but that he will apply for the...

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In a late publication of the Gazette of Friday last, appeared a notifica- tion of the Royal command of a Court mourning for the late King Ernest of Hanover : the mourning to...

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The latest accounts from Paris are less interesting than might

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have been expected. No striking manifestation of party tactics or of public opinion has been made since the President's remarkable speech. the Moderate Republicans are said to...


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SATURDAY. The members and friends of "the Protestant Alliance" made a de- monstration at Freemason's Hall, yesterday. A large, respectable, and enthusiastic assemblage of...

The inquest on the remains of Mr. James Currie, killed

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by the railway collision at Weedon, was finished yesterday. Mr. M'Connell, the locomotive superintendent of the line, Captain Laftlin, the Government Inspector of Railways, and...

The Queen has appointed the Honourable Sir Ralph Abercronby, K.C.B.,

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now her Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipo- tentiary to the King of Sardinia, to be her Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the King of...

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Mr. John Reeve has displayed: some imitative talent in a

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trifling piece called Counter-Attraction,, brought out at the New Strand, and obviously written for t4e, sake of introducing hia imitations of animate and inani - mate originals.

By the side of the more genteel comedy at the.

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Princess's, may be placed a roaring farce, by Mr. Morton, brought out with great success at the Haymarket ; and ' supported by.Buckstone who gives a. high-Pressure. action to...

f4t f4trittro.

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The reopening of the Princess's Theatre, signalized by the revival, with peculiar force, of The Merry Wives of Windsor, suggests matter for reflection. In the first place, when...

We have already noticed the commencement of Jallien's concerts,, at.

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Drury Lane; but having repeated our visit, we cannot but give our tes- timony to the undiminished spirit and success with which they are can. ried on. These concerts, we think,...


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STOCK EXCILANGE, FRIDAY AFTETt14002 1 • The unsettled state of France, as evinced by the fluctuating money-market of Paris, has caused a downward move in our own Funds....

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TRE POPE AND THE PROTESTANT ALLIANCE: TuE winter is not, it seems, to pass without a renewal of the politi. co-theological agitation with which we might —writers, speakers, and...

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a lesson in a more impressive tone and with a

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sterner monition. for carrying out the Metropolitan Interment Act as a whole were pursued with activity : negotiations were instituted to buy up ex- MOVEMENT WITHOUT MOTIVE....

still, all the complaint of stagnation in the political world,

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stand- still, dead-lock, and so forth, scarcely a day passes without giving vited to move in the direction of Catholic repudia tion. moving in the direction of Catholic...

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IT has not been long before we are reminded what is meant by the prophecy of Mr. Glyn, that the railway . anarchy must result in loss and disaster. The accident at Weedon is a...


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Glasgow, 24th November 1861. Sia — I observe in your last. number the request of "A. B. IL" Being but a cursory reader of the Titles, and not having the privilege of access to a...

Ittterg to tht

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ME. KINGSLEY'S CASE. 23 Russell Phee, 25th _November 1851. Ste—May I request that you will do me the favour to insert in your next number the following remarks upon a letter...

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OMEOlID UNIVERSITY STATUTES.' THESE two volumes; the former of which was published some years, ago, contain a translation of the Caroline-or Laudian. Statutes ; pro-. mulgated...

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Tills volume might be considered in some sort as a pendent to Loyola and Jesuitism ; since the revival of a more earnest reli- gious spirit and the formation of a new religious...


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title, this annual gift-book of Mr. Bartlett will hardly answer expectation. Jerusalem and surrounding places memorable in the Gospel narrative—the spots in Palestine distin-...

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l. The Old Engagement is a genuine " tale " of the old school ; quiet, natural, and but for its truthfulness might be pronounced tame. There is no forced smartness in the...

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Boors. With few exceptions, the books included in the ample list for the week have either beennoticed in preceding pages, or they consist of reprints. History of General Sir...

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THE BREVET. WAR41EFICE, Nov. 21.—Her Majesty has been pleased to appoint the undermen- tioned officers of the East India Company's Forces to take rank by Brevet in her...


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On the 8th September, at Wuzeerabad, Punjaub, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Wellesley, 11. M. Tenth Regiment, of a daughter, stillborn. On the 17th November, at Kinnaird...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices ) Salad. Monday. Tuestirty. 1rednes. oq 98 914 981 92 98 91 981 97 8 1 98 97 8 / 971 99 99 7 1 98 7 2 98 7 / — — — 2141 2141 — 264 — 2841 55...


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PARTNERSHIPS DItSOLYED.—]fartin and Co. Plymouth, coachuilders—Knibb, Brothers, Oundle, drapers—Broughton and Co. Arthur Street, New Oxford Street as far as regards C....

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