2 AUGUST 1975

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A challenge to property and the law

The Spectator

The ambiguity which, has been allowed to grow up around the law on squatting is fast becoming intolerable, and even more intolerable has been the increasingly casual and...

Kuldip Nayar

The Spectator

The real force of a general problem or crisis strikes us only when the affair comes to have a personal application. Thus it is With the arrest of The Spectator's Indian...

Mrs. Thatcher

The Spectator

and dé tente Mrs Thatcher's forceful analysis of the real character of the détente policy, and her sharply-worded criticism of the prospects for the Helsinki summit were...

Football problems

The Spectator

The first rash of transfer deals reminds us that, incredible though it may seem, the Association Football season is now but three weeks away — and yet England are about to enter...

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Letters to the Editor

The Spectator

Crime and punishment Sir: Your qualified approval of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act ('A Spectator's Notebook' 26 July) is surprising enough, coming from your pen, but what...

Proportional representation

The Spectator

Sir: As a relatively new reader, won over by your unflinching stand against the lunacies of the EEC, I found your leader attacking proportional representation to be a great...

The Prentice affair

The Spectator

Sir: The most regretable part of the Prentice affair, was the attitude of the media towards the delegates to the General Management Committee by dubious and devious means the...

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Tory paralysis

The Spectator

From Lt-Cdr Noel Pauhey, RN (Rtd) Sir: As usual, the pundits are wrong. The real threat to our country lies neither With over-mighty trade unions nor with the present Labour...


The Spectator

Sir: Might I take the liberty of commenting upon several issues raised in your editorial (IRA hostilities') of July 19. Firstly, let it he clearly stated that. there is no...


The Spectator

Sir: I am grateful for all the free plugs The Spectator has been giving us for Bill Grundy's new gossip column in Punch, but 'Peregrine' ought at least to make some attempt to...

TT' journalists

The Spectator

Sir: I don't know where Robert Ashley swallowed the lie that Financial Times journalists are the best paid in the business (July 26), but it certainly wasn't in my pub. He's...


The Spectator

Sir: Ten per cent? Six pounds a week? Parity is all we seek. The Boss is gaoled. The Statesmen roar. The Statesmen they want twenty-four. Sybil King 6 Heather Brow, Claughton,...

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The row about Reg

The Spectator

Patrick Cosgrave The Prentice affair has managed to sustain news interest — and interest at Westminster, for that matter — long after the meeting of the Newham General...

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A Spectator's Notebook

The Spectator

Mr Enoch Powell's attack on the Constitutional Convention in Ulster, and the quest for devolution that The Spectator particularly has supported, will inevitably lead his critics...

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Spectator peregrinations

The Spectator

Quite the most important social event London will see for some time occurred at The Spectator last Thursday. It marked not only a change of ownership but also our impending move...

Westminster corridors

The Spectator

It is an old observation which has been made of Politicians that they would rather ingratiate themselves with their Masters (Mr Robin Day and the morons of the Mass Media) than...

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Book marks

The Spectator

The race to break into print about Mrs Margaret Thatcher is hotting up. Last month I revealed that two seasoned politicos were each hoping to earn a penny or two from...

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'The Money Panic —a guide for survival in six parts

The Spectator

Final part: A recovery Condensed from the book by Martin D. Weiss What is the prime move of history — the material forces of the marketplace or the ideas of min? In parts one,...