3 OCTOBER 1835

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All this is as it should be. At the next

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election these trick- lowing— sters will have to hoist Tory colours. They will not again be Carthagena. permitted to refer to the trimming speeches of Sir ROBERT PEEL PALAFOX...

Leopold andhisQueen at Ramsgate 913 Fine Arts 931 disasters at

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Madrid. There had been riots, it was said, of the po- Advert'sments 953 - 956 pulace, and desertion bv the military : General ALAVA had declined — to enter the Cabinet of...

news to report this week. Strenuous exertions are made by

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both mandy. He is busied in preparing for a grand entertainment to The attempt to unseat Messrs. OCONNELL and RUTH YEN b these crises ; there is no use in dissembling it. Our...

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The Earl of GOSFORD was sworn in as Governor of

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Canada the beginning of last month. Lord AYLMER was expected to take his departure from Quebec on the 15th of September.

ebe SittrupaItti.

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The Livery met at the Guildhall, on Tuesday, to elect a Lord Mayor for the ensuing year. Lord Winchester took the chair amidst hisses and hooting. After a few preliminary...

Accounts from the United States have been received to the

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8th of September. The elections of Members to serve in the ensu- ing Congress had all terminated, except those in the States of Maryland and Mississippi. It is said, that of the...

On Monday, Messrs. Lainson arid Salomons were duly sworn in

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as Sheriffs of London for the ensuing year. On Wednesday, the Sheriffs elect attended at the Court of Excite- (pier, with the Lord Mayor and several Aldermen, to be sworn in...

etc , eattrt.

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THE King and Queen have spent nearly the whole of the week at Windsor. On Wednesday, his Majesty came to town and held a Privy Council at St. James's Palace. The Council was...

Lord DURHAM arrived at Constantinople on the 3d of Septem-

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ber. The Barham was escorted through the Dardanelles by two Turkish gun-boats. Lord DURHAM was received with due ho- nours, and a guard was offered him by the Sultan, which he...

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Messrs. Coventry and Mr. Martin proceeded with the revision of

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the county of Middlesex lists on Saturday. In the parish of St. Luke's, two brothers, named Sims, were objected to by tire Tories. One of them was asked by Mr. Adey, if he had a...

The Common Council met on Thursday, and passed resolutions in

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favour of abolishing the fines imposed by the Livery Companies on persons taking up their freedom in the city of London, and to petition to Parliament to repeal the declaration...

The Revising Barristers continued their labours on Saturday. Mr.

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Tandy!' decided that the vote of 'Mr. ofCharterhouse Square, was good, because, although he was not rated, he paid an increased rent to his landlord in consideration of the...

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The Wesleyan ministers of' London have resolved to celebrate the

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printing of Coverdale's Bible, to-morrow, by offering public thanks to God for the Protestant Reformation. A circular on the subject has been issued by the Reverend Richard...

Ebt Countrp.

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The Liberals of Newark gave a public dinner on the 25th ultimo to their Representative, Mr. Sergeant Wilde ; who took the opportu- nity of addressing them on the subject of his...

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Lord John Russell returned the following answer to the Taunton

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address, which was presented to him by Sir Thomas Lethbridge and other gentlemen, at the residence of the Reverend Sidney Smith, at Coombe Flora, last week. " Gentlemen-1 beg...

Two hundred and fifty Tories of North Lancashire, members of

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the Conservative Association, dined together at Preston on Monday, Lord Skelmersdale in the chair. In proposing " Church and State," his Lordship expressed his disapprobation of...

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The progress of the registration in the ceuntry proves the

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zeal and activity of both Liberals and Tcries. We continue our selections from the provincial journals, with some hiliirmation derived from pri- vate sources, relative to the...

Rather singular accidents betel two of the clergymen who were

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in- vited to the ball at Burghley house, on Wednesday week. The Rather singular accidents betel two of the clergymen who were in- vited to the ball at Burghley house, on...


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Mr. O'Connell made his triumphal entry into Dublin on Tuesday afternoon. The Courier's correspondent says- " De arrived at hAfpast four o'clock, and was received on the pier at...

The Dublin Tories must wish themselves well out of the

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affair of the Election Commission. Their tools have "split;" and the result is the discovery of a base plot to suborn some needy wretches to brings false charge of bribery...

The Corporation of Bristol have exercised a sound discretion in

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availing themselves of their power to abolish the Town-dues, for which they deserve the warmest thanks of their fellow citizens ; for, by- the 92d clause of the Municipal Reform...

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Lord .Mitigrave met with a triumphant reception from the Liberals

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of Derry. He entered time city on the 25th ultimo, escorted by a troop of dragoons, and was received by Lord Garvagh, the Lord-Lieutenant of the county, by the Mayor and...


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On Wednesday week, the day after the dinner, at Glasgow, Mr. O'Connell repaired to the Baptist chapel to receive a complimentary address from the Negro Emancipation Society....

The Dublin Packet contains a long letter from the Reverend

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Mr. W. B. Surrey, Rector of Borrishoole, giving an account of a brutal outrage committed on the steward of the Reverend Mr. Stoney, of Newport, in Mayo, on the 16th ultimo, at...

At a meeting of the united parishes of Kileolman and

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Robin, in time county of Mayo, the following resolutions, directed against the landlords who have made themselves responsible for tithes, were adopted- " 'Dint we have heard...

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The Central Beard for vindicating the rights of Scottish Dissenters,

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have addressed a memorial to Lord John Russell, complaining of the ]arse proportion of Churchmen on the Scottish Church Commission. I he following are extracts . from this...

".',Er. O'Sullivan, Captain Gordon, st ith a few of the

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Scottish clergy., and a considerable number of the more bigoted people of ti:e town, held a " Pietesteutt " meeting at Paisley, on Tuesday inst. 'atholies were eltalleiesed to...

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The powerful steam-ship Perth arrived this morning from Dundee, after

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a most tempestuous voyage. Among her passengers were the Earl of Camperdown, Sir H. Duncau, Lady Maria Ogilby, Admiral Thomson, amid other persons of distinction. We observe...


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Arrived — At troywenro Sept. nth, Eleanor, I lavelock. from Ceylon ; 31th, Din vegan Castle. Howard. from Bengal; Vestula, Christian, from the Cape; Addiaglitte Sedgewiek ; and...

The Times is relaxing in its abuse of O'CONNELL. This

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morning it only dedicates about three of its columns to that purpose ; but, by way of compensation to its Orange patrons, the late Leading Journal delivers a homily on the...

The Commission of the General Assembly of the Church of

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Scot- land has resolved not to oppose the inquiry into the state of its funds ordered by the Government. On the contrary, the Clergy and Church Courts are to give the...

Sit Went flea tt4.

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Letters may now be sent by private ships to and from Great Britain and Ireland, and ere liable to a sea postage of eightpence, over and above any inland rate, the previous...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY ArrEntroow. A considerable change has taken place in the Money Market since our last, and the firm appearance which it has for come time exhibited has...


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• FA - UR DAY NIGHT. The morning newspapers furnish but little news. Eaaso, who was expected to replace ZUMALACARREGUY, as leader of the Carlist in- surgents, died on the 22d...

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DRURY LANE. The Lessee, we are told, has selected " the most eminent talent of the two Great Theatres," and formed "the most powerful company that expense or research could...

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TO TI1E EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Broadstairs, 1st October I535. Sin—A grand day for Ramsgate was last Tuesday. A blusteriug and cloudy anomie; ushered in a cheerful and serene...

Opinions:I of the Prir411.

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THE HOUSE OF PEERS. WESTMINSTER Revirw—The existence of the House of Lords as a separate branch of the Legislature has been supported on threegrounds- Ist. By De Loline ;...

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REFORM OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS : SERGEANT WILDE'S SPEECH AT NEWARK. THE progress of the registration holds out no prospect of any material change being effected in the relative...

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TRADE AND GOVERNMENT. SUFFICIENT CHIC has not elapsed to afLrd the means of forming an adequate judgment either of the political or commercial results of the recent acts of...


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1V1resr we stated a fortnight ago in this journal, that some of the more sagacious Tories considered that the " game was up" with their party, we by no means spoke at random,...

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WE insert the following letter (from which we have erased a few passages), in order to throw a little additional light on the subject of the late job, under the name of a...


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THE following paragraph has appeared in several of the Daily Papers. at A meeting of the Association of Licensed Victuallers in the parish of St. Paul, Shadwell, and adjacent...

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Incest,. Visit to Alexandria, Damascus, and Jerusalem, eltirin; the sateeperat Campai g n of Ibrahim Pasha. By Edward No gg , M.D. In 9 vuls Seamier/ and Utley. MISCELL*NEUUS...

It was the late Earl of Chatham who recommended Prettyman

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as Private Secretary to Pitt, after he had incurred his displeasure for some act of meanness whilst he was his tutor at Pembroke Hall. Prettyman ultimately played a cunning and...


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of the present generation a journey to the Holy Land was in reality a pilgrimage to be accomplished with nearly as much difficulty and privation as during the middle ages, so...

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THE greater part of this agreeable and instructive volume con- sists of the pith of conversations held ,by the reminiscent with the great historian. These colloquies have the...

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CONTINUES the life of the author of Twelve Years' Military Ad- venture from the close of the Peninsular war to the present time. The first incident in the book is the hero's...

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FORTHCOMING womis. TIIF. week having brought no new accession to our portfolio, we have taken a survey of the works in prospective ; and they are both nume- rous and...