6 AUGUST 1983

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Jekyll and Hyde

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M ost of the post-election publicity directed at the unions has misleading- ly concentrated on the hollow posturings of Mr Arthur Scargill, whose arithmetic, bor- rowed from the...

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Political commentary

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Mrs Thatcher's mote Charles Moore 'Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's...

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A lthough Ernestine Carter worked for many years on the Sunday Times, she always said that she much preferred the Telegraph, not only because of their superior news service but...


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UK Eire Surface mail Air mail S months: £15.50 112E17.75 i15.50 £24.50 One year: £31.00 IRL35.50 £37.00 £49.00 Cheques to be made payable to the Spectator and sent to...

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A dangerous irrelevance

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Tony Allen-Mills Managua, Nicaragua T he US State Department recently issued a glossy 20-page background paper on Central America 'in the interest of con- tributing to a better...

Auberon Waugh is on holiday

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No Vietnam

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Richard West O nce more we are told that the troubles of Central America face the United States with a 'new Vietnam'. The same warning reached a crescendo a year ago when the...

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The Armenian recovery

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Bohdan Nahaylo I n 1930 the Russian poet Osip Mandelstam went on a long pilgrimage to the portion of the ancient land of Armenia which in the early 1920s had become part of the...

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No one leaves Lebanon

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Charles Glass Beirut 'No government is unwilling to make allies. But when these allies send large armies, over which it has no control, to in- vade its territory, expecting to...

One hundred years ago

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Sir, — I think the question has beep mooted in your columns as to whether dogs sometimes understand our lan- guage. A circumstance that has just oc- curred leads me to think...

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I was a Blackshirt menace

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Ronald W. Jones T he only Labour speaker I heard at any length during the election campaign warned that Mrs Thatcher's followers were hellbent on installing a right-wing...

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My Idea of a University

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Jo Grimond I have been reading for the second or third time John Sparrow's Clark Lec- tures. They are called Mark Pattison and the Idea of a University. Sparrow is a...

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Unfair to South Africa

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Alan Gibson I was rather sorry that MCC decided not to send a side to South Africa, for two quite different reasons. The first was that South African cricketers do seem to have...

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In the City

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Judgment of Parkinson Jock Bruce-Gardyne R ole reversal usually offers innocent enjoyment to spectators. As the champion of competition, the Labour Party is about as Plausible...

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The press

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Keep it in the family Paul Johnson I n a letter to the Times last Friday, Lord Devlin remarked that the case of Gillick v West Norfolk Health Authority 'may well be socially...

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A sense of the absurd

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Colin Welch T abour is a socialist party, 'or it is nothing'. It was Eric Heffer speaking in the great televised Labour leadership debate. Down memory lane I wandered off. How...

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Not Oxford's Church Sir: is the Church dead? asks A. N. Wilson (23 July). Having witnessed the faded Jamboree of the Oxford Movement he Comes to the conclusion that it is, and...

Banks and _wills

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Sir: The Government has directed that what would have been protracted court pro- ceedings against the Stock Exchange be abandoned, thereby, it is reported, saving millions of...

Sir: A. N. Wilson's article (23 July) has, joyfully, laid

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bare the bones of the silent majority. What price the Oxford Movement if the Church of England is allowed to progress, unwittingly, towards a unity with Rome, in form, if not...

Sir: As an Anglo-Catholic I was much amused by A.

The Spectator

N. Wilson's description of the 150th anniversary celebrations of the Oxford Movement (23 July). I agree with many of his observations regarding the Present state of the Church...

Babes and sucklings

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Sir: Andrew Brown, in his article about incest in Sweden (23 July), says that the estimates of a ten per cent incidence of this vice appear to be derived from studies done in...

ne Grub Street

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Sir: You rightly reprobate the unnecessary renaming of Selous Street in Camden (Notebook, 23 July), but the problem is not a new one. I scribble away opposite the eponymous...

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The Austen family Elizabeth Jenkins A Goodly Heritage: A History of Jane Austen's Family George Holbert Tucker (Carcanet Press £9.95) fictor Gollancz used to say that while...

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Francis King When 1 Was Otherwise Stephen Benatar (Bodley Head £7.95) F rom time to time, as the eye skims across the shallows of the daily newspaper, it is hooked by a small...


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Andrew Brown Catch a Fire: The Life of Bob Marley Timothy White (Elm Tree Books £9.95) B ob Marley, a Jamaican mulatto who died in 1981 of cancer in the liver, l ungs, and...

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Trial and error

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Taki The Von Bulow Affair William Wright (Arlington Books £9.95) his is a step-by-step account of the 1. events that led to the conviction of Claus von Bulow for the attempted...

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Universal appeal

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Peter Ackroyd Skywalking: The Life and Films of George Lucas Dale Pollock (Elm Tree Books £9.95) Cleorge Lucas, at the age of 39, has directed or produced nine films among them...

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Pulling a fast one

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Eric Jacobs De Lorean Ivan Fallon and James Srodes (Hamish Hamilton £8.95) T he story of John De Lorean is that rarest of things, a soap opera with an ending, a tale of...

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Harriet Waugh J titian Rathbone's new political thriller, Watching the Detectives, returns to his Im aginary European setting starring his right-wing hero, Commissioner Jan...

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Peter Levi M y nice old-fashioned publisher tells me there are so many books about Britain at present that none of them sell many copies. But my other, whizzish, diabolical...

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Sun dance Peter Ackroyd The Rise to Power of Louis XIV ('U', Minema, Knightsbridge) Q ince this film was , made in 1966 1.../(for Italian television) and its director died...


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Bicentenary John McEwen David Cox 1783-1859 (Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery till 14 October; Street, WI, till 12 August) avid Cox passed the prime of his career h is...

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Worthy Maureen Owen T he Today pro g ramme recently drew attention to a poll conducted in the United States which asked radio listeners what kind of material they preferred...

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No great shakes Giles Gordon Tartuffe (RSC: The Pit) Smile Orange (Tricycle) Annie Wobbler (New End) IVI oliere's Tartuffe, in Christopher Hampton's low-keyed and unflashy t...

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Suspect Richard Ingrams I didn't bother to watch the second of Dr Anthony Clare's Motives as the inter- viewee was the former Postmaster General and jailbird John Stonehouse....

High life

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Ladies' men Taki T f I had known that Arthur Koestler was /also a womaniser my admiration for him would have been even greater. Having just read some extracts from George...

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Low life

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Loopy Jeffrey Bernard W hat people will do to be loved! Dear God. There's a dog in the house I've been weekending in which got me thinking about it. She eats your shoes and...


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Silliness P.J. Kavanagh I t is odd that some professions seem, to some people, inherently ridiculous. There is a play by Graham Greene called The Complaisant Lover in which...

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Crisis Raymond Keene A ll hell has broken loose over the venues for the Candidates' semi-final matches between Kasparov and Korchnoi and Smyslov and Ribli. In face of a...


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No. 1281: Alma Mater Set by Jaspistos: An extract, please (max- imum 150 words), from the pre-war memoirs of a precocious teenage aesthete, of either sex, at a public or...

No. 1278: The winners

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Report by Jaspistos: Competitors were ask- ed for a sonnet beginning, as one of Wordsworth's does, 'Clarkson! that was an obstinate ... ' Well, er, actually it doesn't: it...

The Chequers Chess Competition No.2

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Copies of last week's issue containing the £200 Chequers chess competition are still available at £1 (post paid) from Back Numbers, The Spectator, 56 Doughty Street, London WC1N...

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Solution to 616: An apple a day

The Spectator

L • E '6 W N . E ' D A 1 R I E j ER T■E s i rcN ' .0 E NIETIPUJIW A NID E'L'A ,E .D • RI IIN E N E N D S IA L si s 10 O A K N E 'AI S D S T LLA „I EIN R keeps the DR...

Crossword 619

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A prize of ten pounds will be awarded for the first correct solution opened on 22 August. Entries to: Crossword 619, The Spectator, 56 Doughty Street, London WCIN 2LL. a 1 10...

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Portrait of the week

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T owards the end of the new Conservative government's first session the Tories received a bad fright in the by-election for Lord Whitelaw's old seat of Penrith and the Border,...

Books Wanted

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HELIOGABALUS by Louis Coperius and 'At Century's Ebb' by Cyprian Cope. Barry Hum- phries, Garrick Club, Garrick Street, London W 1 . DICTIONARY OF THOUGHT (Tryon Ed- wards...