7 APRIL 1855

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THE sittings of the Conference at Vienna have been further sus- pended until the 9th instant, to reassemble in greater strength. M. Dronyn de Lhuys has arrived; and about the...

It is to the necessity of the season rather than

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to the repeated promises of the telegraph that we trust, when we suppose that be- fore long we must hear something decisive from SebastopoL The 3d of the present month was last...

Authority, we are now informed, has been sent out to

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the Go- vernor of Wye Scotia to raise a foreign legion for active service under the British Crown ; two regiments to be composed of natu- ral-born subjects of the Queen. It is...

According to a new arrangement, the quarterly returns of the

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revenue came out on Saturday—on the last day of the month, instead of being delayed until the 5th or in one quarter to the 10th day of the ensuing month. This new arrangement...

The entertainment given by the Representative Chamber of Sar- diuia

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to General La Marmora and the officers of his army bound for the Crimea is an event as eloquent in its signification as any that has taken place in Turin. When the Government...

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(Of ft nits.

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At a meetingof the Court of Common Council, on Thursday, specially convened for ft purpose,- it was resolved nem. con. that a committee should be appointed to prepare an address...

The Earl of Harrowby is a real accession to the

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Palmerston Government. It is not stated whether his appointment to be Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster is accompanied by a seat in the Cabinet; but if his colleagues...

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AT a Privy Council held on Saturday at Buckingham Palace, Earl Granville resigned the seals of the Duchy of Lancaster, and the Earl of Har- rowby was sworn of the Privy Council...

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The Baltic fleet, it was publicly reported, would sail from Portsmouth on Tuesday a little after mid-day. Crowds of persons from all parts ga- thered together, and waited,...

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fortigu mar (Colonial.

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FnAncz.—Since his last return to Paris, General Wedell had been only once in communication with the French Government ; ho was invited to be present at the review of the...


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As three Irish Peerages have lately lapsed by death, it fell to the lot of Lord Palmerston, under the provisions of the Union Act, to create one new Peer. The Premier has...


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The installation of the Duke of Argyll as Lord Rector of the University of Glasgow was performed on Thursday last week, with the usual cere- monies, in the presence of the...

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Our readers may recollect that the many discussions in the House of Lords on the subject of the Militia resulted in the determination of Government to offer those men who had...

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The installation of Mr. Layard, as Lord Rector of the

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Mariachal Col- lege and University of Aberdeen, took place on Thursday, in the pre- sence of a gathering of local officials and notables. Sir Andrew Leith Hay and Sir John...

As the fleet was sailing past Brighton on Wednesday night,

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a large Ame- riean merchantman, the George Hurlbert, ran foul of the Duke of Welling- ton , stem on. Serious damage was done to both ships. The man-of-war lost her foreyard,...


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SATURDAY. As the Conference at Vienna will reopen on Monday, it is interesting to know that the actors are all at their posts. The Turkish Plenipoten- tiary, Aali Effendi,...

The Honiteur publishes a full despatch from General Canrobert, giving

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an account of the French share in repelling the sortie of the 22d March, He points eat, with a distinctness not yet expressed elsewhere, the pecu- liar and momentous character...


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Broca Excussox, THURSDAY Arras:coos. The forthcoming Budget of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, fixed for the 20th instant, has enlisted a large share of interest this week,...

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A return moved for by Lord Alfred Paget gives the names of the officers who have received gratuities for wounds sustained in the Crimea, and men- tions the nature and severity...


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Mademoiselle Dupont, a celebrated actress in high comedy, who made her debilt at the Theatre Francais in 1810 and retired in 1840, reap- peared last week on the occasion of her...

The Directors of the Royal Italian Opera have issued their

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programme of the season ; which, they state, is to begin on the 10th of this month and end early in August. The company will consist chiefly of old acquaintances : it is very...


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A return moved for by Mr. Peacocks of the value of all Regimental Com- missions in the Cavalry and Infantry, states the number of full-pay com- missions at 5553, and the total...

Among the tolerated entertainments of Passion week, musical perform- ances

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are conspicuous. On Monday night there was a conglomeration of concerts. Mr. Allcroft had one of his "monsters" in the now deserted' Lyceum ; where a great assemblage feasted...

t Imam null Zusir.

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An extraordinary amateur performance at the Olympic Theatre on Saturday last has given the theatrical world matter whereon it may dis- course during a week when by the usages of...

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EASTER 1855. EASTER comes to us, this year, not only as the anniversary of the event which forms the common centre of the religious beliefs and feelings of all Christendom, but...


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The declared value of the exports to foreign parts, as stated in the Trade and Navigation Accounts, continues to show a downward tendency. For the year ending 5th January, the...


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L An Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of the United Kingdom, in the undermentioned periods, ended March 31, 1855, compared with the corresponding periods of the...

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Ix is difficult to suppose that Russia can gain any new lights by the interval of time accorded to her in the adjournment of the Con- ference until the 9th of this month. They...

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IN our climate charity seems to flourish beat as a parasite. Those who have to spare are seldom so ready with their munificence as when they have a direct' motive of a different...

The ease itself is very simple and distinct. In March.1853,

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the Ostsee was on her•voyage from Leith to Cronstadt ; there she took in a cargo of wheat, by the 16th of May completed the for- malities, and left the port. The English Admiral...

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WHEN a huntsman requires a horse, he goes to some well-known stable, and selects one of those beasts, all muscle, sinew, and bone, with which we are familiar in sporting prints...

ItIttro to tip

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FEVER IN TRANSPORT SHIPS. 3, Mincing Lane, 4th April 1865. SIR—Fever of a malignant character having broken out in some of the transports at Balaklava, I would feel obliged if...

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Lesketh How, Ambleside, 2d April 1855. Sin—I regret to see that Dr. Andrew Smith, in the evidence he has given before the Committee of Inquiry relative to the Army in the...


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BISHOP COLENSO'S TEN WEEKS IN NATAL! THIS volume is the narrative of a preliminary visitation of his diocese by Dr. Colenso, to examine the ecclesiastical condition of the...

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facts and opinions in books of travel, the original histories of modern Italy, from the down- fall of Napoleon, and even from an earlier period, are numerous, and readily...

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As an exposition of the wretched state of things at Scutari, or of the suffering and death caused by the sluggish incapacity of the medical authorities, this volume is too late...

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DI‘CHLLOCH'S LIFE OF ADAM SMITH. * THE leading events in the

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life of Adam Smith are well known ; such as the offices he filled, and the dates of his publications. Some particulars of his habits and peculiarities have been preserved ; and...

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HERB the author of " Mary Powell" has not only left the auto- biographical fiction in which the diction and ideas of olden times were revived, but has passed beyond the mere...


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Boons. _Life of Thomas Young, F.R.S., &c., and one of the eight Fo- reign Associates of the National Institute of France. By George Pea- cock, D.D., F.R.S., F.G.S., F.B.A.S.,...

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this standard art guide oomes opportunely to remind one of Sir-Charles Eastlake's literary services to the cause of painting, now that he holds his third important office in the...

inp arts.

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THE NATIONAL GALLERY. The appointment of Sir Charles Eastlake to the new office of salaried Director of the National Gallery carries out the most important recom- mendation...

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A set of specimens of bookbinding by Mr. Riviera, of No. 28 Great Queen Street, Lincoln's. Inn Fields, has been open to inspection by in- vitation this week previously to being...


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Arominaurv, March 29.-Corps of Royal Marines-Brevet-CapL R. W. Meheux, retired full-pay, to be Major, the rank being honorary only, under the provision of her Majesty's Order in...


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- OFFICE OP ORDNANCE, April 2.-Corps of Royal Engineers-Second Capt. D. Gal- ton, on the Seconded List, to be Capt. ; Second Capt. H. W. Barlow to be Capt. vice Craigie, killed...


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Tuesday, April 3. PaarnmstimsDISSOLTED.-G. and D. Piccirillo, John Street, Minoriee, shipping- agents-11. H. and H. k•rankbarn, Wilson Street, Gray's Inn Road, barometer-manu-...


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On the 15th March, at Cairo. the Wife of . R. J. Elrington, Esq., Tenth Royal Hussars, of a son. On the 27th, at Down Amney, Wilts, the Lady Maria Ponsonby, of a daughter. ;On...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Salim!. Monday. Tuesday. Wears. 3 per Cent Consols 92/ Ditto for Account 92 3 per Cents Reduced - New 3 per Cents. - Long Annuities Bank...