10 APRIL 1936, Page 40

"The Spectator" Crossword No. 185


IA prize of one guinea will be gtven to the sender of the first oozed solution of this week's crossword puzzle to be opened. Envelopes should be ,narked "Crossword Puzzle," and shordd be received not later than first post on Tuesday. No envelopes will be opened before noon on Tuesday. Solution should be on the ferns appearing besow. The name of the winner ,r11 be publishe I in oar nest issue. Ennptopes containtng solutions must Val a three-halfpenny tramp. otherwise then are surcharued on delivery.1

ACROSS 1. This antiquary, I suppose, is a teetotaller !

9 and 6. This demands an ex- planation.

14. A funambulist's financial statement 17. A drier coat (anag.).

18. This makes the sky gloomy.

19. "Could I come near your beauty with my. . I'd set my ten command- ments in your face." 21. rev. Sauciest.

23. rev. Often applied to high places.

24. The odds are 500-1 before you get the ring.

25. Golden eagle.

26. rev. "An idle youth, a. . . age."

30. Vowels, 31. Lumbermen should be good at puffing each other's literary works!

34. rev. 4,840 sq. yds.

35. This well-known gentleman is celebrating bis cen- tenary.

DOWN I. There's a twist in this bond.

2. rev. In the manner of a liqueur ?

3. Left on a shield.

4. Not so pleasant as being a Cr.

5. When 3 doet, not get in.

6. In 21 across. 7. "Deserted, at his utmost By those his bounty fed." 8. rev. 23.

10. Thing hard to believe if an R.A. is concerned in it 1 II. 30.

12. Came to an end.

13. "Beauty, which, whether waking or asleep, ... forth peculiar graces."

15. Be incorrect about 17.

16. A friend of 35.

20. Kinds of heather.

21. "Frailty, . . . name is woman!"

22. rev. Pledge used as a fruit when green.

27. Species of deer.

28. See 30.

29. rev. "He goes not out of his way, that goes to a good . . . "

32. Move sinuously in 33.

33. rev. See above.