10 AUGUST 1850, Page 10

At the monthly General Court of Commissioners of Sewers, yesterday,

the scheme of Mr. Frank Forster, the engineer of the Commission, for the- drainage of the Metropolis on the South bank of the Thames, was read by the Chairman.

The main features of the scheme are, that it proposes to collect the ordi- nary drainage of the Southern part of the Metropolis by four great principal arms, confluent at different point; and which ultitnately form a single trunk at Deptford, near Corner Street. Here the stream is to be " lifted by steam power, a height not exceeding twenty-five feet; and from tilt new elevation it will gravitate afresh to a point eight miles below London Bridge ; where will be formed "a double reservoir, capable of holding at least twenty-four hours' drainage, covered over, and elevated to such a height as to discharge the whole of its contents [into the Thames] at high-water, delivering them by means of pipes near the middle and at the bottom of the river. The sere will be lifted into the reservoir at this point (by means of an engine from the maim sewer ; -the invert of which is proposed to be at about mean low-water, and ten feet below the surface of the marshes." The " estimate " of these works is put by Mr. Forster at 241,2971.,. but the "expense" of the whole project was put by Mr. Hawes, a Com- missioner, at 500,0001.; and this sum it was proposed to raise by a loan payable in thirty years by thirty instalments of principal and interest The report was praised by Mr. Stephenson and Sir John Burgoyne, and was agreed to.

The Tenant Conference at Dublin finally: closed its sittings on. Thursday. It was also resolved to form an association to be named the Irish Tenant League, with the "sole objects" of protesting the tenant "hi the legal cooperation of persons of all classes and of all opinions on other subjects." Every person holding the tenant principles of' the League, and subscribing one shilling, to be a member; and its Council to consist of ten elected members from Dublin and ten each from the four Irish provinces at large. It was announced that 10,000k at least would be indispensable "to carry on the operations of the League."