10 AUGUST 1850, Page 19


On the 30th July, at Auchindarroch House, Argyllshire, Mrs. Campbell, of Auchin- darroch, of a son. On the 31st, at North Villa, Regent's Park, the Wife of Colonel Miles, of a son. On the 31st, at Colney House, St. Alban's, the Wife of the Rev. G. A. Oddie, of a San. On the 4th August. at Lowesby Hall, Leicestershire, the Wife of Frederick Thomas Fowke, Esq., of a daughter. MARRIAGES.

On the let August, at Burnham. the Rev. Edward Balaton, ALA., late Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, and Assistant Master of Eton College, to Harriet Anne, fourth daughter of the Jae.. Thomas Carter, Fellow of Eton College, and Vicar of Burnham.

On the 1st. at Great Amwcll Church, Herts. Stewart St. John Gordon, Esq., of the Bombay Civil Service. son of Major Robert Gordon, late Resident at Travancore, to Clara, eldest daughter of the Rev. Henry Melvill, B.C., Principal of the East India College.

On the M, at St. George's, Hanover Square, the Lord Rodney to Sarah, second daughter of the late John Singleton, Esq.

On the 6th, at St. George's. Hanover Square, Thomas Thistlethwayte, Esq., eldest son of Thomas Thistlethwayte, Esq., of Southwick Park, Hants, to Elizabeth Catha- rine, second daughter of the late Lieutenant-General the Hon. Sir Hercules Paken- ham, K.C.B., Forty-third Light Infantry; and also, at the seine time, William Verner, Esq., eldest son of tisr William Verner, Bart., of Churchill, county Armagh, to Mary Frances Hester, third daughter of the late Lieutenant-General the Hon. Sir Hercules Pakenhani. On the Stir, at St.,George'a, Hanover Square, Albert Ricardo, Esq., of Charles Street, Lowndes Square. to Charlotte Frances, youngest daughter a the late Mr Thomas Tyrwhitt Jones, Bart., of Stanley Hall. near Etridgenorth. On the 8th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, Francis Joseph, eldest son of Fran- cis Cresswell, Esq.. of King's Lynn, Norfolk, to Charlotte Frances Georgians, eldest daughter of the Hon. Frederick Gough and the Lady Charlotte Calthorpe Gough.

On the 6th, at St. Joint's Episcopal Ch..pel, Edinburgh, by the Rev. Berkeley Ad- dison, James Stuart Tytler, Younger of Woodhouseke. Esq., Writer to the Signet. to Mary Elizabeth. only child of Alexander Blair. Esq..Drylaw House.

Lately. at St. George's, Hanover Square, Jobs Weyland, Esq., eldest son of Richard Weyland, Esq., of Woodeaton. Oxford, to the Lady Catherine de Burgh, third daughter of the Marquis of Chunicarde.


On the 28th June, at Pest, Ryan William John. second sou of the late Major- General Sir Evan MacGregor, Bart., of MacGregor; in his 31st year. Oa the Mat July, at Mr. Charles Josses, at Siddington. Gloucestershire, Mary Procter, Relict of the late Jolla Eructed., bf the same place; in her 001.11 year.

On the 1st August, at Bangor, the Rev. B. T. H. Cole, MA., Rector of Warbleton, Sussex, and one of the Prebendaries of Chichester Cathedral; in his 88th year. On the 2d, at the Palace, Hampton Court, Lady Albinia Cumberland ; in her 92d year. On the 9d, in Caledonia Place, Clifton, the Rev. David Stewart Moncrieffe, fifty years Rector of Loxton, Somerset, and an acting Magistrate for that county ; in his 78th year. On the 3d, in Stratford Place, the Hon. John Wingfield Stratford ; in his 78th year. On the 3d, at Wallington Hall, Norfolk, Eliza Peel, the Wife of the late Robert Peel, Esq., and aunt to the late Sir Robert Peel, Bart.

On the 4th, at Cheltenham, John West, Esq. ; in his 93d year. On the 5th, at Alverstoke, the Lord Frederick Churchill, second son of the Mar- quis of Blandford ; in his 5th year.