10 AUGUST 1850, Page 4

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Tirs Queen gave a fête on Tuesday, to celebrate Prince Albert's thirty- first birthday (the 26th of August) by anticipation. The grounds of Os- borne were enlivened by games, in which the seamen of the Royal Yacht took a leading part. The Dutchess of Kent took leave of her Majesty on Monday; Prince Leopold of Saxe Cobourg Gotha left Osborne on Tuesday. The Duke and Dutchess of Bedford, the Dutchess of Sutherland with Lady Con- stance Gower, and Lord John Russell, have been invited to enjoy the hospitalities of Osborne.

The Dutchess of Kent, on returning from Osborne, proceeded to Frog- more ; where Prince Leopold of Saxe Cobourg Gotha, and Prince Edward of Saxe Weimar, became her guests. Yesterday she left London for Edinburgh, en route to Abergddie, Aberdeenshire.