10 MARCH 1838, Page 11

Alderman Winchester, whose domestic calamities had deprived him of reason,

died last night at the Asylum to which lie had been renam d. His death occasions a vac a icy in the ward of Vintry, of which he %las Alderman.—Globe.

A fire was discovered about half-past five on Tuesday morning, in the chambers of Mr. Maude, Paper Buildings, Temple ; and before it was got under, sets of chambers belonging to twenty-two gentlemen were destroyed,—including those belonging to Sir John Campbell, Mr. Erle, Mr. Hildyard, and Mr. R. B. Follett. It is said that some public as well as private inconvenience will be occasioned by tie burn. mg of the Attorney-General's papers. ,Mr. Hildyard had a narrow escape in his shirt to a brother barrister's chambers. The loss in law- books, deeds, and other property, is very great. It is supposed that a candle which Mr. Manle left burning in his bedroom when he went to sleep, set fire to some combustibles, and caused the conflagration.

Mr. Andrew Martin, French Consul, shot himself on Monday afternoon, at his residence in Suffolk Place, Trafalgar Square, with a fowling-piece. The report in the Courier says- " Ile had placed the monle close to the left templisand had somesed I Ee cringer with the toe of his hoot. One half of his skull was blown into shatters, stud his braitts were scattered about the coons. The decetteed miss aimed lift y sears of age, mud peeseteed large property. The cause of his committing the dreadful act is tiektioeu."

How the particulars of the shot became known, does not appear.