10 MARCH 1838, Page 11

C'bc Country.

Sir Edward Filmer was elected Member for West Kent at Maidstone, on Monday. There was 110 opposition to the Tories.

The election of a Member to serve in the room of Sir Gerard Noel is appointed to take place on the I:3th, at Oakhain Castle. There will be no opposition to the return of the Hon. W. M. Noel, who comes in on independent principles, but is a Conservative in the main.—Leeds


The Sheffield constituency have been holding meetings, for the purpose of discussing the propriety of demanding of Mr. Parker, M. P. for that borough, either the resignation of his scat, or of his office. The reason of this course is Mr. Parker's refusal to vote on the Ballot question.—Sheffield Iris. The Liberal constituents of Captain Winnington, Member for West Worcestershire, are much dissatisfied with that gentleman's sub- serviency to the Whigs, and especially with his absence from the Ballot division. A respected correspondent, belonging to a family which has given the Captain most efficient support, informs us that his defeat at the next election is certain, and that it would have been insured by his Whiggery, even if Lord Foley bad not sold the great Witley estate to the Tory Lord Ward. .." At a large meeting of the Hereford Reform Association, on Wed- nesday week, a vote of thanks was carried by acclamation to Mr. Clive, for his support of the Ballot in the division on Mr. Grote's motion.—Hereford Times. The Worcester Journal says, a paragraph having appeared in a new paper called the Worcester Chronicle, reflecting on Mr. Godson's chit. racter, the Hon. M. P. for Kidderminster has published an advertise- ment in the Ten Towns Messenger, in which he has put at full length the names of the twenty-five noblemen and gentlemen to whom the Chronicle belongs, ander which is the following letter.

" My Lords and Gentlemen—Yon have done me an injury by inserting a fool libel

TimY amni■tatllialurt;er prer frtel5tt aslant. Intgfae;tleeo=lUl;olCoecv, aleaclpsoodi,,thatyourparagpl a mean, contemptible untruth. I am your obedient servant,


It seems that during the Easter bolydays, Sir Francis Burdett is to be exhibited to admiring Tories in Manchester, in the character of" the fine old English gentleman." The entertainment on the occasion is to be an operative Conservative dinner, on the Wednesday in Easter week. It is said that Lord Francis Egerton and Mr. Boole Wilbraham are also expected to grace the affair with their presence.—Manchester Guardian.