10 MARCH 1838, Page 13

1 Four Members-..." a Radical quartett "—say the too facetious

Minis. terial scribes, comprise the total number of those who were prepared to vote for the censure on Lord GLENELG. How has that point been ascertained ? We happen to know, that among the 2'2 Liberal Ab- sentees, more at least than four were prepared to vote with Sir IV It.- tun MoLeswonTit, bad they been present, and his motion been pressed to a division. Moreover, among those who voted against the Tory amendment—couched as it was in high Tory language—there were a large number who, apart from the consideration of " letting in the Tories," would gladly see Lord GLENELG removed, and entirely Concur in the opinion of his unfitness for the office he holds. To put this question beyond doubt, will some serviceable Member move a vote of confidence in Lord GLENLIA, which Ministers themselves did not venture to propose, in accordance with the last precedent, set them by Mr. CANNING?