10 MARCH 1838, Page 13

A correspondent, who has read the explanation in Colonel THUMP-,

SON'S letter, of the manner in which the small number of Radical voters prevented the election of the IVItig. Radical candidate, suggests the following as a more simple method of arriving at the same result. The caleulaf is ingenious ; and goes to demonstrate the extreme east. with which the Radicals, with a very little show on the poll, may stop a Whig election.

At the last election, the Tory was in a minority of 560. Now be is in a Majority of 900. Difference 960. Allow him half of his former minority, or 280, for the additional slumber of Tories in town at this season of the year. There remain therefore 680 Wee for the Radicals to pull down, to make a minority fur the Whigs of 400.

There voted for the Radical candidate 186

Suppose as many men alto would not vote at all 186

Suppose there voted for the Toe!, 154

Whose votes must be counted twice 154

Sum 680 " You see," says our correspondent, " that instead of the nonsense of 1,500 Radicals voting for the Tory, it only wanted 154 to do it, and 186 more to refuse voting at all—and there is the Whig-Radical mino- rity of 400 accounted for."

The quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the Bank of Englund, from the 14th December 1837 to the 6th of March 1838—


Circulation £18,600,000 Securities £22,792.000 Deposits 11,535,000 Bullion 10,015,0110


£32,807,000 A comparison with the last statement shows an increase in the liabilities of 39.1,0001., in the deposits of 269,0001., in the securities of 223,0001., and in the bullion of 472,0001.