10 MARCH 1838, Page 14


Arrived--At Gravesend. March 5. Sir .1. Beresfordi Mitchell, from Singapore : 7th A mwell, Hesse. from Ma. rr i t Ms; George Canning. wian. from Ceylon ; and Aurora; ('oz. from Bengal. Ott Margate. 7th. Renown. *Leath from ditto. At Deal. 50t. Patriot, Burton, from the Cape. Off Falmouth, 7th. Hope. Coombs, front Bengal: and Mary Taylor, Early, from Mauritius. At Bristol. 6th. W. Harms. Norrie, from Bengal. At Liverpool, 5th. Sultan. Poole ; 6th, D. Wheeler. Hooch; Africa, Boodle ; and 7th. John Marsh, Clem, from Bengal. At St. lieleua, Jan. 16th. Wamlatin. Donald. from Bengal. At the Cape, Dec. 29th, Matilda. Coatis, from LOIRiOII. At the Mauritius. Nov. 27, Norfolk, M.Gildowney ; 30th. S. Baker. Wild; Dec. 2,1. Calypso. Smith ; Elizabeth, Saunders; end 5th, Advocate. Wilkinson, from London. At Bombay. previous to 30th Dec. Malabar. -; Gangem,''A rill ie ; Gilmore. Lindsay ; Carnatic. Brodie; Berkshire. Clarkson, from Loudon ; Ileywood. -. from Llattelly. Bombay Packet, -; and Elizabeth, Highat. from Liverpool. At Madras. Dec. 4th, True Briton, Beach ; 13th, Batetto juulor. Sanders; 14th, Wellington. Liddell ; Segos. iris, Yates; and Duke of Argyle. Bristow, from London. At Bengal. Nov. 24th Scotia, Campbell; Duke of Bedford. Bowen ; 27th. Windsor, Henning ; and Ruben Small, Fetcher. from London. Dec. 5th. Clifton, Green. from Bristol; 6th. St. George, Williams, from ditto ; and Orient, White, from London. 9th. Bland. Cullen; and Fatima. Fethers, from Liverpool; 11th. Therese, Young ; and Bruxburnebury, Chap. man, from London ; and Theolosia, Underwood, from Liverpool ; 12th, Citron all. Bell ; Lord Hungerfonl. Farquharson ; 13th. Exmouth, Warren ; and Richmond, M.Lrod, from London. Patriot King. Clark. from Liverpool; 14th. Duke of cleugh, Martin, from London ; 15th, Victoria, Sanders. from Bristol ; 16th. Thomas Grenville, Thuruhill ; and 19th, Moira, Owen, from Loudon. At China previous to 27th Nov. Eliza, Stewart ; Marquis Camden ; Duke of Sussex, Horseman ; -Vansit- tart. -; and Alex. Baring, St. Croix. from London. John o'Gaunt. Robertson ; Ingleborough. Ricketts; Sagninay. White ; and Superior, Evans, from Liverpool.

Sailed-From Gravesend, March 6th, Viscount Melbourne. Drayner, for Bombay.