10 MARCH 1900, Page 1

In the southern theatre of war we hear of a

steady and continuous advance by our troops. Norval& Pont has been occupied by us, the Boers, as they naively put it in their official telegram, having taken up positions "which in view of the circumstances are better situated for the burghers." That reminds one ofthe general who reported that his troops, "fired with martial ardour, marched five miles to the rear." We have described below the entry of the relieving army into Ladysmith, bat may note here that Natal is now almost clear of the Boers, and that a. British force has moved in the direction of Harrismith. Meantime we greatly re- gret to record that there are indications that the gallant garrison at Mafeking is being hard pressed, and that there is want of good food as well as great sickness. This :-des • not, of course, in the least indicate that there is any talk of surrender, but such sufferings are specially bard to bear when elsewhere the prospect is so bright. It may be, however, that before long we shall hear - of relief either from the North or from the South, or possibly from both. It is to be noticed that Lord Roberts has of late vaade no reference to Mat eking. nor have the correspondents hl his cap been allowed to do so. But when Lord Roberts talks least about a place he is always doing most, for "Bobs "

does not advertise either himself or his plans. Teat omen, at any rate, is good for Idafekieg.