10 MARCH 1900, Page 1

We said the other day that the Queen never got

full credit for the admirable sense she has displayed through her long reign, and certainly her Majesty is displaying it now. The people are delighted to hear that the Sovereign has refused, at great personal inconvenience, to take her usual holiday on the Riviera ; they read with gratification the messages of encouragement, praise, or condolence which are constantly sent from Windsor or Osborne, messages which, as is evident from their straightforward simplicity and dignity, are written by the Queen herself, and they heartily and cordially approve her Majesty's special recognition of Irish heroism and services in this war. Irish soldiers are dying in heaps for the flag, and the Queen, therefore, goes at the end of March for a month's sojourn in Ireland, and has ordered that henceforward her Irish soldiers shall wear the shamrock on St. Patrick's Day. Nothing could be better or more just, since throughout this war it is Irish names, Roberts, White, French, Kelly-Kenny, and a host more, which are prominently in front. We hope the Irish Guards will be established soon, and are glad to see the Crown indicate a day to be the Irish Soldier's Day, which will be welcomed wherever the British drum beats in its circuit of the world.