10 MARCH 1900, Page 15


[To THE EDITOR OP THE "SPECTATOR."] Si,—In the "News of the Week" in the Spectator of March 3rd you speak of "the exceeding smallness of the sum collected for the clergy," which sum you give as £197,000. This sum, however, only represents contributions to Central and Diocesan Societies. To find the amount contributed for the clergy you must add the funds raised locally for mainten- ance of assistant clergy and for subsidising clerical incomes, which reach a total of £798,500. This sum, added to the above sum of £197,000, makes £995,500, or nearly one-seventh of the year's contributions. Your remark that English Churchmen will give pounds for church services, schools, and repairs, when they will only give shillings towards securing for their clergy a decent maintenance, is scarcely just, though no doubt there is much room for improvement still.—! am,