10 MARCH 1900, Page 16


AND have you heard the joyful word that's fiyin' round full blast,

That Buller and the boys are through to Ladysmith at last ? And how to march in first of all the soldiers of the Queen He put the Dablins playin' "The Wearin' of the Green"?

'Twas left and right, past General White, our Ulster hero grand, Marched two-and-twenty-thousand of warriors torn and tanned;

Past pale and patient women, and defenders famine-lean, Liftin' up the little childher for the glory of the Greer

A heart of fire has Lancashire for fightin' inch by ineh, But the Irish, though they started last, were first into the trinch : They took the front, they bore the brunt, o'er kopje and ravine, On Pieter's Hill Majnba's ill they righted for their Queen.

And so upon St. Patrick's Day the Queen herself has said Each Irish regiment shall wear the Green above the Red ; And she is comin' o'er to us (who away so long has been), And dear knows but into Dublin she'll come wearin' of the Green! THE AUTHOR OF "FATHER O'FLYNN."